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Attila the Hun

Sword of Mars, Lasso, Scythian Axe, Hunnic Composite Bow


Eastern Europe


Raiding and pillaging the Western Roman Empire, conquering Eastern Europe


434–453 AD

Battle Status

Victorious over Genghis Khan and the Persian Immortal.

Attila's essence, really, is his cruelty.
— Sean Pennington, sword and dagger specialist

There is little historical evidence of the background of the Huns, but they are believed to have originated from Northern or Central Asia. Attila fought for power of the Hunnic tribes and is believed to have assassinated his relatives to do so.

At first Attila agreed to declare a peace treaty with the Roman Empire and was conquering lesser barbarian tribes. Attila attempted to invade Persia (Sassanid Empire or Eran) but failed and returned to Europe to invade the Eastern Roman Empire instead, breaking the treaty with raids on boardering cities. The Romans were being overwelmed by both Attila's huns and other barbarians attacking at the same time like the Vandals in Carthage.

Attila soon traveled all the way to Gaul (France) where he was now fighting the Visigoths, Celts, Franks, Burgundians and the Western Roman Empire. In the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, Attila suffered heavy casualties (Those there is debate over if Attila won the battle or not, the Hunnic army losses were significant). Attila left Gaul to invade Italy, but quickly stopped the invasion. It is said that Pope Saint Leo I met with Attila in 452 AD and convinced him to stop the invasion of Italy. However many historians claim that Attila used this act of desperation to make a peace treaty because the Huns themselves were desperate. The Hunnic Army was facing a pandemic of diseases and were low on logistics, which better explains Attila's reasoning to stop the conquest.

Although at peace, Attila was secretly rebuilding his army and planning to invade Constantinople, but this would never happen. In 453 AD, while celebrating his wedding with his new future wife Ildico, Attila died from either a severe nosebleed or internal bleeding. His deathbead was covered in blood. Attila's body was burried in an unknown location, those who burried him were executed to keep the location secret. After his death, Attila's sons split the Hunnic Empire, which soon collapsed and merged into other barbarian tribes.

Despite the downfall of the Huns, the Ancient Roman Empire was too overwelmed by the Huns to survive. 23 years later in 476 AD, the Roman Empire fell to their former allies the Visigoths.

Battle vs. Genghis Khan (by Samurai234)Edit

In his camp site, Attila the Hun is cooking a piece of meat over a campfire and prepares to eat it. As he begins to eat, however, an arrow flies toward him, narrowly missing his head. Attila growls, picks up his throwing spear and Hunnic Bow and Arrow and looks around for his foe. Upahead, he sees Genghis Khan on a horse, holding a Mongolian Bow and Arrow. Khan notches another arrow and fires, but Attila ducks, avoiding the arrow. Attila gets on his horse, and rides at Khan holding his own Bow and Arrow. He fires and hits Khan in the chest, but Khan's armor prevented it from killing him. Attila rides away from Genghis, and grabs his throwing spear. Attila throws his spear and hurls at Genghis. Genghis loses his balance, and falls off his horse. Attila gets back on his horse and rides at Khan at full speed. Genghis grabs his Mongol lance and uses the hook end to pull Attila off his horse. Khan prepares to lay the finishing blow, but Attila rolls out of the way, and the lance gets stuck in the ground. Attila pulls out his Scythian Axe and cuts the lance in lance, causing Genghis to lose his balaence. Attila runs in to finish Khan off, but Khan kicks him back, and grabs his Iron-Flanged Mace. Attila swings his axe, but Khan also swings, knocking the axe out of Attila's hands. Attila unsheaths the sword of Mars, and the two run at each other. Attila manages to stab Khan in his shoulder, forcing him to drop his mace. Genghis kicks him back, and unsheaths his scmitar. The two both begin to clash, until Khan manages to slace him in the stomach, ripping through his armor and creating a cut on his stomach. Genghis prepares to decapitate him, but Attila pulls out his hunnic dagger slashes khan across his hip, forcing him to drop his sword. Attila prepares to stab him, but khan pulls out a Mongolian Knife, and slashes Attila across his face, leaving a huge scar. Khan runs in to finish it, but attila trips him. However, he sees that khan has recovered his scmitar. Attila runs back to to the sword of Mars, and just as Khan is ready to lay the finishing blow, Attila thrusts the sword of Mars through his neck. Blood squrits out of Khan's neck, and Attila raises the sword in the air, yelling in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts thought while it was a very close match, Attila was a bit more well balanced in his weaponry.

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Battle vs. Persian Immortal (by Jar teh marksman)Edit

Attila the Hun: BlueBlue

Persian Immortal: RedRed

Attila is sitting on a horse, with a Hunnic warrior close by. 2 Persian Immortals come into sight, riding on a chariot. One Persian Immortal signals for the chariot to be stopped. He draws an arrow, and fires. It misses both of the warriors. Attila and the Hunnic warrior scream as they run down the hill, with the Immortals doing the same on their chariot. An Immortal draws his Sagaris, and slashes the charging Hunnic warrior in the throat. Blue Attila quickly retreats back, but turns around and draws an arrow. The shot pierced the chariot driver's skull. Red

The chariot comes to a stop. The remaining Immortal hops off, grabbing a shield. He then brings out his Bow and Arrow. It slices Attila's arm, causing him to lose balance and fall off the horse. The Immortal rushes over to the fallen Hun, shield and spear at hand. Attila quickly realises what is going on, and scrambles to his feet. He pulls out the Sword of Mars. The Persian thrusts with the spear, however it fails, as Attila quickly side-steps. Attila rushes in, and with a fierce swing of the Sword of Mars to the shield, he knocks the Persian back. The persian quickly regains, and tackles Attila. Attila pushes the Immortal off, and pulls out his Scythian Axe. The Immortal brings out his Jambiya. The two continue to slash at each other, until the Persian gets behind the axe and slashes one of Attila's legs. Just as the Persian is about to deliver the final stab, Attila switches around the axe, and stabs the Immortal through the heart. Red

Attila cries out over his victory, and limps away.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Attila won due to his skills with horseback archery, his greater strength, and deadly accuracy with the Composite Bow.

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