He never seemed to care much for money, except to buy cartridges with; then he would much prefer to gamble for them straight. Cartridges were scarce, and he always used about ten times as many as any one else.
— Frank Coe, referring to Billy the Kid

William H. Bonney (born William Henry McCarty, Jr. November 23, 1859 – c. July 14, 1881), better known as Billy the Kid but also known as Henry Antrim, was a 19th-century American frontier outlaw and gunman who participated in the Lincoln County War. According to legend, he killed 21 men, but he is generally accepted to have killed between four and nine. McCarty (or Bonney, the name he used at the height of his notoriety) was 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) to 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall with blue eyes, a smooth complexion, and prominent front teeth. He was said to be friendly and personable at times, and many recalled that he was as "lithe as a cat". Contemporaries described him as a "neat" dresser who favored an "unadorned Mexican sombrero". These qualities, along with his cunning and celebrated skill with firearms, contributed to his paradoxical image, as both a notorious outlaw and beloved folk hero. Relatively unknown during most of his lifetime, Bonney was catapulted into legend a few months before his death by New Mexico's governor, Lew Wallace, who placed a price on his head, and by stories printed in the Las Vegas Gazette (Las Vegas, New Mexico) and the New York Sun.[8] Many other newspapers followed suit and published stories about Billy the Kid's exploits. After his death, several biographies were written that portrayed the Kid in varying lights.

(From Wikipedia)

Battle vs. Çerçiz Topulli (by Ethandabomb)Edit

BK=Billy the Kid=5/ CT=Çerçiz Topulli=5

Four Albanian Revolutionists and Çerçiz Topulli walk through a stable door on the fringes of a Wild West desert, hoping to happen upon Turks who were rumored to be hiding in the area. Çerçiz sends one of his men, brandishing a Remington, into the stable interior. Çerçiz, feeling unsettled yells to his comrade to come back, when suddenly one of Billy's outlaws springs out of a pile of hay and slits the Albanian's throat.


Çerçiz quickly draws his Colt and shoots the outlaw square in the forehead.


Çerçiz and his gang advance further into the stable, and sensing a movement one of Çerçiz's men fires his Lebel into another hay pile, and an outlaw flops out, dead.


Billy himself jumps out of a haystack, and whips Çerçiz in the back of his head with his Peacemaker. Çerçiz crumples, but one of his men shoots at and grazes Billy on the arm. Billy then runs out the back door of the stable, clutching his arm. One of the Revolutionaries follows him out into the square. As the one of Çerçiz's men helps him to his feet, the second Revolutionary fires two Lebel rounds into a closed closet, and two shotgun blasts are fired back through the door, missing Çerçiz and his men. Then the outlaw crashes through the broken door, bleeding heavily from the neck. The outlaw squirms on the floor for a moment, and then is silent.


Hearing his friend fall, another of Billy's men bursts in through the front entrance, and empties his Winchester into the Albanian.


Çerçiz and his comrade then draw their pocketknives as the outlaw reloads. The Revolutionary feigns an attack, and Çerçiz steps in and jabs the knife into the outlaw's neck.


Çerçiz and the other Albanian then exit the stable and cross the dusty square, only to find one of their men bleeding out on the ground. Çerçiz leans down on the ground and the Albanian whispers "Mbrojtur atdheun." Protect the Motherland. Then the man stiffens, and Çerçiz shuts the man's eyes.


Then Çerçiz and the Revolutionary venture into a nearby barn searching for Billy. Çerçiz and the Revolutionary stalk into the red barn, and suddenly Billy pounces down from a rafter onto Çerçiz. The other Albanian pulls Billy off of Çerçiz, and the two engage in a heated knife-fight. Finally Billy breaks the Albanian's defense and slashes him across his shoulder. Billy then lifts his Bowie to finish the Revolutionary, when he hears Çerçiz say "Shihemi në ferr." See you in hell. Billy looks at Çerçiz, not understanding the meaning of his words, but hearing the grave undertone. Billy the Kid knew he was a dead man. He knew it from the time the bullet left Çerçiz's M1878 until the round punctured his heart.


Çerçiz runs to his downed comrade, and helps him up. The Revolutionary puts his arm around Çerçiz's shoulder, and whispers "Kemi fituar?" Have we won? Çerçiz smiles and says "Po, atdheu është i sigurt, tani për tani dhe përjetë." Yes, the homeland is safe, for now and forever.

Winner: Çerçiz Topulli

Expert's OpinionEdit

Çerçiz ended up winning due to more advanced weaponry, more battlefield experience and the ability to think under fire.

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