The title that has survived a thousand years: the Storm-Striker.
— The game on Blitz's title.

Blitz, the Storm Striker is a Plasma Ravenger from the planet Cryos. He has mainly lightning, and claw-based abilities, and has a slightly reptilian appearance.

The strongest of a small group of surviving reptiliodis, Bitz was found by Specialist Crogenitor, Ptyron. Ptyron first believed that revieving the planet Cryos was a lost cause after it was destroyed by the Darkspore, but gave the planet a second chance when he saw Blitz and his brethren's willpower to survive.

Years later, now equipped with blade-claws and the power too manipulate electricity, Blitz weant on a journy with his brothers over Cyros' wasteland, during which most of his brothers died. Enstablished an enclave in Cryos's equatorial region that became the center of Cryosi civilization. His deeds and actions earned him the reputation as a defender of justice and the title of Storm Striker.

Battle vs. Predators (by Richard Starkey)Edit

Blitz and 4 of his siblings were on the hunt. One of them chirped an alarm, but it was too late, as a cloaked predator shot a plasma caster shot, hitting one of blitz's sibling's in the eye. (4-5)

The predator looked up from his kill, only to see blitz blowing him in half with a single electron sphere. (4-4) Four other predators uncloaked and the battle began, a predator

cut one of Blitz's brood down with a smart disc throw. (3-4) But in turn a meteor blast electsilenced a predator forever. (3-3)

Blitz's sibling roared in victory, but while he wasn't looking a combi stick to the back silenced him forever. (2-3) A cloaked predator stabbed another sibling in the back, but with his last breath, the sibling stabbed back, killing both. (1-2)

The last two predators had blitz cornered, but has one moved in for the kill, blitz disappeared in a shower of sparks, the closest predator shook violently as he was electrocuted. (1-1)

The last predator looked around, Blitz was gone! He took a step back and found himself impaled on bliz's claws. (1-0)

Blitz tore the dead predator off his claws and gave a bloodthirsty screech of victory.


Expert's OpinionEdit

Blitz won the fight because of his superior defense and far superior weapons compared to the Predator.

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Battle vs. Arbiter (Thel 'Vadam) (by Tomahawk23)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

Blitz won the fight because of his superior offensive and defensive moves.

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