If your aim is terrible, you may want to consider the Boomstick. Stab a zombie with the pitchfork to keep them in place, and blast them with the shotgun to, well, not keep them in place.
— Russ Frushtick


A special combo weapon from Dead Rising, the Boomstick is either a Mossberg 500 or a Remington M-1100p cruiser with a Pitchfork attached like a bayonet through duct tape. The weapon was originally created by a mechanic named Jed, the only man in the small town of Still Creek to break down into insanity in the wake of the zombie outbreaks. When he was murdered by Chuck Greene, the motocross expert memorized the creation of the Boomstick, and would use it himself in both Still Creek and three years later during the Fortune City Outbreak. When Chuck was attacked by the zombie Tyrone King at the end of the outbreak, he was rescued at the last second by freelance photo journalist hero, Frank West. Frank and Chuck became a team and investigated the zombie-infested Phenotran facility to clear Chuck's name and uncover the truth behind the zombie outbreaks, and during their adventures together Chuck taught Frank how to make combo weapons, including the Boomstick.