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Brotherhood of Nod

Dual-wield machine pistols (for the Shadow Team), Dual-wield laser pistol (used by their Commando), M16 Mk II Pulse Rifle, GAU-3 Eliminator, GD-2, Suicide Tiberium bomb belt, Airburst Rocket Launcher, Sniper rifle w/toxic rounds, Pulse Gatling Gun, Laser Weapons, Hallucinogenic grenades, Raider Buggies, Scorpion Tanks, Flame Tanks, Stealth Tanks, Avatar Warmechs, Venom Patrol Craft, Vertigo Bombers, Nuclear Weapons, etc


Command and Conquer (Tiberium Universe)


Terrorism, propaganda, spreading Tiberium, world conquest





Battle Status

Defeated by Cerberus (Mass Effect).

Peace through power.
— NOD Motto

The Brotherhood of Nod is a fanatical, worldwide, militant religious movement. Their leader is a mysterious, charismatic, and seemingly immortal "prophet" named Kane. Their goal of worldwide conquest revolves around Tiberium, a mysterious and highly toxic crystalline material which crashed on Earth from space in the year 1995. Nod's citizens believe Tiberium is the key to the next stage of human evolution, and thus utilize it as much as possible, in everything from weapons to human experiments. In a world ravaged by the spread of the toxic crystal, Nod has gathered huge support from third-world countries. They achieve this by providing military and medical support, and by convincing them that the wealthy nations of the world do not care about them. In combat, Nod forces rely mostly on hit-and-run guerilla tactics, as well as their extensive Tiberium-fueled arsenal. In addition, Nod has a large supply of WMDs for when they want to strike a truly massive blow to their opponents. The Brotherhood of Nod have fought their enemies, the Global Defense Initiative, in four Tiberium Wars, and although they were defeated all four times, they always brought the Earth to the brink of collapse before falling.

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