A revolution is not a trail of roses.… A revolution is a fight to the death between the future and the past.
The 26th of July Movement's name originated from the failed attack on the Moncada Barracks, an army facility in the city of Santiago de Cuba, on 26 July 1953. The movement was reorganized in Mexico in 1955 by a group of 82 exiled revolutionaries (including Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos, Huber Matos, and the Argentinian Ernesto "Che" Guevara). Their task was to form a disciplined guerrilla force to overthrow Batista.

On 2 December 1956, 82 men landed in Cuba, having sailed in the boat Granma from Tuxpan, Veracruz, ready to organize and lead a revolution. The early signs were not good for the movement. They landed in daylight, were attacked by the Cuban Air Force, and suffered numerous casualties. The landing party was split into two and wandered lost for two days, most of their supplies abandoned where they landed. They were also betrayed by their peasant guide in an ambush, which killed more of those who had landed. Batista mistakenly announced Fidel Castro's death at this point. Of the 82 who sailed aboard the Granma, only 12 eventually regrouped in the Sierra Maestra mountain range. There they encountered the Cuban Army. Guevara was shot in the neck and chest during the fighting, but was not severely injured. (Guevara, who had studied medicine, continued to give first aid to other wounded guerrillas). This was the opening phase of the war of the Cuban Revolution, which continued for the next two years. It ended in January 1959, after Batista fled Cuba for Spain, on New Year's Eve when the Movement's forces marched into Havana.

After the takeover, anti-Batistas and liberals joined the M-26-7 movement, which gained control over Cuba. The Movement was joined with other bodies to form the United Party of the Cuban Socialist Revolution, which in turn became the Communist Party of Cuba in 1965. Once it was learned that Cuba would adopt a strict Marxist-Leninist political and economic system, opposition was raised not only by dissident party members, but by the United States as well. In April 1961, a CIA-trained force of Cuban exiles and dissidents launched the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs Invasion against the Cuban Revolution. The flag of the 26th of July Movement is on the shoulder of the Cuban military uniform, and continues to be used as a symbol of the Cuban revolution. (Taken from 26th of July Movement on Wikipedia)

Battle vs. Croatian Rebels (by Omnicube1)Edit

Croatian Rebels: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

Cuban Revolutionaries: Green Green Green Green Green

Five Cuban revolutionaries are patrolling a moist jungle and have received orders from Fidel Castro to engage any threats. The Cubans immediately notice a group of Croatian combatants and prepare to engage them. The leader of the five revolutionaries orders one of his comrades to fire their RPG-7 at them. The Croatian Rebels hear a faint hissing noise and the leader of the group tells them to take cover. The rocket detonates but does not kill any Croatians. The rebel sniper draws his MACS-M3 and spots the revolutionary loading another rocket he fires and the bullet rips the revolutionary in two. Green The leader of the revolutionaries orders his team to move down the hill to engage the Croatians. One Cuban fires his Thompson M1921 at the Croatian sniper and riddles his body with lead. Grey The Croatians return fire and firefight ensues. Two revolutionaries fire their SKS-M rifles and kill one rebel. Grey One Croatian wielding a Zastava M70 fires and kills one Cuban wielding a SKS-M Rifle. Green The revolutionary leader is wielding an RPD machine gun and fires at the Croatians. He wounds one and reloads. The Croatian Rebel leader draws his ARMA ERO and fires at the Cuban leader. The leader is now mortally wounded and yells at his minions to move forward. One rebel wielding an Ultimax 100 showers a revolutionary with bullets. Green However, the other revolutionary following him fires his Thompson M1921 and kills that rebel. Grey The remaining Croatians pop up and fire the weapons at the revolutionary. Green The two fan out and search for the revolutionary squad leader. One Croatian finds him laying on the ground bleeding. He comes closer to the Cuban who flips around and fires his Tokarev TT-33 pistol at him. Grey The Croatian hears the gunshots and draws his Browning Hi-power pistol and runs toward the gunshots. He spots the Cuban leader struggling to get up and fires his Hi-Power. The Cuban leader dodges the bullets and returns fire, The Croatian is struck in the hip and stomach. He stumbles and finds cover behind a log. The revolutionary limps toward the Croatian, gun ready. He looks over the log and does not see his enemy. He scratches his head and turns around to see the Croatian Rebel leader pointing the gun at his head. The rebel fires his pistol and the brains of the Cuban squad leader splatters all over the place. Green

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that the Croatian Rebels won because of their superior training, and more modern weapons. It is also noteworthy that the Croatian Rebels had a war for independence and WON against one of the strongest armies at that time.

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Battle vs. OAS (by Mexican spider)Edit

The battle starts with 5 OAS members walking through a valley. A 26th of July movement crawls up a mountain and aims his Springfield . He points it to the head of one of the OAS. He takes the shot and hits him strait across the head. O.The OAS rake cover while the rest of the 26th run up the hill. They start firing at the OAS. one of the OAS members takes the MAS-49 and aims it at the 26th sniper. He shoots the gun and the sniper falls down the mountain.he then shoots a 26th through the chest. M-26-7. a 26th of july soldier runs down the mountain firing the M2. One of the OAS members takes out the MAS-38 and sprays bullets into the body of the 26th wielding the M2.M-26-7.While he is reloading a 26th member picks up his fallen comrade's M2 and shoots the OAS member through the mouth. O.A OAS member takes out the LeMat,, switches it to shotgun, and shoots the 26th member. M-26-7.A 26th member fires his Star-PD from the top of the hill and shoots one of the OAS members.O. He then takes out the M2 and shoots the 2nd to last member. O. Then, the OAS leader switches his LeMat back to normal and shoots the 26th on the mountain. M-26-7. Then he walks around the mountain to find the 26th that fell down the mountain. He sees him lying down face first and points the LeMat at his head. Right as he is about to fire, the 26th member turns around wielding the Ithaca and shoots the OAS leader. O. He then yells "PATRIA OR MUERTE!" in the air. he starts to limp away.


Expert's OpinionEdit

While OAS' weapons granted more mobility, this was only one weapon factor, and the Cubans outclassed them in all ranges with most all other weapon factors.

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Battle vs. Communist Party of China (by Samurai234)Edit

26th of July Movement: Green Green Green Green Green

Communist Party of China: Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

In a house in the jungle of Cuba, 2 members of the 26th of July Movement, who have overthrown Fulgencio Batista, are standing guard over the house. Inside the house, another Cuban revolutionary is cleaning his RPD Machine gun. Up stairs, Fidel Castro is sitting at his desk, smoking a cigar. A fourth revolutionary walks up to him and hands him some paper work. Outside the house, 4 Communist Chinese soldiers led by Mao Zedong approach the house, on a misson to assassinate Castro. One of the Chinese soldiers hurls a Stick Grenade at one of the Cubans. Wondering what it is, he looks down, only to end up with a face full of shrapnel. Green (4-5) The other Cuban looks arund, startled and confused. A chinese soldier pops out of the bushes and fires his BAR at a the cuban, who tries to run, but a Chinese fires his Chaing Kai-shek Rifle, wounding him in the leg. Castro and the other revolutionary hear the noises and grab their weapons. Castro grabs a Makarov pistol out of his desk while the other revolutionary grabs a Thompson M1928. As they ran out, one revolutionary lights and throws a Molotov Cocktail. The Chinese quickly scatter to avoid the flames. A Cuban armed with a RPG-7 fires his gun and takes out a Chinese soldier. Yellow (4-4) The Cuban with the injured leg fires his M1 Garand and takes out another Chinese man. Yellow(4-3) However, he is taken by a Chinese soldier with his Boys anti-tank Rifle. Green (3-3)

The other Cuban retreat as the Chinese give chase. One Cuban fires his Thompson M1928 as the Chinese duck for cover. One of them is killed, though. Yellow (3-2) The Chinese recover and up the stairs. One them, armed with a MP-18, fires and takes out a Cuban. Green (2-2) The last Cuban soldier sneaks up on the Chinese man and strikes his neck with his Machete. Yellow (2-1) The Cuban tells Castro to follow him, but he is killed when Mao stabs him in the back with his butteryfly swords. Green (1-1) Castro fires at Mao with his Makarov, but the Chairman simply ducks and fires his Shanxi Type 17 at him on full auto. Castro retreats as Mao finds out his gun is out of ammo. He draws his Butterfly Sword and looks for Castro. Soon, he finds Castro sitting in a room with a Cigar in his mouth and sitting in a chair. Mao charges at him, but Castro pulls out his Makarov and shoots Mao, killing him. Yellow (1-0)

Castro laughs as he flicks his cigar on Mao's dead body and he walks off.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Both groups brought lethal and reliable weapons, but the 26th of July Movement brought more modern weapons to the fight. They also had the edges that truly matter, Mid Range and Long Range. The M1 Garand's tremendous rate of fire and range will kept the Chinese out of the game. The Chinese came close, but the Cubans' were much too powerful, and much too disciplined to lose.

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Battle vs. Red Army (by Cfp3157)Edit

Red Army: RedRedRedRedRed

26th of July Movement: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Fidel Castro and four 26th of July Movement rebels have just taken a militairy compound. While it was mainly controlled by Cubans, the Red Army also had control of that compound. So Josef Stalin and four Red Army soldiers are sneaking up on them. One sees a patrolling Cuban with his Thompson M1A1. Stalin quickly shoots him in the head with his Makorav PM. Blue

The Cuban sniper hears the blast and aims his M1903 Springfield. He sees Stalin and misses. The rest of the Cubans hear the shot and rush outside. They see the Soviets and open fire. The better trained Soviets move from cover to cover until their under the sniper tower. The Cuban sniper lights a Molotov Cocktail and throws it onto a Soviet. The bottle breaks and lights the Soviet up like a Christmas tree. Red  Castro aim his Tokarev TT-33 and kills another Soviet. Red

Stalin picks up his dead comrade's PPS and riddles a Cuban with bullets. Blue

The Cuban sniper tries to run away put one of the Soviets sees him and throws an RDG-5. The grenade blows the sniper sky high. Blue

The rest of the Cubans fall back. The Red Army approaches cautiously. They pass a room and a Cuban sprays his Thompson into a Soviet.Red He is quickly killed by the last Soviet's Mosin-Nagant. Blue

Stalin and his last soldier run into a hall and a firefight begins between them and Castro's last soldier. Stalin aims his PPS and kills the last Cuban. Blue

Castro sneaks up behind he last Soviet and slashes his throat with his Jungle Machete. Red

Stalin draws his Soviet Machete and wildly swings it at Castro. The Cuban general dodges all of them and attempts a thrust. Stalin parries it and they enter a lock. Stalin gets an idea and knees him in between his legs. Castro mutters some bad words and lays on the ground. Stalin chops off both hands and Castro's head. Blue

Stalin raises his Machete in victory and yells,"Ura!!!!!"

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts agreed that the edges of brutality and training really helped the Red Army achieve victory. This and the fact that they were better supplied than the 26th of July Movement led to the big win.

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Battle vs. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (by BattleGames1)Edit

Tamil Tigers: Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange

26th of July Movement: Red Red Red Red Red Red

6 Tamil Tigers are sneaking their way up a forest trail until they spot a Cuban villa. Taking cover behind some trees, the leader is handed a pair of binoculars from which he counts the enemies with - in the villa, he sees two Cubans patrolling the courtyard near a dirt road, and another on the balcony. Inside (what the leader cannot see), Che Guevara and Fidel Castro are busy overlooking some paperwork with a bodyguard protecting the both of them. Still taking advantage of the tree cover, one Tiger takes out his RPO-A Shmel; at the right moment, when of the guards walks past a truck on the road, the Tiger fires a missile, killing the Cuban Red. Alerted, the two remaining guards open fire on the Tigers. Guevara, Castro and the bodyguard, too are alerted and leave the office to investigate, but Guevara tells Castro to stay behind. As the Tigers advance on the villa, the rocket carrier from before again takes aim with the Shmel, but before he can fire another rocket, he is shot at by the balcony guard Orange. He tries to take aim at another Sri Lankan insurgent down below but the Tiger dodges the shots and hides behind a pillar. While the guard reloads, the Tiger pops out and shoots the guard down with his Vz. 58 Red. Guevara and the bodyguard burst out onto the small balcony and fire their rifles. On ground level, the lone guard continues firing his RPD at the Tigers. He manages to take out the one from behind the pillar Orange, and another as the Tiger comes rushing in Orange but before he can take out the leader, he is gunned down by a Tiger holding a Sterling Red. The leader and his remaining men advance up towards the entrance. Guevara tries to provide covering fire with his rifle but the three Tigers manage to get out of his reach. Outgunned, with the bodyguard, they rush back into the foyer where Castro is waiting and together, all three of them rush down the stairs. Just then, the Tigers come bursting in through the front door. The bodyguard fires off his Thompson and providing covering fire as Guevara and Castro enter another room. The bodyguard soon follows as the three Tigers fire their weapons (the two soldiers their Sterlings and the leader his pistol). Guevara and Castro ready a RPG-2 before the former ushers the latter outside and waits for the bodyguard to reach safety. Unfortunately, as the bodyguard rushes past some counters, he is shot in the back by the leader and his Mk. 2 revolver Red. The leader and his two soldiers advance inside but the leader notices the RPg-2 being fired and yells for his men to duck undercover. Unfortunately, one soldier isn't lucky and is consumed in the blast Orange. The leader helps his fellow up and together they continue on foot. Coming outside, they see a garage in the distance and their two targets rushing towards them. Determined to complete their mission, the Tigers chase after them. Getting to the garage, Guevara motions Castro into the backseat of his jeep while he starts the engine. The jeep starts up and Guevara drives out onto the dirt road. Seeing the vehicle, the Tigers open fire on it. Castro returns fire with his Makarov and kills the Tiger Orange but runs out of ammo before he can take a shot at the leader. Suddenly, he notices the leader wielding the MGL. Telling Guevara to duck, the Tiger leader fires his MGL and flips the jeep over before it can get to the gates. The leader then rushes down to inspect the damage. Near the overturned vehicle, Guevara and Castro manage to crawl out of the burning vehicle and get up on their feet. Heading to a guards checkpoint, Guevara tries dialling the phone inside. As he waits for the call to get through, he looks outside and see the Tiger leader ready his MGL. Before Guevara can react, the leader fires off another grenade which causes the checkpoint to explode. Calmly, the Tiger walks up to the burnt building whereupon he sees Guevara's corpse Red and the remains of the phone he was using. Realising what Castro is going to do next, the Tiger leader rushes back into the villa. Coming into the office, he notices Castro's chair is facing away from him. Assuming that Castro is there, the Tiger leader drops his revolver and unsheathes his Piha-Kaetta, unaware that the closet door behind him is opening. The leader makes his move and stabs his knife into the revolutionary's chest. Unfortunately, he has stabbed Castro's bodyguard instead. The real Castro comes behind the Tiger leader and swings his machete cutting it deep within the insurgent's neck Orange. Castro shouts "Vive la revolucion!" in victory before seating himself on the desk clutching the phone.

Expert's OpinionsEdit

Even though the Tigers have the more modern arsenal and are more brutal in their line of attack, the M-26-7 organization were better prepared and more experienced in fighting a battle like this. Also note that the Tigers were also mainly skilled in carrying out terrorist attacks including assassinations - something that the Cubans could easily counter (given that the CIA failed to assassinate Castro too). If this battle seemed unfair in any way, shape or form, by all means you can go ahead and do a rematch.

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Battle vs Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa) by SPARTAN 119Edit

Polish Home Army: Grey x 12, Kubus, Panther Tank

26th of July Movement Darkred x 12, M3 Half Track, Sherman Firefly

An M3 half track rolled into a square in a war-torn city, containing 12 26th of July Movement guerillas, along with a Sherman tank. The infantry piled out as a Panther tank and Kubus, an improvised APC affiliated with the Polish Home Army rolled in from the other side of the square.

The Panther on the Polish side fired first, hitting the Cuban Sherman with a 75mm armor-piercing round. The shell blew through the enemy tanks armor and detonated the ammunition inside. The Cuban tank went up in a ball of flames as the Polish infantry filed out of Kubus. (Cuban tank destroyed)

A Cuban guerilla armed with an M1 Garand took aim at Polish Home Army resistance man armed who tried to fire a PIAT from behind the gunshield on Kubus, scoring a headshot. A Pole with an StG-44 retaliated, firing a burst that cut down the Cuban sniper. (Grey x11, Darkred x 11).

Three Cubans opened fire with a Thompson, AR-10, and a BAR, respectively laying down a hail of automatic weapons fire that cut down two Polish Home Army soldiers. However, the fusillade was interrupted with a Molotov cocktail landed on the 26th of July Movement soldiers, seeming to fall out of the sky- the Poles had set up a Molotov cocktail catapult behind Kubus. The three Cuban guerillas, who were engulfed in burning gasoline, dove and started to roll on the ground, desperate to extinguish the flames. However, they were easy prey for the MG-34 mounted on the Panther and a Polish machine gunner with a Wz. 1928 LMG. (Grey x9, Darkred x 8)

Suddenly, the Polish Panther exploded in a flash of fire- A Cuban had gotten on top of one of the buildings and fired a Bazooka rocket down on the rear armor of the Panther, destroying tank, and killing a PHA soldier, who was hit by shrapnel. (Grey x8, Polish tank destroyed).

A Polish Home Army soldier spotted where the Bazooka fire had come from, and raised his PIAT, firing at the building on top of which the Cuban hit, and blowing away the Bazooka gunner, as well taking a chunk out of the building. (Darkred x 7)

With the Cuban forces weakened, the Polish commander order his men to advance forward, using Kubus as cover. The gunner on the Cuban M3 half-track tried to turn the mounted .50 cal on the Poles, but was taken down by a well-aimed shot from a Pole armed with a Kbk Wz-29 rifle. One of the Cubans raised his Molotov launcher- an improvised weapon made from a shotgun, and fired a Molotov at Kubus. The vehicle, with its fully-covered body, however, survived the hit and kept rolling, though a PHA soldier running alongside the vehicle was set ablaze and machine gunned as he tried to extinguish the flames. (Greyx 7 Darkred x 6)

The operator of the Pattern 4 Flamethrower on Kubus fired the weapon, setting fire to the half-track and two Cubans attempting to use the vehicle as cover. The four remaining Cuban troops ran out from behind the burning half-track, one of them firing a burst from an AR-10, which killed a Polish soldier running next to Kubus. The Cubans tried to retreat into the buildings, however, one of them was cut down by fire from a Blyskawica submachine gun, and three others were killed by machine gun fire from Kubus. (Grey x 5 Darkred x 0)

The Polish Home Army troops raised their weapons into air and shouted in celebration of their victory.

WINNER: Polish Home Army

Experts' OpinionEdit

The Polish Home Army won this battle due to their superior vehicles, including the more heavily armored Panther and the all-over armored Kubus. While many of their weapons were improvised, such as the Blyskawica, this, the experts argued, showed an ingenuity that could and was also be applied to unconventional tactics.

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