Arakna the Soul Collector is a Necro Ravager from Nocturna, and resembles a spider, as her name suggests.

She is one of only four female heroes in Darkspore, the others being Andromeda, Jinx and Seraph-XS.

She was once a member of The Nocturni Legion, before being conquered by the Darkspore. Other than once being a member of The Nocturni Legion, it is unknown if she has any relations towards Jinx.

She shares her Type and Class with Skar.

Wherever the Nocturni Legion conquered, it faced opposition from those who cherished freedom. When no forces could dislodge a rebel position and no elite troops could smash the final blockades, the Legion always brought in one final means to destroy those who held out. Arakna, the Soul Collector.

A product of Crogenitor Ingto’s many horrific breeding experiments, Arakna could hurl volleys of neurodisruptivehyper-pulses, or “soul bolts,” and strike with necrotic burst. When overwhelming the Legion’s enemies, Arakna could scramble over any barrier, even mountains of bodies, in her merciless advance. Weaving a necrotic web of agony around the minds of her victims, Arakna ripped strategic secrets from even her mightiest opponents, before ultimately ripping the neuro-intellectual identities or “souls” from their bodies. For the souls of her final hold-outs, Arakna reserved two grotesque fates: to be transferred into necrotic weapons of destruction against their own comrades, or the ultimate horror, to be fed to the throbbing thousands in her egg sack, who feasted upon those stolen souls until they were born.

(Taken From Darkspore wiki)

Battle vs. Nocturne (by Richard Starkey)Edit

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