When Pearse summoned Cuchulain to his side, what stalked through the Post Office? What intellect, what calculation, number, measurement, replied? We Irish, born into that ancient sect but thrown upon this filthy modern tide and by its formless spawning fury wrecked, climb to our proper dark, that we may trace the lineaments of a plummet-measured face.
— William Butler Yeats 'The Statues', stanza 4. Collected in Last Poems (1939)

Cuchulain (originally named Setanta), was the legendary defender of Ulster during the infamous War of the Brown Bull. The son of the sun god Lugh, and grandson of the famous druid Cathbad, Cuchulain was destined for a short but heroic life, and embraced his destiny head-on. When Queen Medb of Connacht invaded Ulster to acquire the legendary Brown Bull of Cuailgne, Ulster's warriors were stricken by a curse that caused them to fall asleep for five days. During that time, the unaffected Cuchulain stood alone against Medb's army, and succeeded in delaying Medb long enough for the curse to wear off. Even when he was mortally wounded near the end of the War, he strapped himself to an upright stone so he could die fighting on his feet.

Battle vs. Hercules (by CuchulainSetanta)Edit

On a Greek mountain road, Hercules strides along the path, carrying his club and his bow slung over his shoulder. Suddenly, from the other direction, he hears the sound of wheels approaching. Curious, he stops, getting out his bow and notching a Hydra poisoned arrow, just in case. The sound turns out to be from a chariot carrying Cuchulain. Seeing the weapon in Hercules' hands, Cuchulain jumps out of the chariot, grabs his infamous spear, Gae Bulga, and brandishes it at Hercules. Aiming at the massive Irishman, Hercules fires.

With quick reflexes, Cuchulain catches the arrow before it hits him, and bites it in half. Hercules is stunned by his opponent's show of force, and Cuchulain returns fire with his sling. Crouching down, Hercules allows the stone to hit the Nemean Lion hide, glancing it off. Hercules then hefts his club and charges Cuchulain. Cuchulain thrusts at Hercules with Gae Bulga, but again, the weapon glances off Hercules' armor. He thrusts again, only to have his spear cut in half by Hercules' club.

Now angered, Cuchulain gives in to his riastrad (berserker rage), and picks up his sword, Caladbolg, and his Axe of Uath, dual-weilding against the Greek demigod. Hercules is caught off guard by Cuchulain's fury, struggling to keep up with Cuchulain's strikes. Soon, Cuchulain has the upper hand, pulling the lion skin off of Hercules with Caladbolg. He strikes again and again at Hercules with his weapons, inflicting several large gashes in the demigod's skin. However, Hercules regains his bearings, grabbing the lion skin off the ground and slashing Cuchulain's leg with the paw. The claws easily rip through Cuchulain's flesh, causing him to cry out in pain. Taking advantage of this, Hercules springs back up and bashes Cuchulain's face in with his bare hands. Then, he picks Cuchulain up and tosses him back into his chariot, sending it plummeting off the mountain. Picking his club back up, Hercules holds it aloft and lets out a mighty shout.

Winner: Hercules

Expert's OpinionEdit

Cuchulain got an impressive amount of votes from those who knew and love the Celtic way of war. However, this was greatly overshadowed by fans of Hercules, who pointed out his lethal arsenal, both natural and man-made, as well as his impenetrable armor. When it comes to legends, the ones most fondly remembered always come out on top.

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Battle vs. Perseus (by Urbancommando77)Edit

Perseus is walking outside of a destroyed temple with his pegusas. He heres wheels and sees Cuchulain on a chariot roaring. Perseus mounts his pegusus and lunges in the sky, but before hes far, Cuchalain slings a rock into the pegasus' eye, sending it down. He pulls out his spear and kills the pegasus. Persius pulls out his dory and knocks Cuculain off his chariot. Persius pulls out his shield and swings it at him but misses. Cuchulain rams persius to the ground and pulls out his axe. Persius grabs the head of medusa out. Cuchulain mounts his chariot and charges for Perseus, but perseus counters and turns one horse to stone sending the chariot at a stop and slinging cuchulain. Cuchulain pulls out his long sword and charges at perseus and cut his hand off thats holding the shield. Perseus screams and pulls out his kopis. Perseus raises it and cuts int cuchulains shoulder. Cuchulain falls, and perseus slices his throat, killing him. Perseus yells out in victory and walks off.

Winner: Perseus

Expert's OpinionEdit

Perseus had a better mount and control.

Battle vs. Kratos (by Urbancommando77)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

Kratos won due to his weapons and his immortal-ness.

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