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On my walk today I had my first encounter with a pair of them...he, a lumbering palooka in a foul smelling diving suit, and she, an unwashed moppet in a filthy pink smock. Her pallor was off, green and morbid, and there was a rather unpleasant aspect to her demeanor, as if she were in an altogether different place than the rest of us. ...I understand the need for such creatures, I just wish they could make them more presentable.
— Andrew Ryan

Big Daddies (originally named as Protectors) are genetically enhanced human beings who have had their skin and organs grafted into an enormous diving suit, with Alpha Series being an apparent exception to the grafting process but still heavily spliced. Their primary purpose is to protect Little Sisters while they escort them around Rapture.

Aside from the Alpha Series, Big Daddies communicate by haunting sounds similar to that of whale calls. Alpha Series communicate with low, inhuman moans. For easier interpretation(as stated in the Deco Devolution art book), production model Big Daddies have a mind controlling, bio-luminescent chemical substance which was filled into the helmet to display what state of emotion or mind that it is in. Big Daddy helmets have three light colors: green indicates the Big Daddy is hypnotized and friendly, yellow indicates awareness of but indifference to his environment, and red indicates a rage towards assailants. If the first few attempts to drive away potential threats prove futile, Big Daddies will become enraged, unlike Alpha Series who always begin enraged.

The Protector Program (the project responsible for the creation of Big Daddies) was the brainchild of Dr. Yi Suchong. Knowing that the Little Sisters would be at great risk if they were out on the streets gathering ADAM without any protection, Suchong sought to rectify the problem. With much trepidation, he presented his idea to Andrew Ryan. Knowing that becoming a Big Daddy would be a "one-way street," Suchong fretted about finding suitable candidates despite Ryan's assurances that it would not be a problem. Although the true identities of the candidates are unknown, many were criminals and political dissidents who were prisoners of Persephone. Augustus Sinclair contracted these prisoners out to Ryan Industries as test subjects in the research labs of Fontaine Futuristics and Point Prometheus. After Suchong's accidental death at the hands of a prototype Big Daddy, the Protector Program was placed under the control of Dr. Gilbert Alexander who finally succeeded in bonding a Big Daddy to a Little Sister.

From the time of its founding, maintenance of Rapture required trained divers in reinforced suits to walk outside along the sea floor to repair leaks and reinforce the city's structure. After the end of the Protector Program's tests, the inhabitants of those metal diving suits were genetically altered to become the common mass product Big Daddies. They were genetically conditioned in the research labs of Point Prometheus and trained in the Proving Grounds.

The candidates for induction into the Protector Program went through voice box modification and pheromone application. The pheromones are what attracts the Little Sisters to the Big Daddies. After the voice box is modified, the candidates skin is removed and the flesh is welded into the suit. This is to make sure the suit is not too loose. The candidates are then placed in large vats with a substance that effectively turns them into mindless drones. With gene splicing, the humans inside the suits are given enhanced strength and agility. Their steel suit exoskeletons contain life support machinery to keep them alive during their duties, and allow a Big Daddy to lift heavy weights with ease. The suits also give them the ability to resist deep ocean pressure to a depth of six miles. Big Daddies are sometimes assigned and outfitted to do other constructive tasks around Rapture. Big Daddies have been seen doing repairs and other maintenance tasks both inside and directly outside the city.

Battle vs. Predators (by Wassboss)Edit

Subject delta and 3 big daddies are walking down a street in rapture. Ever since the dalek attack all the big daddies are on edge and often walk around is small groups, just to be safe. Suddenly a large crash comes from one of the houses and delta immediately turns his head towards it. He smashes the door open and finds a predator standing over the body of dead splicer. Delta wastes no time and takes out an incinerate needle and stabs it into his arm, his hand lighting up in flames. He sends the flames spiralling towards the predator but it leaps over them and fires it's plasma caster, narrowly missing the giant protector. Delta sends more flames flying at the predator but it leaps over them and fires it's plasma cannon again but again it misses.

Delta grows tired of these games and lunges forward catching the predator off guard and knocking him to the floor. He then thrusts his drill downwards into the predators stomach, killing it slowly and painfully. (4-3)

Delta returns to the other big daddies who have been patiently waiting for his return. He gestures for them to carry on when one of them collapses and hits the ground with a thud. (3-3)

Delta rushes to his side and looks over his dead body. He spots a large hole in the big daddies back and looks around for the killer. He spots another predator standing at the other end of the street, his plasma caster poised and ready for firing. Delta growls and the other big daddies open fire on the predator with their rivet guns but he nimbly dodges all the bullets. Delta takes out his spear gun, loads up a spear and fires it at the predator but like the rivet gun bullets it is easily dodged. He loads up another spear and is about to fire when he sees something move out of the corner of his eye and turns firing a spear at what appears to be nothing.

However the spear stops in midair, almost like it is stuck in something. Slowly the air starts to fade and the body of a predator appears almost out of nowhere, lying on the floor with a spear in it's eye. (3-2)

Delta turns his attention back to the other predator and ducks down just in time to avoid a cluster of flying discs. His friend is not so lucky and is cut to ribbons. (2-2)

Delta roars in anger and takes the rivet gun from the big daddies cold, limp body and fires at the predator. This time it's the predators turn to be caught off guard and he is struck several times in the legs, chest and arms, which brings him to his knees. Delta aims carefully and fires, a single bullet flying through the air and nailing the predator right in between the eyes, bringing him down for good. (2-1)

Delta pumps his fist in victory and turns to face the last remaining big daddy. Suddenly a set of 3 small red circles appear on his chest, forming a triangle. Delta watches in horror as the big daddies is sent flying back, a massive hole in his chest. (1-1)

Delta spins around and spots the the final predator standing a few metres away. Roaring in anger he charges at the tribal hunter, dodging shots from its plasma caster. He takes out another needle and injects it into his arm and points at a broom, propped up against a wall. It lifts slowly into the air before flying at the predator, smashing into it's head. The predator looks in the direction that the broom came from which gives delta time to close the distance. Raising his drill in the air he brings it down on the predator, who just manages to avoid the attack.

The predator jumps back and his wrist blades come out. He swings them at the huge warrior but they only glance off his armour. Delta swings his drill at the predator but again he dodges the attack. He then jumps high into the air and brings the blade down on the big daddies head, going right through the diving suit helmet and stabbing him through the eye.

Delta stays standing for a few seconds before his body falls to the ground. The predator yanks out his blades and his writs blades retract back into his arms. He then activates his cloaking device and disappears into the background.


Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a very close match which ended in a draw meaning that I got to choose the winning warrior. There were alot of good arguments for both warriors but the predators superior fighting skill, more advanced weaponry and training won them the day.

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Battle vs Jiralhanae (by Geekboy27) Edit

Big Daddies: Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal

Brutes: Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown

Five Brutes go down to Rapture to look for any leads for the UNSC and go to the underwater city.

"Ugh  filthy humans living in filth" Says one Brute in disgust. 

Sudenly, a little sister skips by and sees the big apes. One of the Brutes grab the little sister by the neck.

"Foolish worm!" Exclaims the Brute "Now tell me, where is the UNSC?!" 

"Mr. Bubbles!" Screams the little sister 

"Mr. who?!" 

Sudenly, a bouncer Bid Daddy armed with his drill, bursts trough a wall and charges at a brute, and stabs him and turns on his drill while it is inside the Brute. Brown

Two Brutes with Spike guns shoot the Big Daddy before he can hit again. Teal

Two Rosies come out armed with rivet guns begin to fire on the Brutes. The big Daddys are followed by a Rumbler (armed with a rocket launcher) and a Lancer (armed with a laser gun).

A Brute fires at a Big Daddy with his carbine, but the carbine does not make a dent in the suit. The Big Daddy shoots the rivet gun into the brute slicing trough his body and he slowly bleeds out. Brown

A brute with the combat knife jumps on the Rosie and stabs him in the eye. Teal

The Lancer shoots that brute with his laser hitting him in the head. Brown

The Brute Chieftan grabs his Gravity Hammer and slams it into the Second Rosie, killing him instantly. Teal

The Lancer fires his harpoon gun into the Chieftans arm. He gets ran into the wall and tries to take the harpoon out but it is to deep. The Lancer fires again but at the face. Brown

The Brute Next to him charges at while shouting a war cry and shoots the Big Daddy with his Mauler but sees no damage. When he is about to pull out his Spiker, he sees the Rumbler shoot a missle at him which kills him instantly. Brown

The Little Sister comes out from hiding, she giggles and with her syringe, she stabs it into the Brute Chieftans gut.

Winner: Big Daddies

Expert's Opinion Edit

The Big Daddies won because their weapons and armour were more reliable.

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Battle vs. Boomers (by Sith Venator)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that Big Daddies' superior arsenal and armor easily tipped this battle in his favor.

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Battle vs. Super Mutants (by Lasifer)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that Big Daddies' superior arsenal as well as tougher armor won him the day.

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Battle vs. Juggernauts (By Pygmy Hippo 2) Edit

A Little Sister is wandering around a building. A classic Juggernaut notices her and picks her up. A warzone isn't any place for a kid but this one looks odd. Suddenly, a whale call pierces the air.

A drill launches through the air and pulls a Maniac Juggernaut into the water. The Juggernauts look in shock and see a couple Big Daddies rising out of the water. There is nothing they can do for their friend however, who has a huge hole in his torso.

The Recon pull out their riot shields as the Juggernaut lays down covering fire with his minigun. The Maniac runs downstairs as Rapture's finest advance. The Maniac sees some mines being laid down and goes the opposite way, seeing a Bouncer.

He throws his knife but it bounces off the heavy armor. Another whale call pierces the air as the Bouncer charges. It punches the Maniac in the face before the lighter combatant stabs it with his combat knife in one of it's red lights.

The Bouncer staggers back as the Maniac charges but this was a mistake. Mr. Bubbles grabs his foe and repeatedly slams the drill into him. Unfortunately, the Bouncer is doomed as the Classic has him in his sights. The minigun doesn't stop firing until the Bouncer topples over.

A Recon walks out and goes to the left. Unfortunately, it steps right on the mines. A massive explosion is seen and heard by the Juggernauts. Suddenly, a rocket hits the classic. He opens fire on where it came from.

The Bouncer descends into the water as the Rosies charge while the Rumbler sets up a mini-turret. The first Rosie sees the Recon and fires it's rivet gun. It hits her shield and damages it heavily but she takes careful aim and hits the light with her .44 magnum. The light turns from red to yellow as the Rosie collapses.

The Recon throws a smoke grenade and advances. She gasps as she feels a pain in her back. She looks down to see a couple holes in her torso. A gasp is the last sound heard by the Rosie with the smoking rivet gun. The mini-turret has been destroyed easily and the Rumbler is enraged that all of it's attacks are being destroyed. It goes upstairs.

The Classic has run out of ammo and pulls out his P226. The Rumbler enters the room before getting a canister bomb thrown at it. The explosion knocks it down the stairs. If it was still alive, the Juggernaut finished the job with three pistol shots.

He sees one last Big Daddy but hears the Little Sister say "Get him, Mr. Bubbles!" The Classic sees a drill emerging from his chest. The Bouncer pulls it out as the Rosie shoots him in the head with the rivet gun.

The Little Sister leaves happily with the two Big Daddies.

Winner:Big Daddies

Expert's Opinion Edit

The Big Daddies had the deadlier melee and light combatants. The drill of the Bouncer could anhilate the Maniac and the rivet gun/proximity mines of a Rosie could kill a Recon quickly as well as their armor being able to take their foe's weaker weapons. The Classic was able to easily kill a couple as well as the Rumbler with his minigun but it wasn't enough.

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Battle vs. Imperial Guard (Warhammer 40,000) (By Pygmy Hippo 2) Edit

Cruise Ship, International Waters

The night was breezy as some Imperial Guardsmen found themselves on a strange vehicle. Boats hadn't been used for combat for a long time and so the Guardsmen tried to figure out how a portal had taken them here. "Any ideas where we are?" "Not in the current year anymore." The others patrolled the halls while the Karskrin Commando and Sergeant talked.

Some Little Sisters scampered into a room, causing a soldier to follow. The only light he could see was red before a drill burst through his chest. His scream alerted his squad to his death and the heavy bolter was set up to face where the scream came from. The Sergeant grabbed his grenade launcher while the Karskrin Commando charged into the room with his hellgun.

"Get him, Mr. Bubbles!" The Commando unleashed a barrage of lasers on the Bouncer toppling it over in seconds, dead. The Little Sisters started crying but the Karskrin couldn't help them right now. He heard more whale calls and the heavy bolter firing.

The Rosie split open from the explosive round's power but the gunner didn't notice the Rosie climbing over the railing. A rivet pierced his neck and he fell over gurgling in agony. The other member of the Heavy Weapons Squad switched to his lasgun and opened fire on the Big Daddy. A rocket blew up in his face, riddling the unarmored parts of his body with shrapnel.

The grenades slammed into the Rosie sending it off the ship and into the water below. The Karskrin Commando returned and fired at the Rumbler before retreating as the Lancer's ion laser got too close to their position. "Frag out!" He tossed the grenade behind him, blowing up underneath the Lancer before another grenade blew it's head off. The Rumbler lumbered after them and fired a rocket which the hellgun easily destroyed.

A turret started firing at the remaining Guardsmen before a grenade destroyed it. "All out!" "Here, take this." The Commando handed the Sergeant a lasgun and both immediately heard the Rumbler approaching. A laser shot through it's head before it could even fire. "Is that all of them?" "There's some kids but I don't know what they have to do with this."

The Karskrin ran over to the room only to get his legs blown off by mines. The Rosie raised it's foot to stomp his head but the Sergeant rammed it with his bayonet. It easily broke the lasgun and tossed the Sergeant behind it only to groan and topple over. The hellgun was still smoking before the Karskrin Commando passed away. "Bloody hell, can we not lose most of our squad in every single battle?"

He remembered the Little Sisters and removed the body from the door before slamming it shut. They weren't his problem, they were the Inquisition's now. Only Daemons had glowing eyes like that.

Winner:Imperial Guardsmen

Expert's Opinion Edit

The Big Daddies had better short range and explosives along with some bulky armor but it wasn't enough against the Imperial Guardsmen. Their domination of mid, long, and special weapons along with their great experience and superior tactical ability allowed them to outfight and outsmart the behemoths.

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Disregarded BattlesEdit

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Daleks (by Wassboss)Edit

5 dalek's are beamed down from the crucible to rapture. They have been given orders to learn about the area. Four of them are regular daleks's and thier leader a special weapons dalek. It's not long before they come across a little sister, who screams at the top of her lungs at the strange new creatures. "CEASE YOUR SCREAMING" the special weapon's dalek shouts but the little sister does not stop and tries to escape. "EXTERMINATE" one of the subordinate dalek's shouts and fires his gun stick, striking the little sister in the back and sending her sprawling.

The screams echo through the silent streets and houses of rapture, piercing the the ears of subject delta. He immediatly turns his head to locate the source of the noise. As he makes his way to where he hears the noise coming from, he is joined by 4 other big daddies also alerted to the screams. As they grow nearer they hear a loud echoing voice saying "EXTERMINATE". A nearby street glows with a blue light before all goes silent. The big daddies get to the street with subject delta at the front.

He finds the limp body of the little sister, not dead but badly hurt. Delta looks up and spots the 5 dalek's, immediatly rasing his spear gun at them. "HOSTILE LIFEFORMS DETECTED" one of the dalek's shouts, who differates from his fellow dalek's by having a claw arm. The 5 big daddies charge at the dalek's with subject delta bringing up the rear. The special weapons dalek starts to charge up his energy cannon. Subject delta notices this and leaps behind cover with too other big daddies following his lead. The other two don't notice the charges up cannon and keep on charging, almost upon the dalek's. They are just about to collide with the dalek's when the special weapons dalek fires his cannon, disintergrating both of the big daddies. (5-3)

Seeing the iminate threat is over subject delta comes out from behind the cover of a doorway and fires a spear at the dalek's but it bounces off thier shields. The other big daddies also emerge from their respective cover spots and open fire with their rivet guns while delta loads up another spear. The dalek's also open fire on the big daddies yells of "Exterminate" filling the street's of rapture with noise. However they fail to land a hit on the big daddies who are dodging all their shots. Delta fires another spear, which again does nothing to the dalek's over sheild. He takes out a rocket arrow and loads it up, just in time to dodge another shot from the ebergy cannon. Aiming for the cannon itself, delta fires the rocket spear into the cannon barrel which explodes on contect with the dalek creature inside destroying the special weapon's dalek in a firey mess. (4-3)

This immediatly gives the other two big daddies a confidence boost and they fire even faster at the dalek's occasionaly pausing to load up another magazine. The dalek's are unfased by the loss of thier leader and carry on firing at the hostile native's. Subject delta back away from the fire fight and takes out a winter blast plasmid. Injecting it into his arm his hand immediatly turns to ice and he flexes his hand. He then walks back to the firefight, where the big daddies have still failed to take any damage. Delta targets the nearest dalek's, freezing it in a matter of seconds. He then loads up another rocket spear, fixes the sights and fires at the frozen dalek's, shattering it into a million pieces. (3-3)

Now thier numbers are equal the big daddies confidence soars again and they start to make thier way closer to the dalek's. However their run of look soon ends as one of the big daddies is hit with agun stick blast and falls to the ground, stone dead. (3-2)

Delta realises that this tactic is not going to work and retreats, still firing untill he dissapears into a room. The other big daddy copies delta but goes into a different room. The two front dalek's turn to the next highest ranking dalek', the clawed one. He did not take part in the firefight as not only does he have a a claw intead of a sucker he also has a flamethrower instead of a regular gun stick. "DALEKS WITH OUR LEADER DEAD I AM NOW IN CHARGE OF THIS SQUAD" the claw dalek shouts "DALEK'S WILL PURSUE HOSTILE THREAT'S". "WE OBEY" each of the other dalek's say not once questioning the order. They split to follow the the big daddies with the claw dalek not far behind. One of them enters a room and is struck by a big daddy, which snaps his eye-stalk off. "VISION IMPARED" the dalek shouts and he spins round in a circle, lowering his over shields. The big daddy rams his drill into the dalek's armour and ,with no over-shield, he easily drills through the dalekanium and kills the dalek creature inside. (2-2)

He turns to leave the room but is met with the claw dalek. "EXTERMINATE" it shouts and burns the big daddy to a crisp. (2-1)

Meanwhile subject delta is hiding in another room and hears a dalek approching his position. He takes out another plasmid and injects himself with it, his hand immediately bursting into flames. He waits until the dalek fully enters the room before jumping out and sending flames flying at the dalek. Unfortunately the flames have no effect on the dalek other than shocking it. However it doesn't stop it from firing it's gunstick but it's aim is off and it only hits the wall behind. Delta takes advantage of this and quick as a flash grabs the gunstick and tears it out of it's socket and tossing it aside. He then grabs the dalekanium casing and tears it open, revealing the creature inside. He pulls the creature out of the casing and holds it in it's hand until it burns from the incinerate plasmid. (1-1)

Realising how usless the incinerate plasmid is against dalek's he takes out his final plasmid, the telekinesis plasmid, and injects it into his arm. He walks out of the room and spots the last dalek, which immediately fires at him but delta nimbly dodges and grabs a rivet gun from a big daddy corpse and fires back but as usual the rivets are absorbed by the armour. Delta soon realises that this is getting him nowhere and scans the area for anything that could give him the advantage. He spots a metal bar propped up against a wall and using his telekinesis picks it up and hurls it at the dalek, smashing into it's eye-stalk and snapping it off. "VISION IMPARED" the dalek screams and delta runs over and rams his drill into the dalek's chest ripping though the over-shield in less than half a minute and is soon onto the dalekanium. That dalek's tries to hit the subject delta with it's claw but it's attempt is met with failure and it's casing soon lays ripped open with bits of dalek everywhere. (0-1)

Delta dusts himself off and picks up a neraby rivet gun, just as a group of splicer's appear, attracted by the commotion. Without saying a word delta raises his gun and fires at the splicers.


Expert's OpinionEdit

While the dalek's had more advanaced weaponry and better armour the big daddies speed helped them avoid thier long range attacks and once in close range they dominated the dalek's.

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