Only the devil and I know the whereabouts of my treasure, and the one of us who lives longest should take it all.
— Blackbeard

Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, was a notorious English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American Colonies during the early 18th century. He quickly acquired his own ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, and from 1717 to 1718 became a feared pirate. His nickname was based off of his thick black beard; he was notorious for lighting his hair on fire during battle to frighten his foes.

During a ferocious battle, Teach was killed by a small force of sailors led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard.

A shrewd and calculating leader, Teach used his fearsome image instead of force to elicit the response he desired from those he robbed. Contrary to the modern-day image of the traditional tyrannical pirate, he commanded his vessels with the permission of their crews, and there are no known accounts of his ever having harmed or murdered those he held captive. He was romanticised after his death, and became the inspiration for a number of pirate-themed works of fiction across a range of genres.

Battle vs. Davy Crockett (by The Deadliest Warrior)Edit

Blackbeard: Red Red Red Red Red

Davy Crockett: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Blackbeard and four of his pirate henchmen have docked their ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, and head ashore to a building that has been horribly pounded by cannon shells - The Alamo. The pirates step inside, unaware that Davy Crockett and four Texian defenders are watching them. One of the Texians steps out with a revolver and fires at the pirates, killing one. Red Blackbeard's men fire back with their muskets, but only one of the three guns that fired actually shoots because the other two jammed. The one musket that did fire still kills the Texian, however. Blue Blackbeard's men see Crockett and his men split up and run and the pirates give chase.

One of Crockett's men ducks in a side room and two of Blackbeard's pirates rush by. The Texian steps out and throws his only weapon, a Bowie Knife, and it hits one of the pirates square in the back, killing him. Red The other pirate spins round and advances mercilessly on the defenseless Texian, and stabs him clean through with his cutlass. Blue

Meanwhile, Crockett and one Texian are fleeing from Blackbeard's two remaining thugs. Crockett's man spins around and tries to pistol whip the pirates, but they sidestep it and crack the man's skull open with a hatchet. Blue They look up to see Davy aiming at them with his rifle, Ol' Betsy, and they dive aside as he fires and wounds one in the stomach before running again.

Blackbeard is following the last Texian soldier, and laughs to himself as the man ducks in a small room. He lights a match and sets his hair and the fuse of a grenade on fire, and throws the grenade in the room. He lets out a blood-curdling war cry, and grins with satisfaction as he hears the Texian scream in terror right before the grenade explodes. Blue

Crockett has made it outside and quickly sets a TNT bomb in a room inside the building thorugh the window. He yells oudly to attract attention, and Blackbeard's two pirate thugs run in, and fire their blunderbusses at Davy. One hits his arm and he falls, but before the pirates can do anything else the TNT explodes, killing one pirate and sending the other crashing to the floor. Red Crockett gets up and fires at the barely-conscious pirate with his shotgun, ending the pirate's life. Red

Crockett ducks back under the windowsill, Ol' Betsy in hand and shotgun nearby on the ground. He can hear Blackbeard angrily clomping outside as he continues searching for Davy. Crockett grins and steadies his grip on Ol' Betsy, and fires just as Blackbeard turns the corner. The pirate falls, wounded, and curses, but Davy get on top of his body and fires again in the pirate captain's face. Red Davy Crockett gets up, and whispers, "Remember the Alamo, always..." before he staggers away quietly, clutching his wounded arm and mourning for the loss of his comrades.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts said that the reason why Crockett prevailed over Blackbeard is that he was better trained, had more reliable weapons, and was more battle-ready than the vicious pirate. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

Battle vs. Horatio Nelson (by Lachlan Blake)Edit

Horatio Nelson: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

Blackbeard: BrownBrownBrownBrownBrown

Horatio Nelson stood on the shore of Spain and looked through his telescope at the countryside, the Spanish general was meant to meet him here to discuss a peace treaty in the late afternoon. “It seems that this is a trap admiral,” said a British sailor as Nelson gave him the telescope, “I would be getting back on the ship, me”.

“I’m afraid I have to decline midshipman, we have to wait, I don’t want anymore men to die, we shall wait for another hour”.

Meanwhile, Edward Teach was walking along the beach with some pirates carrying a rowboat above their heads, their boat had been attacked by a Spanish ship and had sunk, and they were looking for a new one.

“Captain, I see a navy ship further along the shore, it’s anchored not far out, doesn’t look like a hard steal.” Said a pirate.

“Yes, we will take the ship. We will be stealthy and hide in wait for the owners, then we will attack.” Said Blackbeard.

The pirates dropped the rowboat in the sea and started rowing. Nelson had waited for an hour but still wanted to wait for longer.

“I’ll go back to the ship, leave the others here, I need to write a letter to the King”. Nelson was rowed back to the ship, which had been left with only five guards, in case of an attack by the Spanish on the land the rest of the ship’s crew had been deployed on land.

He retired to his quarters and sat on his bed, taking off his hat. He stopped; there were fighting noises from outside. Suddenly a pirate burst out from hiding, cutlass in hand. Horatio grabbed his sword from his bedside and parried to first slash from the pirate, who kicked Nelson in the leg and head butted him. Nelson fell to the floor, but with a stab from his sword he impaled the pirate through the stomach. Brown

The pirate fell clutching at his stomach as Nelson rose, taking a Sea Service musket from where it hung above his bed; he attached a bayonet to it, checked if it was loaded and walked to his door. It was opened to a scene of moonlit chaos, there was a guard at the door, but he fell to the side when Nelson saw him, he was slumped against the door with two bullet wounds, one to the neck and one to the shoulder, he reached for Nelson, mouthing something, but collapsed. Darkred

Nelson looked up, pirates where fighting his crew, and they were winning. One of the guards shoved his bayonet into the pirate he was fighting. Brown

“Admiral! You need to get out of here!” he said, pulling the knife from the pirate’s body and smashing his surprised face with the butt of the musket.

Nelson couldn’t leave his soldiers to the pirates, he turned and hip fired into a pirate who had broken off from the fight, knocking him backwards and over the edge of the ship. Brown Horatio went to find Blackbeard.

The fight had broken off into a two versus one melee, the pirate was fighting two British sailors, one was reloading and one was using his bayonet, thrusting towards the pirate, who was using his pike’s length to his advantage, poking at the sailors to keep them away. It was a matter of time before the sailor would finish reloading, the pirate had to do something.

“Please! Stop! I surrender, I was in the navy too!” Said the pirate.

“Hey, Phillip, should we stop for the pirate, he was in the navy!” asked the bayonet wielding sailor.

“Yeah, but only if he drops the weapon!” said the other sailor. The pirate dropped his pike; the sailor finished reloading and pointed the gun at him.

“Big mistake, mate.” The pirate pulled out a flintlock pistol from behind his back and pointed it at the musket wielder; he kicked a fallen pirate’s cutlass into to air and caught it, pointing it at the other sailor. The pirate hit the musket out of the way and the shot went off into the air.

“So, you can either be killed now, or join the crew”.

“Uh, yes, I would like that very much, how about you Phillip?”

“Yes, uh, I’m fine with that” The pirate ordered them to the mast and tied them there, removing all weapons from their reach. Then he turned and clubbed them both, knocking them out. Darkred Darkred

Nelson could hear fighting noises, he walked around the corner to see Blackbeard, beard alight and smoking, he was fighting the sailor Nelson had talked to earlier. Nelson ran to help the sailor, who was parrying Edward’s brutal and unrelenting strikes from where he crouched against the ship’s railing, gritting his teeth and swearing. Blackbeard looked up at Nelson, but parried a blow from the sailor without so much as a glance, knocking the sailor back over the railing, holding on to a rope attached to the side.

“Just run Sir! England needs you alive!” he shouted, trying to pull himself up.

Blackbeard pulled out a pistol, aiming it at the sailor.

“Move and the lad dies, or if you like, y’ can give me your ship, and I’ll let you live!’” Horatio stopped, looking at the pistol; the hammer was halfway to the cocked position.

“That pistol isn’t even loaded!” yelled Horatio advancing with his sword.

Blackbeard looked at the pistol, and threw it at Horatio, running back to where the fight had been, trying to find a loaded pistol, he saw the other pirate talking to the tied up sailors.

“Jesus Christ mate, what’re you doing? Hand me a pistol!” commanded Edward.

“Uh, yes captain!” Said the pirate, throwing his pistol to Blackbeard, who caught it.

Horatio ran up to Blackbeard but he wasn’t fast enough, Blackbeard turned and kicked the admiral to the deck, pinning Nelson to the ground with his boot.

“Any last words Admiral?” Before Nelson could speak a round flew past him, the sailor had climbed back up the rope and had shot Blackbeard In the arm. Blackbeard looked at the sailor and ran, cutlass in hand, tackling him onto the ground and stabbing him in the chest, leaving the sword stuck in the man and the wooden deck below. Darkred

Blackbeard turned to see Nelson punching the other pirate in the face and pushing him into the mast head first he then took a bottle from a nearby pirate’s corpse and smashed it over the pirate’s head. Brown

Nelson turned to Blackbeard, sword in one hand and bottle in the other and charged, screaming as he did, but Blackbeard produced the pistol from behind his back and pointed it, laughing, at the admiral’s head.

Nelson knew no more. Darkred

Blackbeard read the pirate laws to the two captive sailors and woke the unconcious pirate, it would be hard work with such a small crew, but it was not far to a pirate safe haven Edward new, and the wind was blowing in the right direction.


On the shore the English sailors saw in the dim light that their ship was leaving.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Although Nelson had better training and was a more disciplined soldier, on board a ship Blackbeard's weapons were better suited to the close-quarters combat that would ensue, and his high multitude of firearms that he carried with him negated the fact that his guns were one-shot weapons.

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Battle vs. Ivan the Terrible (by Urbancommando77)Edit

Off the coast of Russia, Blackbeard and four pirates walk across a sandy beach away from their wrecked ship. Blackbeard and the pirates were the only ones who survived the ship's crash. Meanwhile, Ivan the terrible watches from a small cliff. He commands a russian soldier to investagate the wreck. The soldier walks down to see the pirates. He aims his pishchal and fires right into one's neck.

Blackbeard: 4

Blackbeard aims his musket and another soldier does the same. The soldier fires but he missed. Blackbeard's musket jammed. Blackbeard and the pirate reload their muskets and fire. one hits the soldier in the chest but one jams. The pirate tries to fix the jam but it won't work. The soldier, however, falls and bleeds out.

Ivan: 4

Ivan and his men move down towards the pirates. One pulls out a blunderbuss and shoots the horse one of the soldiers. Ivan commands the soldier to get up and use his crossbow. The soldier follows the directions and limps towards his horse and pulls out his crossbow. The soldier aims at them. He fires a bolt into a pirate's eye. The pirate yells in pain and falls over. The soldier aims his crosbow again to see the soldier he shot had the blunderbuss. They both fire. The soldier gets hit in the arm and the pirate gets hit in the chest.

Blackbeard: 3

Two pirates pulls out a hatchets and charge at them. One soldier gets off his horse and smacks one the face with his warpick. The soldier yells and falls in pain. The other soldier raises his hatchet and prepairs to swing. The soldier hits the pirate in the crotch and neck.

Blackbeard: 2

The pirate get back up holding his brocken nose and throws a grenade at them.

Ivan: 2

Ivan discovers that two soldiers had died. His last soldier gets off his horse and pulls out his bardiche. He swings at the pirate but misses. He keeps swinging but all miss. He then puts the heavy weapon on the pirates head.

Blackbeard: 1

Blackbeard walks towards the soldiers and pulls out his cutlass. He charges towards Ivan and the soldier. Ivan signals the soldier away and pulls out his sablia. The two clash blades and cut up eachother. Ivan slices open Blackbeards knees. The pirate falls down in pain. Ivan raises his sablia and cuts right throught the pirates neck. The pirate gives a small whimper before falling to the ground.


Ivan looks at the fallen pirate and pulls out some mercury.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Ivan's military-grade weapons and professional soldiers were more than a match for Blackbeard's crew of sailors best-suited for naval combat.

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Battle vs. Michael the Brave (by Impaler5150) Edit

Blackbeard docks at the border of Moldavia to bury his treasure, with the assistance of 4 pirates. Michael the Brave scour the beach to see this occurring. Blackbeard's heavy cannoner, still on the boat fires off a ball, killing Michael's cannoner (5-4). Blackbeard and the pirates notice the threat, but Blackbeard's heavy cannoner is killed by Michael's cannoner (4-4). All remaining forces go at each other. Blackbeard's trade musketeer fires at the Michael's halberder, killing him immediately (4-3). Michael grabs the halberd to parry with Blackbeard, but ends up killing Blackbeard's musketeer (3-3). Blackbeard's pikeman runs at Michael the Brave, but is killed (3-2). Michael grabs the hand cannon, already loaded, and kills a pirate (3-2). Blackbeard grabs the boarding pike and kills Michael's right hand man (2-2). Bith Michael and Blackbeard kill each other's remaining men with their swords (1-1). Blackbeard and Michael face off. After parrying for a while, blackbeard sets his hair on fire, the strikes Michael, wounding him. Black beard sets out the fire in the ocean water. Then he turns around and is impaled through the abdomen (1-0). Michael then lays claim to the ship and the treasure.

Expert's Opinion Edit

Michael the Brave won due to lighter weaponry and the fact that he's armoured.

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Battle vs. Charles Cornwallis (by ShodaiGoro)Edit

Cornwallis: RedRedRedRedRed

Blackbeard: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

The battle starts on a coast where Cornwallis has already set up his camp on a hill, complete with a cannon. Suddenly, Blackbeard's ship docks at the coast and one of his crew shoots a Red Coat with a stolen musket. Red. Cornwallis retaliates by firing his cannon at Blackbeard's ship, causing it to sink. All but one crew member escapes, as the last one drowns. Blue. Cornwallis' men then start firing their Brown Besses, killing one pirate. Blue. The remaining 3 pirates take cover at the bottom of the hill, where they toss a grenade up on the top. It destroys a cannon and kills 1 Red Coat.Red. Cornwallis runs away. Blackbeard's men start making their way up the hill. When one reach the top, he is greeted by a bayonette to hit guts, killing him. Blue. A second make it up, but when the bayonette Red Coat attempts to stab him, he is taken down by a blunderbuss. Red. Black Beard climbs to the top and kills a Red Coat with his Cutlass. Red. Cornwallis then returns on horseback with his cavalry sabre, and kills the blunderbuss pirate with a decapitation. Blue. Now down to Cornwallis and Blackbeard himself, Blackbeard knocks Cornwallis off his horse with a grenade, but doesn't hurt Cornwallis. Now in a final sword fight, Blackbeard attempts to decapitate Cornwallis by slashing at the neck, but Cornwallis parrys it. Blackbeard, stumbling from the parry he just recieved, charges at Cornwallis, only to be finished off by running into Cornwallis' sabre and getting stabbed in the guts. Blackbeard, now coughing blood, falls over and never plunders or hi-jacks another ship. Blue. Cornwallis, after wiping the blood of the dreaded pirate off his sword, yells in victory "Rule Britania! Rule the waves!".

WINNER: Charles Cornwallis.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Cornwallis won due to his better weapons and military experience. His cavalry sabre had a longer reach, his musket didn't misfire, and his cannon had a far better range than the grenade.

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Battle vs. Henry VIII of England (by Impaler5150)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit