• Appelmonkey

    Every great empire needs a group of extrodinary individuals to protect their intrests and security. The United States has the Justice League, Canada has Alpha Flight. But today we look at two groups who fought under the Union Jack!

    The Phantomhive Household: Servants and profesional bodyguards of Ciel Phantomhive, each fiercly loyal to their young master.


    The League of Extrodinary Gentelmen: the Avengers of the British Empire who protect their home country from terrorist threats and even Marsian invasions!


    After Ciel Phantomhive survived being sacrificed by an cult and the death of his parents by summoning the demon Sebastian Michaelis, who slaughtered the cultist after being summoned, Ciel took him in as his butler. Becaus…

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  • Wassboss

    Last year I did a Mario Warfare vs The Raid battle, so you can consider this an unofficial sequel. However while last time we compared the heroes in this battle we're taking a look at the villains. While both these hitmen played a minor role they had the most memorable and badass fights of their respective series, leaving fans clamouring for more. Well now they're going to get their wish as; 

    Waluigi (Mario Warfare): Plumber for Hire sent by Bowser to finish off Mario once and for all.

    takes on 

    Prakoso: Rugged Machete-wielding Hitman for the Bangun criminal family.

    Who is Deadliest

    Waluigi is the brother of Wario and the two work as plumbers for hire. At some point prior to invasion day the two were hired by Bowser in order to assist with his …

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  • MilenHD

    Khmer Rouge: Cambodia's killers, who left millions dead in their wake.


    Somali Pirates: Africa's deadly new breed of sea hijackers, who hold ship merchants hostage.!? To find out, our world class fighters are testing history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we see what happens, when two warriors go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death, history will be rewritten, but only one will be crowned the Deadliest Warrior.

    The Khmer Rouge were a band of communist inspired Cambodian rebels, with nationalist ideals, that were formed in the late 1960's by Communist revolutionaries Saloth Sar (later Pol Pot), Ieng Sary, Son Sen and Khieu Samphan and were most remembered for their social …

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  • Laquearius

    Beowulf vs King Arthur

    August 13, 2017 by Laquearius

    Beowulf, the Geatish king who slew three terrifying monsters with his incredible strength...

    King Arthur, the Once and Future King who led his people into a golden age...

    Which of these superhuman kings is DEADLIEST?

    Beowulf was the legendary Geatish hero and king from the poem of the same name. To repay his debt to a Danish king, Beowulf traveled to Denmark with the goal of slaying the monster Grendel. Using his impossible strength, he succeeded by tearing Grendel's arm off with his bare hands. When Grendel's sought revenge, Beowulf tracked the she-beast and engaged her battle, which ended with the decapitation of the she-beast. Beowulf returned to his homeland of Geatland, where he would become king. He ruled wisely for many long years, unt…

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  • Elgb333

    It's been awhile since we had a good comic book battle in this wiki, so I decided that today we're going to have a classic superhero vs supervillain battle of... normal proportions? Yeah you read the title right. For my first battle this month, two of comic's greatest non-superpowered badasses will face off in a battle to the death; one is a crazy supervillain while the other is a bloodthirsty antihero. And to make things even more antithetic, one is a master criminal, while the other is a crime-hating vigilante.

    This will be the first of a two-part series where we take a look at some of the most badass "normal" non-superpowered characters in comic book and put them in a bloody gladiator match.

    So what happens when these two warriors use the…

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  • HanSolo69

    You have heard correctly; I have risen from the grave! After almost a year, I am back to creating battles, and will (hopefully) start uploading battles alot more frequently. Now, without further a-do, here we go!

    During the Cold War, a new wave of fighters began form: terrorists. These people were ideological extremists who preached their viewpoints via bombs, bullets, and genocide. Reasons for become terrorists varied around the world, whether its political views, civil war, or... religion. Most religions have at least one fanatical terrorist group, but as of lately, Islamic terrorism has become the focus of the Western world. However, as I stated, each religion has its extremists, including Christianity. See today, let's see which religio…

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  • Cfp3157

    The lands of Thedas are rife with conflict, with entire nations marching to war and magical monsters running rampant amongst the people. Every age, the people of Thedas need people to save them- paragons or renegades that take up arms to defend them. People like The Hero of Ferelden, the elven mage and Grey Warden that led his companions to recruit the armies of Ferelden and stopped the Fifth Blight in one year, and The Champion of Kirkwall, the apostate mage and immigrant to KIrkwall that led his companions to repell the Qunari Invasion and begin the Mage-Templar War! Magic, blades, and arrows will surround the battlefield as two powerful and tight-knit parties fight for the fate of Thedas. Between these two heroes, only one party can be...…

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  • Battlefan237

    DIO VS Diavolo

    August 5, 2017 by Battlefan237

    Seriously, the Joestar family is located in a bizarre universe filled with stands that grant mankind the ability to reach the ultimate physical summit, where time can be conquered and manipulated. And unfortunately, this ability is kept in hands of evil ones. Today we pick two of the most iconic time manipulator in Jojo series and offer them a chance to face off.

    Dio Brando , the vampiric incarnation of bottomless evilness who holds a grudge against the Joestar family and will never quit until the last breed of Joestar is cleared from our universe.

    Diavolo, the Passione mafia boss with personality disorder who corrupted the whole Italy and eliminate anyone that knows his true identity to wipe out all the traces of his past.

    Both of these men a…

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  • Leolab

    Nrvnqsr Chaos: The Dead Apostle known as the 666 Beasts


    Alexander Anderson: The Church's premier vampire hunter

    • This match is not necessarily to the death, as it's pretty much impossible for them to kill each other. Instead, it's to an unambiguous victory - be it a KO, a forced retreat, or otherwise.

    • Votes with good edges or at least 10 relevant sentences count as a full vote
    • Votes with meh edges or at least 5 relevant sentences count as a half vote
    • All others count as no vote
    • Well-reasoned rebuttals can lower the count of a vote by half.
    • Well-reasoned counter-rebuttals can restore the half-point.
    • I have the final say in how much a vote counts for. If I feel a vote merits counting differently than these guidelines, I will do so.

    In a small, i…

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  • MilenHD

    Fulgore vs Predator

    August 1, 2017 by MilenHD

    Fulgore: Ultratech's cybernetic soldier.


    Predator: The galaxy's finest hunter.!? To find out, our world class fighters are testing history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we see what happens, when two warriors go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death, history will be rewritten, but only one will be crowned the Deadliest Warrior.

    Fulgore is a highly-advanced, fighting machine created by Ultratech that debuted in the original Killer Instinct, and has made a playable appearance in every game in the series. He is the main rival of Jago, a rivalry that has carried on through his many iterations and models. Like Jago, he is a "shotokan" character, utilizing both zoning and close…

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  • HanSolo69

    Yo. Its been about a year since my last post, and I wanna get back to making battles again. So, I'm getting some fights together and am going to be putting one up this week.

    Thats...kinda it.

    Bye :)

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  • BattleGames1

    sigh... Guess my creative juices and writing talents are hitting a bit of a roadblock with the fictional stuff so I guess I need to do something to pass the time - so I guess I'll have to do another real-life battle which at least has got me interested (and yeah I know this was put as a battle for a later season but there's nothing wrong in switching things up at least).

    Last time on the Season of War, it was literally all-out World War III when Task Force 141, Delta Force, the African Militia and Inner Circle of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 duked it out with the USMC, Russian Ground Forces, Iranian Army and People's Liberation and Resistance of Battlefield 3. What a show that was and what an interesting way it ended too (*nudge nudge wink…

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  • Leolab

    So there’s a few policy changes I’d like to propose, in response to both conversations in chat and some confusion amongst users. Reasoning for changes are given in parentheses beforehand. New text for existing policy is highlighted in red.

    This will be open for a full week, so get your thoughts in.

    So, without further ado:

    (Discussion on chat about whether OCs get pages. Making unwritten policy written.)

    Original Characters, also known as OCs or User Warriors, are not given pages on the wiki. Battles with an OC are not to be put on battle statuses. If the only match a warrior has involves an OC, they are not to be given a page. If a warrior has battles against warriors that are not OCs, then battles against OCs may be posted on their page unde…

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  • Laquearius

    Achilles, the Greek demigod that slaughtered an army in his rage-fueled quest to avenge the death of his friend...

    Diarmuid, the legendary Fianna warrior who overcame 3,400 soldiers single-handedly during an adventure into the Otherworld...

    Which of these army-defeating heroes is DEADLIEST?

    Achilles was the son of the hero Peleus and the nymph Thetis. Early on his life, Achilles was offered a choice: an easy and long life of peace, or a difficult life, but one filled with glory. He chose glory. Trained by the centaur Chiron, Achilles became a great warrior at a young age. He would become the sole force that kept the Achaeans winning in the Trojan War, and would go on a rampage of destruction when his dear friend Patroclus was slain. His fit o…

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  • Laquearius

    Hercules, the Greek demigod who was born a shepherd, and would go on to complete impossible tasks and defeat gods...

    Sun Wukong, the Monkey King who began life as a monkey born from a rock, and would eventually wage his own personal war against the armies of heaven...

    Which of these unnaturally powerful mythological heroes is DEADLIEST?

    Hercules (or Heracles) was born from the mortal woman Alcmene and the Olympian Zeus. Hera, Zeus's wife, hand a tendency to torment the consorts of her husband and their illegitimate children, and Hercules was no exception. She plagued Hercules with madness all his life, first manifesting when he lashed out and killed his lyre teacher Linus with his own lyre. Hercules retreated to a peaceful shepherd's life, an…

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  • Pang.heefone

    These two successful generals led their troops to victory with their briliant strategies. What happens when both of them face each other?

    Julius armed his troops and him with:

    Short Ranged Weapon Gladius
    Medium Ranged Weapon Pilum
    Long Ranged Weapon Sling
    Special Weapon War Elephant

    Sun Tzu and his men fought back with:

    Short Ranged Weapon Jian
    Medium Ranged Weapon Zhua
    Long Ranged Weapon Repeating Crossbow
    Special Weapon Flaming Arrow Read more >
  • Pang.heefone

    Which of these two groups of primitive warriors with only stone age weapons will reign supreme over the other?

    The Neanderthals attack with these weapons:

    Short Ranged Weapon Mousterian Handaxe
    Medium Ranged Weapon Levallois Spear
    Long Ranged Weapon Rock
    Special Weapon Fire Torch

    The Maoris counter-attack with:

    Short Ranged Weapon Mere
    Medium Ranged Weapon Taiaha
    Long Ranged Weapon Hoeroa
    Special Weapon Shark Tooth Club Read more >
  • MilenHD

    Ashurbanipal: The last great Assyrian king, known for his battlefield prowess.


    Ramesses II: Egypt's greatest pharaoh, who expanded his kingdom's borders.!? To find out, our world class fighters are testing history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we see what happens, when two warriors go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death, history will be rewritten, but only one will be crowned the Deadliest Warrior.

    Ashurbanipal, the last great king of the ancient Assyrian empire, was famed for his cultural advancements as well as for his military prowess. Amassing a great library at his capital, Nineveh, he provided for the scholars and scientists of his empire. His military was one of…

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  • SPARTAN 119

    Kiritsugu Emiya, the assassin who used a combination of magic and modern firearms to eliminate his enemies


    Kong Taoluo, the superhuman Chinese ex-Triad who killed four cybernetic mob bosses to avenge his sister


    Kiritsugu's early childhood was spent on the run, with his father fleeing a Sealing Designation. They eventually settled on Alimango Island in the Philippines, where they lived for a few years. While there, Kiritsugu learned some of the basics of the Emiya magic and developed a friendship with and crush on his father's assistant, Shirley. This life came to an abrupt end when Shirley consumed some of his father's research materials and turned into a Dead Apostle. The sealing Enforcers caught up with them on the same …

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  • Laquearius

    Cú Chulainn, the Hound of Ulster and the demigod who single-handedly fought off an entire army with his skill and ability to enter a battle rage known as the "warp spasm"...

    Fionn mac Cumhaill, the leader of the greatest army Ireland has ever seen...

    Which of these ancient Irish heroes is DEADLIEST?

    Cú Chulainn was the demigod son of the god Lugh and a mortal woman. He was greatly skilled in battle, being able to defend Ulster by himself against the army of Queen Medb when all able-bodied Ulstermen were cursed and debilitated. He was feared for his ability to enter a state of battle fury called the "warp spasm" or "riastrad", which would deform his body into a horrible shape and greatly increase his strength, at the cost of being able to dist…

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  • Snigel

    Damn! Stupid picture, you were supposed to be bigger than that! Ugh, never mind that.

    Hello again, people of this Wiki! Today, I bring you a good old fashioned gunfight when Hoyt's Privateers, Hoyt Volker's criminal empire's ruthless security detail goes up against the 33rd Infantry Battalion, an American military battalion in Dubai who imposed martial law when things turned sour! When desert camouflage-clad soldiers fight the crooks in yellow, only one group will remain and be declared the most deadliest!

    Hoyt Volker was born in South Africa to an abusive father. This harsh upbringing made Hoyt a sadistic and mentally unstable person. At some point in life, Hoyt became involved organized crime, and he climbed the criminal ladder up until he…

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  • Battlefan237

    Dream, the most ambiguous and mysterious part of one's mind. For centuries people have been coming up with myths and legends of dreams, some focus on the comedic side of dreams, while some legends specify in rendering dream as a link to danger and threats from demonic dimensions. Today we have two of our modern day's incarnation of the latter kind of legends : Freddy Krueger, the serial killer-turned demon that devotes himself to bringing nightmares to teenagers on Elm Street. And the Mannish Boy, the user of the Stand Death 13 that caused piles of troubles for the The Joestar group (Stardust Crusaders). When the two dream world masters come into a clash, who is the deadliest ???

    Freddy Krueger is the Main Antagnonist of the Nightmare on Elm Stree…

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    If there was any warrior with wasted potential on Deadliest Warrior, it was the Knight. The Knight went up against an opponent who mostly used firearms. A better battle for the Medieval tank would have been the Spartan or Samurai. Today, two of the deadliest plate armor wearing factions will battle with their three main units.

    The Human Alliance, Lordaeron and it's allies protectors of the people!

    The Blackstone Legion, Appolyon's warmongerers who started an eternal war!

    Who is Deadliest?

    Human Alliance

    Bio:King Terenas' brave soldiers from Lordaeron and it's allies, the Human Alliance protects their people from the Orcish Horde and Undead Scourge. The Footman is a heavily armored melee combatant. The Rifleman is a deadly ranged sharpshooter. T…

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  • Elgb333

    The values that Americans honor the most are freedom and independence. These are the kind of people that will never take shit from anybody, both foreign and even their own government. Throughout its glorious history, ‘ornery citizens have raised arms to defend their rights and stick it up to the Big Man, like the bloody American Civil War, the tragic Indian Wars, the hilariously named Whiskey Rebellion and many others.

    But none embodies true American individualism and self-reliance more than these two conflicts and the heroes that fought in it:

    Blair Mountain Rebels: Hellbent West Virginian coal miners looking for justice and ended up fighting the largest labor uprising in US History!


    Johnson County Residents: Small Wyoming settlers who def…

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  • PFC Rice Man

    Dayak Headhunter: Ruthless tribesman from the jungles of Borneo infamous for their collections of heads. 


    Filipino Moro: Savages of the Philippines who's steel weapons and fighting style struck fear into the hearts of their enemies


    The Dayak are the native people of Borneo. It is a loose term for over two-hundred riverine and hill-dwellig ethnic groups located primarily in Borneo's interior. Each group has it's own dialect, laws, customs and in the past they had a strong reputation as a warring tribe. They are known for being vicious headhunters. 

    The Moro people is a term used for Muslims in the Phillipines forming the largest non-Catholic ethnic group within the country. They are well-known for defeating a force of Spa…

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  • PFC Rice Man

    Hello everyone, I'm PFC Rice Man from and I have my own DW fic on the site. I wanted to try it out here and post up one of my battles that will show up in season three of the fic. This is my first time on this site so constructive criticism is always welcome and I'm still getting used to the format here.


    Green Beret: The United States Army's elite special forces trained to fight the most fierce battles with both mind and weapon.


    French Foreign Legion: The international army of real life expendables who battle abroad to protect France's interests.

    Green Beret Weapons French Foreign Legion
    ASEK Survival Knife System Melee Camillus
    Beretta M9 Short Glock 17
    Mossberg 590 Mid Benelli M3T Super 90
    M4 Carbine Long # 1 FAMAS F1

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    Sorry for not waiting until next week for a fight. I'm going to do Wenja Tribe vs. The Legion soon but I wanted to get this rematch done before I get a new fight. I basically just gave the Scalled the weapons I thought they had instead of what they actually had. So without further ado, let the cults slaughter each other in the name of Sullivan Knoth or their Messiah.

    Note:OutlastII spoilers ahead.

    The Testament of the New Ezekiel, the depraved denizens of Temple Gate who attempt to stop the Antichrist's birth!

    The Scalled, a cannibalistic group of outcasts who seek penance and an end to their illnesses!

    Who is Deadliest?

    The Testament of the New Ezekiel

    "God give me voice, God guide my hand! God loves you."-Marta

    Bio:Sullivan Knoth, a former shoe…

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  • MilenHD

    Hattori Hanzo: The legendary ninja of the Iga province, who was master of stealth.


    Shaka Zulu: The mightiest of the Zulu army, who led his kingdom to conquest.!? To find out, our world class fighters are testing history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we see what happens, when two warriors go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death, history will be rewritten, but only one will be crowned the Deadliest Warrior.

    Hattori Hanzo was the son of a minor samurai in the service of the Matsudaira (later Tokugawa clan), first entering combat at age 16. He quickly became renowned his tactical brilliance and combat prowess, being known to practice ninjutsu, and, in particular sojutsu, th…

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  • Godzillavkk

    Blacks vs Varden

    June 23, 2017 by Godzillavkk

    The Blacks: The rebel Targaryeans who battled the Royalist Greens for control of the Iron Throne

    The Varden: The heroic rebels of Alagesia who fought to free their land from Galbatorix


    Today, we have a epic battle between 2 fantasy rebels, who both had dragon riders fighting for them. Both also fought a King who also had Dragon Riders on his side, but how would they fare against eachother? Well let's take a look. Every known soldier and faction that declared for these two rebels will be present, regardless of how large or small their role was in either war.

    Of all the wars that the continent of Westeros has played host to, none of them, not even the current War of the Five Kings, were as…

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  • WadeDeadpoolWilson134

    I am currently struggling to learn how to create a battle on Deadliest Fiction. Can you please help me? I'm trying to get a battle for a new warrior I added to the wiki. It is Lady Deadpool, my female counterpart. Only problem is, I don't know how to create a battle and I don't know a good opponent for her

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    The Ballas Gang, Los Santos' top gang!

    The Weasel Mafia, the Mafia who rob banks!

    Who is Deadliest?

    Note:Both sides use for their melee the baseball bat which will show up in the battle but not in the weapons categories.

    The Ballas Gang Bio:The Ballas Gang are the rivals of the Grove Street Families. They overwhelmed them by their superior funds from selling drugs. They also have an alliance with law enforcement and some Grove Street traitors.

    Leader:Big Smoke

    Melvin Harris is an ex-Grove Street member who is one of the most wealthy members. He has a love of fast food and fooled the other Grove Street members into thinking he was still a part of them. He also uses the environment to his advantage, such as turning off lights.

    "Respect has to be ea…

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  • Deathblade 100

    Whether you're a group of generals attempting to overthrow the National Socialist government by an explosive coup d'état or simply a Communist movement attempting to bring revolution to an imperialist country, the month of July seems to be your best bet of pulling it off.

    The 20th of July Conspirators- The group of Nazi generals; who attempted to kill Adolf Hitler in the Wolf's Lair bomb plot.


    The 26th of July Movement- The Cuban revolutionaries; who toppled Batista's government.


    To find out the history of war and modern science collide, as we test the weapons and tactics used by these instruments of war. We dissect their strengths and weaknesses and file them in for an all new battle to the death. It’s no rules, no safety, …

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  • Dargoo Faust


    ' 'Looks are always deceiving.  There's a dark side to everyone, a Yin and a Yang so to speak. And, for some people, there's a hell of a lot of Yang. These fighters are more than meets the eye, and underestimating them will be your first, and final mistake. That cute guy or girl you're peaking at might just be hiding something.

    Yuno Gasai, psychotic protector of Yukki Amano, and contestant in the Future Diary contest.


    Nagisa Shiota, the innocent but deadly assassin of Class 3-E, on a mission to kill his teacher.



    ANIME SPECIAL (nah it's a normal battle)

    A teenage girl from Sakurami, Japan, Yuno Gasai was one of twelve individuals given a "F…

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    Scorpion, the Shirai Ryu ninja from the Netherrealm!

    Hikage, Hebijo Academy's Elite Class member!

    Who is Deadliest?

    Notes:Both will be second timeline versions.


    "Vengeance will be mine!"

    Bio:A Shirai Ryu member who saw his family murdered, Scorpion desired vengeance against the culprit, Sub-Zero. Quan Chi revived him in the Netherrealm after hellfire didn't affect the ninja.

    Scorpion killed Sub-Zero with his new powers but learned that Quan Chi actually killed his family. After Mortal Kombat 9, he reformed the Shirai Ryu in X and killed Quan Chi. However, he is now human.


    Short Range:Melee Combat and Stinger Swords

    Scorpion is an incredibly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, keeping up with other ninjas and special forces while also b…

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  • MilenHD

    Jewish Zealot: The fanatical Hebrews, ready to defend their religion at any cost.


    Incan Warrior: South America's greatest warrior, which purpose was to be the very best.!? To find out, our world class fighters are testing history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we see what happens, when two warriors go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death, history will be rewritten, but only one will be crowned the Deadliest Warrior.

    The Jewish Zealots were a group of fanatical Hebrews who were determined to protect their Law and their people by violent means. They were formed during the 1st Century as a political organization that had a rebellious agenda against the Roman Empire. The zea…

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  • Battlefan237

    What does a good hitman requires ? Is that sophistication, or just a pathological passion for killing results in pure thirst for blood ?  In order to figure this out, today we pick two of the cinema's most iconic incarnations of mafia hitmen :

    Leon Montana, the best of the professional, a killing machine and anti-hero who challenged both the police department and the drug industry in New York City.

    Anton Chigurh, a man-hunter who spares no mercy upon any living things and sociopath who determines matters of death within the toss of a tiny coin. 

    When these two killers clash, who will survive and who will be doomed ?

    Leon Montana was a mafia hitman who for local mobs in Little Italy in New York . Before the incident of the movie, Leon had alread…

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    Big Daddies, the titans of Rapture who protect the Little Sisters at all costs!

    Juggernauts, soldiers in the best armor that a killstreak can get!

    Who is Deadliest?

    Notes:The Big Daddies will be two Bouncers, two Rosies, and one Rumbler. The Juggernauts will be two Maniacs, two Recon, and one classic Juggernaut.

    Big Daddy Bio:The Big Daddies are the result of Rapture's leaderships efforts to maintain order. ADAM was needed to keep Rapture running and the only ones who could gather it were the Little Sisters. The Big Daddies are massive beings with thick armor and terrifying weaponry who will slaughter any Splicer that attempts to harm the Little Sisters.

    Insert whale sound


    A giant drill that is used to drill through enemies and walls.…

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  • Impaler5150


    Matilda of Tuscany: former female head bodyguard of the Pope who also dominated territories north of the Church States!


    Tarabai Bhosale: Mughal ruler who Maratha Empire regent who held off the Mughal resistance against the Marathas!


    Matilda of Tuscany

    Short Range: Longsword: 4 foot double-sided blade designed to stab & slash!

    Mid-Range: Lance: 6 foot wooden weapon designed to be used primarily on horseback!

    Long-Range: Catapult: extremely heavy weapon designed for sieges & taking down castles!

    Tarabai Bhosale

    Mid-Range: Tulwar sword: 4 foot curved blade, designed something like a kilij, widened at the tip.

    Short-Range: Firangi sword: 3 1/2 foot blade straight blade double-edged designed to both stab & slas…

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  • Elgb333

    Considered to be one of the greatest villain in all of fiction, the Joker has gone through many incarnations in the past, some great and some... not so great. And today, we will be putting two of the most popular portrayals of Mistah Jay from the big screen in a fight to the death.

    Joker (Nolanverse): The agent of chaos who plunged Gotham into anarchy and put a big smile on its face!


    Joker (DCEU): The monstrous pudding who couldn't wait to show the world his toys!

    No Rules, No Safety... and No MERCY!!! It's a duel to the death... to decide who is... THE DEADLIEST JOKER!!!

    Joker Ledger and his Gang are the main antagonist in the superhero epic The Dark Knight. In the film The Joker is portrayed as a anarchist criminal mastermind whos sole purpose…

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    Childhood can be rough, but these two had traumatic experiences that turned them into serial killers.

    Jeff the Killer, the teen who is a surprisingly efficient killer!

    Eddie Gluskin, one of Mount Massive Asylum's most twisted Variants!

    Who is Deadliest?

    Spoilers for both series ahead.

    Jeff the Killer Bio:Jeff was an ordinary kid once who had just moved with his brother Liu and parents to a new neighborhood. The problem was some bullies attempted to push around him and his brother to which Jeff beat up all three of them. Liu took the blame and was arrested.

    The bullies didn't appear again until a party where they brought guns. Jeff actually killed them this time but was lit ablaze. After returning from the hospital, he found his new appearance be…

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  • Killermoves

    What good is a video game without a big bad of a boss who can challenge players, and in the case of horror games, make them shit form their pants as well. Now two horror-themed bosses will go head to head today in Deadliest Fiction. Both are insane serial killers. Both are escapees from mental institutions who shredded their way into our nightmares. And both are thirst for blood and ready to kill. Its Outlast vs Manhunt to decide who is the deadliest warrior!

    An ex-millitary policeman who served in Afghanistan and ex-Murkoff security guard who murdered three patients and the doctor at a therapy facility, Chris Walker was the first patient at Mount Massive Asylum in 2011 with his childhood stuffed toy, little pig, after being apprehended by …

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  • LB&SCR

    There have always been those regiments. Those whose colors flap high and regal in wind, and whose stoic faces are cold and uncaring, rifling down the masses that continue to bust their noses against their wall. Today, we have two historically famous groups of men who stood stoic in the face of the odds. In this corner, we have the British East India Company's Sepoys, the proud men who bore the brunt of the fighting in India, and overshadowed by the British, launched their own failed Rebellion in 1857, ending with the wasted blood, sweat, and tears. In the other corner, we have Mosby's Rangers, the elite raiders who harrassed and hassled the Union Supply Trains and infantry regiments, but their involvement couldn't stay the Blue Tide. When…

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  • SPARTAN 119

    The Brotherhood of Steel, the organization who sought to revive civilization after nuclear armageddon, with a practically religious devotion to technology


    Gaia, the nihilistic, misanthropic eco-terrorist cult who intended to save the Earth by wiping out the human race with forgotten magic

    Annihilation and Revival, Nature and Machine, Magic and Technology clash to determine


    The Brotherhood of Steel was a Techno-Religious organization created after the Great War. Their true objectives were to find any old technology from before the Great War with the goal of recreating civilization and controlling it to ensure a disaster the likes of the war is not repeated, but Owyn Lyons believed that the Brotherhood should help the people…

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  • Manofgod

    Sandbox-style video games are everywhere. They are one of the most popular genres of video gaming to date. The most common of these are the GTA clones that's been duking out in the consumer market for almost a decade now, but there's something special about being able to climb up through buildings and freerun across the rooftops in an almost endless horizon of snadbox. Here we battle two of the most popular free-running sandbox protagonist from their respective series (minus the superpowers like Alex Mercer, Cole MacGrath and the Agent).

    Sean Devlin, the brutal Irishman who single-handedly destroyed the Nazis occupying France... vs Desmond Miles, a seemingly normal bertender who became the descendant of many of history's greatest assassins. W…

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    Jungle Jim, the American POW in Vietnam turned expert zombie slayer!

    Artyom, the Ranger from Russia who set out to warn the metro of the Dark Ones!

    Who is Deadliest?

    Spoilers for the '68 and Metro series ahead.

    Jungle Jim Bio:Brian Curliss is the second man to have the title of Jungle Jim. He was rescued by the first one and took up the mantle after the first one died. With this he inherited his predecessors task of hunting down his zombified sergeant James W. Asher and killing him.

    Along the way he kills multiple Viet Cong and zombies while protecting a French Catholic Mission with the occasional help of a partner. He is trained by the U.S. military and is skilled in stealth but he does have mental issues such as Jungle Jim is actually a diffe…

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  • Battlefan237

    Caution : This is not a war propaganda.   Balkan Peninsular, aka the gun powder barrel of Europe, has always been a harsh land where the most brutal wars in our history took place. Rome, Hungry, Mongolia, Ottoman....It has witnessed the rise and fall of dozens of the greatest empires ever existed throughout thousands of years of fighting and killing. Things didn't get better in 20th century, when this particular peninsular became the cradle of the first world war, and one of the major battlefields of the second. Though tormented by killings and invasions, people on this peninsular have shown their courage and willpower to defend their dignity from any forms of marauding and suppress. From Bulgarian Rebels and Romanian Rebels in the early d…

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  • MilenHD

    Conquistadors: Spain's elite conquerors of the Americas.


    Ninjas: the legendary masters of death from Japan.!? To find out, our world class fighters are testing history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we see what happens, when two warriors go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death, history will be rewritten, but only one will be crowned the Deadliest Warrior.

    Conquistador is the term widely used to refer to the Spanish soldiers, explorers, and adventurers who brought much of the Americas under the control of Spain in the 15th through the 19th centuries following Europe's discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The leaders of the conquest of the Aztec Empi…

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  • Monkey Doctor 33

    Hello folks, I'm MD 33, bringing you another battle for my fourth season. In the last battle, apparently, the first tie in my battle seasons happened! And without the battle poll added, y'all surely don't know what's the next thing comin' up. Well, I decided to take a step back (again) from superhuman battles and dive in to another video game battle. This time, I'm bringing in two strong-knitted brotherhoods into battle! But these are not any usual brotherhoods. These two squads have gone through hell and back in the middle of battles that change the face of their world, facing threats beyond their numbers and capabilities. Enter, the Tombstone Squad of Battlefield 4! Making their way into this wiki's history of battles, this formidable squa…

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  • Elgb333

    Its been awhile, but Elgb333 is back to give you another electrifying superpowered battle this month. But today, we won't be talking about the greatest heroes and villains who were destined for greatness from the start. We'll be talking about the losers, the rejected, the nobodies who everyone would doubt of. And yet in the times of crisis, they stood their ground and fought just as great as the most muscular of all heroes, and the most cunning of villains.

    And today we will be pitting two of the greatest superpowered losers of them all, and see which of 'em will finally be called... a "winner". One was trained to be a great hero... while the other, trained to become a vile villain.


    Izuku Midoriya , known as Deku, is the main…

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  • BeastMan14

    Every story, no matter how incredible, has an ending. And to cap off the saga of two of my favorite childhood heroes, I'm pitting Samurai Jack, wandering ronin destined to defeat the wicked Aku who has fallen into despair, against Logan, the old, broken and cynical Wolverine, in a brutal final battle to the death! Blades will be drawn and blood will be shed, but only one can walk away as...THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

    The prince of a proud warrior king, Jack was born into an era of peace and prosperity, only for it all to fall apart when the demonic wizard Aku was freed from the prison Jack's father placed him in. Aku swiftly defeated his father in combat, but Jack's mother took her son away and sent him to train around the world under the greatest…

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