Born to a dynasty so ancient it's name has been lost to history, Algol would later be known as the Hero King. He was the only man to wield Soul Edge and not lose his sanity to the sword's demonic soul, as well as the creator of the Holy Sword, Soul Calibur.

His son, Arcutus, grew jealous of his power and attempted to steal Soul Edge. The two battled for control of the sword, and Algol slew his son. He was overcome with grief due to his son's death, so he created the legendary sword Soul Calibur out of the shards of Soul Edge to act as a counter to the evil sword. However, in order to create a sword to oppose one with a soul, another soul was needed. Algol used his own soul for the ritual. However, his grief and hatred for Soul Edge corrupted the new blade, making it was similar in nature to Soul Edge. A tribe purified the sword, sealing the hero king away and making it a true counterbalance to Soul Edge.

Algol, however, was still not without power. He shaped himself a new body, copies of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and a tower called The Tower of Remembrance to draw warriors to him in hopes he would find the swords and resurrect himself. He discovered that he currently exists in a plane of reality called Astral Chaos, a churning void created by the conflict between the two swords. This reality connected all points of space and all points of time, and he refined his goals. Now, he seeks to rule over Astral Chaos and then escape and conquer the world as a god-king.

Battle vs. the Witch-King (by Death'sapprentice77)Edit

The Witch King arrives on the roof of The Tower of Remembrance, flail in hand he spots Algol on the other side of the roof.

"That was quite entertaining. You have done well," says Algol rising into the air. "This shall be my first battle in ages. You are a worthy opponent, strong one you shall be the sacrifice for my resurrection!"

Soul Calibur and Soul Edge materialize in the place of his hands and the hero king charges forth at The Witch King. The Nazgul whips his flail at Algol sending him careening back and shattering his cuirass. Algol quickly regains his balance and his arms transform into cannons and he fires several purple orbs at him. The Witch King Draws his sword and deflects the shots away except for one which hits him in the stomach sending the wraith crashing to the floor The Nazgul gets up and unleashes a terrifying scream, his black breath. Algol reels back in pain giving The Witch King time to close in on his opponent but Algol has regained his senses and spikes protrude from his torso attempting to crush him but the wraith ducked out of their grasp and slashes at Algol's legs.

Algol yells in pain and narrowly avoids an overhead smash from The Witch King's flail. Algol seizes an advantage and steps on the chain of the mace and kicks his Nazgul opponent down. The Witch King rolls away from a thrust from the hero king's blades and the to begin to duel. The Witch King is begining to become bored with his opponent so he draws his Morgul Blade. Algol tries an attack underestimating the power of the Morgul Blade is paried by The Witch King's sword and jabs the weapon in to his opponents arm.

Algol yells in pain and removes the Morgul Blade but to no avail as he is already infected with the blade's poison. Algol desperately tries his critical finish but in his weakened state the beginning blow is blocked by The Witch King's sword and the Nazgul slashes across Algol's chest and continues with a vicious flurry of blows, the last causing the hero king to drop to his knees and drop both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. The Nazgul then slashes Algol decapitating him and ending his prey's life. The Witch King picks up both Suol Edge and Soul Calibur and let's out a small chuckle.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Though Algol wielded the legendary Soul Edge and Soul Calibur the Witch King's skill and ferocity was the death of The Hero King.

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