Whoever first thought of killing someone with a chainsaw was a genius.
— Shinji Mikami


The Chainsaw is a tool used for cutting through tree trunks, large branches, and large pieces of wood, commonly used in the logging and tree service industry. Chainsaws may be extermely dangerous to the user and any bystanders and should be used with care, and use is best left to trained professionals. While infamous for being used by movie slashers as a weapon, there is a very good reason never to use it as a weapon- even in a scenario legally defined as self defense- chainsaws may rebound, hitting the user if there is a sudden change in the density, or when used to cut particularly dense materials, or if the material being cut is paricularly dense. For instance, if a tree has had metal spikes places placed in it to prevent cutting- or in the case of use as a weapon if the saw suddenly hits a bone.


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