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Brotherhood of Nod

Dual-wield machine pistols (for the Shadow Team), Dual-wield laser pistol (used by their Commando), M16 Mk II Pulse Rifle, GAU-3 Eliminator, GD-2, Suicide Tiberium bomb belt, Airburst Rocket Launcher, Sniper rifle w/toxic rounds, Pulse Gatling Gun, Laser Weapons, Hallucinogenic grenades, Raider Buggies, Scorpion Tanks, Flame Tanks, Stealth Tanks, Avatar Warmechs, Venom Patrol Craft, Vertigo Bombers, Nuclear Weapons, etc


Command and Conquer (Tiberium Universe)


Terrorism, propaganda, spreading Tiberium, world conquest





Battle Status

Victorious over Cerberus (Mass Effect).

Peace through power.
— NOD Motto
You can't kill the Messiah!
— Kane, on an assassination attempt

The Brotherhood of Nod is a fanatical, worldwide, militant religious movement. Their leader is a mysterious, charismatic, and seemingly immortal "prophet" named Kane. Their goal of worldwide conquest revolves around Tiberium, a mysterious and highly toxic crystalline material which crashed on Earth from space in the year 1995. Nod's citizens believe Tiberium is the key to the next stage of human evolution, and thus utilize it as much as possible, in everything from weapons to human experiments. In a world ravaged by the spread of the toxic crystal, Nod has gathered huge support from third-world countries. They achieve this by providing military and medical support, and by convincing them that the wealthy nations of the world do not care about them. In combat, Nod forces rely mostly on hit-and-run guerilla tactics, as well as their extensive Tiberium-fueled arsenal. In addition, Nod has a large supply of WMDs for when they want to strike a truly massive blow to their opponents. The Brotherhood of Nod have fought their enemies, the Global Defense Initiative, in four Tiberium Wars, and although they were defeated all four times, they always brought the Earth to the brink of collapse before falling.

Battle vs. Cerberus (by JWarrior89)Edit

A small company of Nod troops approach an outpost controlled by Cerberus. As they observe the base, the Nod leader receives a signal on his communicator. “Are your troops in position, soldier?” “Affirmative, Commander Slavik.” The trooper replies. “Our intelligence has confirmed that this base is not controlled by GDI,” Slavik says, “but we have no further information on who these people are. Regardless, taking over this base is vital to our operations in this area. Failure is not an option.” “Don’t worry, Commander Slavik,” the trooper replies, “We will not fail.” “For your sake, you’d better not.” Slavik warns him, “In the name of Kane!” “In the Name of Kane!” the trooper replies, as Slavik ends the communication. He turns to the rest of his forces. “All right, listen up!” he says, “We don’t know who controls this base, but they look well-armed, so we are going to leave a small group here to keep them occupied while the rest of us slip around the back.”

Meanwhile, at the Cerberus base, two Snipers patrol the 2nd floor exterior, while two Anti-Tanks guard the ground level. “See anything?” one of the Snipers calls to his friend on the ground. “No, nothing,” one of the Anti-Tanks replies, “To be honest, I sometimes wonder why we even have a base here. There’s nothing here of interest for us.” “The Illusive Man seems to think there is,” the Sniper remarks, “and I don’t know about you, but I prefer to trust his judgment.” “Yeah, I guess, but still-“ his friend starts to say, but is cut off by a loud explosion, which hurls him into the wall of the base (Nod 10, Cerberus 9). The Sniper whips his head around, looking for the source of the threat. Through his scope, he spots a Nod Rocket Infantryman scrambling for cover while attempting to reload his weapon. He lines up his shot and fires, hitting him right in the neck (Nod 9, Cerberus 9). The remaining Anti-Tank trooper takes cover behind a nearby rock and scans the area for any more hostiles. He immediately ducks his head to avoid the machine gun fire from a Nod Cyborg. He switches his rifle to its alternate fire mode, and the moment the Cyborg stops firing, he leans out from behind his cover and fires a rocket. It hits the Cyborg square in the chest, heavily damaging him but not killing him. The Cyborg recovers from the blast and aims his weapon, but is felled by two sniper rounds in his head, one from each of Cerberus’ snipers (Nod 8, Cerberus 9). One of them spots a Nod Toxin Soldier taking aim with his own sniper rifle, and quickly shoots him (Nod 7, Cerberus 9). However, he fails to notice the other Toxin Soldier, and is struck in the shoulder by a sniper round. The mind-altering toxin within the round takes effect, and he looks down, spotting the remaining Anti-Tank trooper. He takes aim and puts a round into his head, believing him to be a Nod soldier (Nod 7, Cerberus 8). “What do you think you’re doing!?” the other Sniper yells. He ducks to avoid the butt of his ally’s rifle as he swings it at him, proceeding to tackle him to the floor. The other sniper kicks him off and retrieves his rifle, but before he can kill another teammate, he is shredded by machine gun fire from the other Nod Cyborg (Nod 7, Cerberus 7). The remaining Sniper moves to new cover, and takes a quick glance for the other Nod Toxin Soldier. He fails to spot him, but a missed shot from his target reveals his position. Before he can fire again, he is struck in the eye by a shot from the Cerberus Sniper (Nod 6, Cerberus 7), who immediately ducks to avoid the return fire from the Cyborg. The Cyborg is now too close for the Sniper’s weapon to be effective, and he has no choice but to retreat back into the base.

Meanwhile, the remaining Nod forces have found their way inside the Cerberus Base. Four Light Infantrymen and the remaining Rocket Infantryman head down a hallway, eventually coming to an intersection. The Nod leader orders the Rocket trooper and one of the Light Infantrymen to follow him down the right hallway, while the other two troops go down the left hallway.

As the two troops enter the next room, they are spotted by two LOKI Mechs, one armed with a pistol and the other with a submachine gun, stationed on either side of the door at the opposite end. “Intruder!” They announce, proceeding to open fire, forcing the troops to take cover behind a pair of nearby pillars. The LOKI Mechs are not programmed for advanced combat tactics, and advance straight toward the Nod soldiers, still firing their weapons. The troops glance at each other, nod, and simultaneously lean out from behind their pillars, unleashing a spray of assault rounds. The light armor of the LOKI Mechs cannot withstand the barrage, and both are shredded (Nod 6, Cerberus 5). Grinning to each other beneath their helmets, the two troopers proceed through the doorway, where one immediately takes a shotgun round to the stomach from a Cerberus Commando (Nod 5, Cerberus 5). Yelling in surprise and anger, the other trooper opens fire as he dives for cover; the Commando is hit, but his shields absorb most of the damage. He charges the Nod trooper’s position, who swings the butt of his assault rifle, striking him in the helmet and knocking him to the floor. He sprays the Commando with more rifle fire, and this time his shields give out (Nod 5, Cerberus 4).

In the next hallway, a Cerberus Commando hears the gunfire and raises his assault rifle, aiming it at the door. Unsure who is about to show up, he ducks into a nearby room. Hugging the wall, he listens intently for the sound of movement outside. After a short pause, he hears footsteps outside. They stop for a moment on the other side of the door; the Commando tightens his grip on his weapon. He then hears the footsteps continue down the hallway. Quietly, he exits the door and spots the Nod trooper; he raises his rifle and fires, catching him by surprise and dropping him (Nod 4, Cerberus 4). Continuing down the hallway, he hears the sounds of a firefight in the distance. Running toward the noise, he enters the next room and is knocked to the floor by a rocket that just barely misses, hitting the wall next to him. Dazed, he lifts his head up and sees the other two Commandos firing at the two Nod light troops and the Rocket trooper. He gets up and starts firing as well. For a while, neither side seems to gain an advantage; Cerberus’ shields help deflect most of the damage they receive, but the Nod troops make use of their cover well, and are hard to hit. Finally, one of the Commandos manages to kill the Rocket trooper (Nod 3, Cerberus 4). Taking advantage of their superior numbers, the three Commandos leap out from cover and charge the Nod troops, who are forced to retreat. One of the Nod troops turns to provide covering fire, but is cut down by assault rifle fire (Nod 2, Cerberus 4). The Nod leader runs down the hall and turns right, closely followed by the Cerberus Commandos. He comes to a fork on the hallway; one path leading to the right, the other continuing forward. He continues forward. As the Commandos pass by the intersection, one of them is suddenly cut down by gunfire (Nod 2, Cerberus 3). The two remaining Commandos turn their heads to see the Nod Cyborg, who has forced his way into the base. The Commandos instantly take cover against the wall and fire back. The armor on the Cyborg shields him as he fires on the Commandos. One of them leans out to fire his weapon, but is hit; his shields give out and he falls down, dead (Nod 2, Cerberus 2). Enraged, the remaining Commando fires back. This last barrage is too much for the Cyborg; his armor is finally breached, and he collapses (Nod 1, Cerberus 2). The Commando looks down sadly at his fallen comrades, and then runs after the Nod leader. He enters the next room, scanning the area with his rifle. Seeing nothing, he slowly proceeds forward. Without warning, the Nod leader leaps out from his hiding place and fires. However, the only thing that comes out is a loud click; he’s out of ammo. Grinning, the Commando aims his weapon, but the Nod leader throws his rifle at him, catching him by surprise. The Nod leader takes advantage of this opportunity, charging the Cerberus Commando and punching him in the jaw. The two men struggle for the Commando’s rifle; eventually, the Nod leader wrenches it out of the Commando’s grip and knocks him to the floor. He chuckles as he aims at the Commando. “For the Brotherhood…” he says. Suddenly, a loud crack echoes throughout the chamber and the Nod leader falls to the floor; the Commando looks up to see the Cerberus Sniper on the upper walkway lowering his sniper rifle (Nod 0, Cerberus 2). Catching his breath, the Commando gets to his feet. “Thanks for that.” He says. “Don’t mention it,” the Sniper replies, “One of their Cyborgs got inside. Did you run into him?” “Yeah, we got him.” The Commando says. “Come on, we need to contact the Illusive Man; he’ll want to hear about this.” The Sniper replies.

Winner: Cerberus.

Expert's OpinionEdit

While both groups were deadly, and despite Nod’s experience, Cerberus was deemed better equipped, especially for small squad-based engagements.

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Rematch vs. Cerberus (by JWarrior89)Edit

In the skies above the Pacific Ocean, the clouds are parted as several black aircraft descend toward a remote island. Each one is propelled by four engines on rotatable mounts, and adorned with an emblem of a red scorpion tail, curved as if ready to strike.

Reaching the island, the transports touch down on the shore, the wind from the engines scattering sand all over the place. The doors open, and a large number of troops emerge; Two Confessors, adorned with tall black helmets with billowing black capes, ten Militants, four Militant Rocket troops, five Fanatics, four Shadow troops, and a Commando, the sunlight reflecting off her short red hair.

One of the Confessors moves forward, taking out a communicator.

"Commander," he said, "We've reached the island and are awaiting further instructions."

"Excellent," the Nod Commander replies, "the research facility should be located a short distance from your current position. Intelligence suggests it isn't heavily guarded, but don't get overconfident; Cerberus troops are known for their skills. You will be recieving backup shortly, but for now, you'll have to make do with the forces you have."

"Understood, Commander." The Confessor says. Putting the communicator away, he turns to face the other soldiers

"Warriors of Nod," he says, "hear my words! You know why we are here, what must be done! Kane himself has entrusted us with this vital mission! Failure is not an option; the fate of the Brotherhood itself rests upon us!"

The other Nod soldiers nod, hooked on the Confessor's words.

"We face a great trial, my brothers," the Confessor continues, "these Cerberus soldiers will fight to the last breath to keep what they have stolen from us! Those of you who live, will be greatly rewarded; those of you who die... will be forever remembered in the hearts and minds of us all."

The Nod soldiers pump their fists, cheering.

"In the name of Kane!" the Confessor yells.

"KANE LIVES!!!" the soldiers cry out in unison.

Nod: 27

Cerberus: 24

A short distance away, in the middle of a clearing, lies the Cerberus research station. Behind the outer wall lies an enormous courtyard filled with supply crates, guarded by several Cerberus Assault troopers, a Centurion, and a pair of Guardians. On the upper level, another Centurion and Assault trooper walk along the perimiter, eyes glued to the trees for any sign of movement. Just as they turn around, they hear a voice cry out:


The two soldiers turn their heads to see three Fanatics emerge from the trees, running as fast as they can, straight toward the wall they are standing on.

"Take them out!" The Centurion calls, opening fire, as does the Assault Trooper next to him. The Fanatics completely ignore the gunfire, but one is shot in the head and falls back dead.

Nod: 26

Cerberus: 24

The other two Fanatics, however, manage to make it to the wall. Just as they reach it, they rip open their vests, revealing themselves to be strapped with large amounts of explosives. The Centurion and Assault trooper turn and run just as the explosives detonate, obliterating the Fanatics and blowing open a huge hole in the wall of the facility.

Nod: 24

Cerberus: 24

Before the smoke even has a chance to settle, the Confessors, Militants, and two Rocket troops pour in through the gap in the wall, firing their weapons. The Assault Troopers seek cover behind the crates, returning fire. One of the Militants is shot through the helmet by an Assault Trooper, who is promptly gunned down by a Confessor with his assault rifle.

Nod: 23

Cerberus: 23

One of the Rocket Troopers takes aim and fires. The rockets fly through the air and impacts on the upper level, killing two Assault Troopers who were coming down the ramp.

Nod: 23

Cerberus: 21

The second Centurion, however, manages to avoid the blast. Aiming his weapon, he fires a smoke grenade, obscuring the battlefield below in a thick haze. On the ground level, the other Centurion takes advantage of this to start directing his troops.

"Surround them!" he barks to his Assault Troopers. "You two! Press forward!" he says to his two Guardians.


Winner: Brotherhood of Nod

Expert's OpinionEdit

To be written.

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Rematch InformationEdit

To be written.

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