I know my way around a zombie or two.
— Chuck Greene
Chuck Greene was once just a famed motocross expert, until the Vegas Outbreak. His wife was transformed into a zombie during the chaos, and infected his daughter, Katie. Refusing to let his little girl fall to the infection, Chuck began to travel around the world, earning money any way he could to buy more Zombrex- a special medicine that could delay the infection for a day. Eventually, this lead Chuck to the gameshow Terror is Reality in Fortune City, where another zombie outbreak occurred. This time, Chuck was able to rescue his daughter and get her to the safe house to wait until the military could rescue them, but he was out of Zombrex- a fact he had to hide from security officer Raymond Sullivan. He also discovered that the television reports were framing him for the outbreak, forcing him to not only leave the Safe House to look for Zombrex, but to clear his name as well.

A master of improvised weaponry, Chuck was able to fend off thousands of zombies and the psychopaths in Fortune City as he allied himself with other survivors like Rebecca Chang and Stacey Forsythe while he looked for the truth. When the military arrived to evacuate everyone, a new breed of zombie quickly obliterated the entire force, leaving the survivors trapped with the new monsters. Chuck still tracked down the facts until he found that the people behind the outbreaks were the Phenotrans- the same group responsible for the Zombrex drug. Sullivan revealed that he was an agent for the Phenotrans and fought Chuck in a final battle, where he revealed that the Phenotrans were responsible for dozens of other outbreaks, including the Vegas one that destroyed Chuck's family, and that the driving motivation for this was that they needed to create a greater demand for the Zombrex drug. After killing Sullivan, all of the survivors that Chuck had rescued were picked up by Rebecca's news station helicopters, but Chuck was attacked by a zombie T.K., the host of Terror is Reality. While it looked like certain doom for Chuck, he was saved by the timely intervention of Frank West.

Frank and Chuck teamed up to track down the Phenotran facility and get the facts, becoming friends along the way. Eventually, they learned that Frank's mysterious source in the facility was actually Isabella Keyes, the same woman that helped him in the Willamette Mall, who was being forced to work with the Phenotrans against her will. The president of the Phenotrans also revealed that they had a permanent cure for the Zombie infection already, but that they refused to release it because they didn't want to lose the money from Zombrex sales. Frank and Chuck destroyed the facility, but the president escaped with Isabella and they had no proof of any of it. The two were last seen on a canyon overlooking the facility.

Battle vs. Coach (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Coach enters a casino in Fortune City, and sees Chuck Greene. Coach tries to greet Chuck, but Chuck just shoots a rocket from his rocket launcher, but Coach rolls out of the way. Chuck then tries to shoot Coach, who's looking at awe at the mark the rocket left, with a sniper rifle. In the corner of his eye, Coach sees Chuck, so he walks out of range like he knows nothing and grabs a hunting rifle. When Coach comes back into view, Chuck shoots but misses. Coach shoots at the sniper rifle, blocking it's barrel with a bullet. Chuck switches to his assault rifle and Coach his combat rifle. They shoot back and forth, with Coach landing round in Chucks' arm, until they both run out of ammo. Chuck tries to stab Coach with his Boomstick, but Coach ducks and shoots the Boomstick out of Chucks' hands with his Auto Shotgun.

Chuck pulls out his six-shooter. Pulling out his Magnum, Coach says, "Son, in case no one told you, this an't the old west." Again, they shoot back and forth, only this time, Chuck just scrapes Coach with his six-shooter. Then Chuck picks up a paddlesaw, shouting "ANY LAST WORDS?!?!?!?!?!?". Coach chops the paddle in half with his chainsaw, stateing "Ya, my mama fights better then you!". "Oh ya?", asks Chuck, who has been wearing MMA gloves since the battle started, "EAT THIS, OLD MAN!" and punches Coach in the face. Coach grabs a guitar and hits Chuck, breaking his jaw. Coach runs off and throws a pipe bomb. Chuck hears beeping and sees the pipe bomb at his feet. The Pipe bomb explodes, killing Chuck. Coach says "Ellis will love to hear this."

Winner: Coach

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Battle vs. Logan Carter (by Affectos)Edit

No battle written


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What Chuck lacked in weapons, he swept in X-Factors. He knew his environment much better than his opponent, he was fighting for more than himself, was in a much better physical condition, and was in a better logistical situation. Logan may have wielded the lighter and more reliable weapons, but Chuck's harder hitting weapons aren't to be underestimated. Chuck, quite simply, was the better warrior.

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Battle vs. Indiana Jones (by Cfp3157)Edit

"I'm getting too old for this shit." Indiana "Indy" Jones said to himself as he loaded his revolver. Here he was, hoping just enjoy his retiring years with Marion in peace. That's why he'd originally come to Fortune City. He'd booked a room in the Yucatan Plaza with Marion on their first night of the trip. Indy tied his black bow tie, and put on his white jacket. With Marion on his arm, Indy walked down the stairs and into the casino. The night was going well, he won quite a few hands at blackjack.

But then zombies came. Sirens sounded, and the casino was flooded with the undead. As Marion screamed in terror, Indy ran up to his room. There, laying on his dresser, was his favorite piece of equipment; his whip. Iindy ran through the crowd, shooting at occasional zombies with his revolver he'd picked up from the hotel security. He, Marion, and a few others managed to retreat to the Baron Von Brathaus steakhouse.

That was several hours ago. Zombies were starting to break through the makeshift barrier, clawing futilely at the distant survivors. Indy fired his Smith & Wesson blindly into the crowd, killing four with his revolver. The noise attracted the zombies, though, and even more started flooding towards the barrier. Their weight was straining against the tables, chairs, and stoves set up. Indy grabbed his machete, which he'd convientetly found near the jungle enclosure nearby. As the zombies broke through the barrier, Indy swung his machete through the crowd. His blade cut cleanly through zombie flesh, dismembering arms, legs, and heads. He had only one thought; Protect the other survivors.

Chuck Greene revved his Paddlesaw, and slowly walked out of the alleyway. One zombie stumbled towards him from the left. Chuck swung his weapon, the blade hacking straight through the zombie's skull and down her spine. She let out one final screech, and lay in a pool of bloody chunks. He continued onward, paddling his way through this river of guts and horror. His cell phone vibrated, and Chuck answered to the voice of Stacy Forsythe.

"Chuck, you gotta get over to Yucatan right away! A group of survivors are huddled together in Baron Von Brathaus', and zombies are starting to break through their barrier! One of them is wearing a doctor's outfit, he might have some Zombrex." Chuck started running to Yucatan, his Paddlesaw only barely slowing him down. "I'm on my way."

He entered the casino, seeing several dozen zombies swarming the restaurant. The makeshift barrier of stoves and tables finally gave way to the sheer weight of the zombies. A man in a brown fedora jumped into the crowd, hacking and slashing at the zombies with a machete. He sprinted through the crowd, sawing his way past zombies to save these survivors. And hopefully, he thought, to get a chance to save his daughter.

Indy watched as this stranger with an odd looking weapon sawed past zombies in a pool of chunky bits. Indy swung his machete and hacked off a zombie's arm and kicked him into another. He watched as the last few zombies fell victim to the man. The two men looked over each other, judging what to think of the other. Indy lowered his machete, and the man did the same.

"Hey, I'm Chuck. Chuck Greene." Chuck leaned his Paddlesaw against a machine. Indy lowered his machete, and reached out with his hand. "Jones. Dr. Henry Jones, or Indy as my friends call me." Chuck shook his hand, and gazed into the restaurant. "So, it looks like you guys have been held up here for awhile." Indy nodded. "Yeah, we've been holed up here for several hours."

Chuck stretched his back, and let out a sigh. "There's a safehouse, we got food and water." Indy smiled, but declined. "Sorry, but I think we can handle ourselves here." Chuck sneered, and picked up his Paddlesaw. "Hey man, you need to come with us." Indy slowly picked up his machete once more, and held it in front of him. "We're staying here, whether you like it or not." Chuck revved his Paddlesaw, and frowned. "Indy-"

The treasure hunter swung his machete, and Chuck quickly dodged the blade. In a sense of self-defense, Chuck swung his Paddlesaw towards Indy. "Gah!" Indy dropped his machete and rolled out of the way, drawing his whip. He snapped the braided rope at Chuck's hand, a small cut tearing across his hand and forcing him to drop his Paddlesaw. Chuck grabbed a bar stool nearby and threw it at Indy, who quickly jumped over the counter out of the way. Chuck unholstered his Handgun, firing blindly at Indy. Survivors screamed as Chuck fled the restaurant and Indy returned fire. 

Looking over his cover, Indy reloaded his revolver and advanced out of the restaurant. "Hey buddy!" On a casino table stood Chuck, a bow in hand. "Eat this old man!" He drew back the string and fired the arrow, sparks flying across the area. It implanted itself in a nearby zombie's head, and Indy saw the dynamite attached to the arrow. "Ooooooh shit!!" He yelled as he rolled behind a casino table, and managed to avoid the blast. He aimed his revolver at Chuck, a small bruise on his forehead and his clothes lightly scorched by the explosion.

Chuck dropped his BlamBow, out of arrows. He looks around, attempting to find something to aid him. Indy whipped out his revolver, but was stunned when Chuck threw the casino chips into his face. He then tackled Indy and sent him tumbling into the ground. He quickly gets up and stomps on his chest, knocking the breath out of him. Indy grabs a nearby beer bottle and smashes it against Chuck's head, sending him sprawling away covered in alchohal. "Uck." Chuck 

Indy staggered up, breathing in deep breaths. He looked over his shoulder, seeing a brown-haired African-American sprinting away with a briefcase. "Hey, where do you think-!" Indy yelled before being smacked with a croupier stick by Chuck. The wooden weapon splintered apart as it cracked Indy's back and sent him tumbling into the ground. Indy turned and saw Chuck running to the jungle enclosure, and chased after him. 

Chuck picked up a zombie in a wrestler grip, and threw her against the glass of the enclosure. He grabbed a nearby tiki torch, keeping the undead at bay with bright flame. Feeling the weapon slowly break apart, he quickly kicked a zombie towards his living opponent before chucking the torch at him. Chuck fired his handgun's last few bullets into zombies, putting them down as he fled into the maintenance room. He searched for equipment, and saw a fire axe and sledgehammer sitting nearby. He grinned, and pulled out his roll of duct tape. 

Indy punched the flailing zombie, knocking her down onto the ground. He stomped on her head, crushing her forehead in a bloody pulp onto his shoes. He grabbed his whip, and lashed at zombies who got in his way as he sprinted towards the maintenance room. Indy pulled open the door to run straight into Chuck. "Woah!" The motorcross champion swung his new, improvised weapon at the explorer. 

Chuck smirked as he swung his Defiler at Indy another time, the axe head burying itself in the ground where he once stood. Indy attempted to swing his whip at Chuck, but he rolled out of the way and swung the sledgehammer side into Indy's leg, tripping him. "Ugh!" He grunted, thankful that somehow the massive weapon hadn't broken anything. Indy swung his leg across Chuck's, sending him falling to the ground. He jumped on top of Chuck and sent a right hook into Chuck's jaw, breaking it and causing him to spit blood on Indy's leather jacket.

Indy gasped for air as he stood up slowly. Before Chuck could stand, Indy hastily loaded a shot into his revolver. As Chuck's vision clears, he sees Indy standing victorious with his revolver aimed at Chuck's face. "I don't want to kill you, Chuck. We both know that." Chuck held his hands up in surrender, and Indy accepted the offer. Chuck slowly stood to a crouch, and the two men looked each other over. "Alright, bub. I'm sorry. You can stay holed up in that restaurant, seemed you were doing well of on your own." 

Indy cautiously holstered his revolver, and gave Chuck a tip of his fedora as he went back to Baron Von Bratahus' to assist with barrier building. As his opponent walked away, Chuck quickly yelled to him. "Hey, by any chances, was there a doctor with you guys?" Indy glanced over at him. "Why yes, there is. Something tells me you'll need some medical attention." Chuck smiled, and the two men slowly walked back to the base. 


Up on the roof of Yucatan Casino, a Blackhawk helicopter was landed on the hoverpad. It's rotors were spinning silently, and two soldiers wielding M4 rifles stood guard of the pilot. Nearby, an African-American man was opening a briefcase and showing the treasure before his associate. "You see here, mister? This is a pretty powerful treasure, bought off this young person back before...y'know..." Tyrone King wove his hand around the air, indicating the apocalypse around them. "Well anyway, you want this? You gotta pay me big time, if y'know what I mean?" The man in front of him, somewhere in his forties, smiled a wry grin. "Indeed." With a stiff wave from his hand, the two soldiers behind him fired at TK, their rifles popping a single round into his chest and head. 

The former host of Terror Is Reality fell to the ground, dead as a stone. The mysterious man picked up the briefcase, glancing at the package as it dimly glew a bright yellow. The man picked up the briefcase and nodded at the corpse before him. Phil Coulson straightened his tie and walked back onto the helicopter and placed the briefcase on the ground. "S.H.I.E.L.D. thanks you got you cooperation, Mr. King." 

Winner: India Jones

Expert's OpinionEdit

At the end of the day, both warriors here proved to be very well-rounded and skilled warriors. However, while Chuck was proven as a jack-of-all-trades, his versatility was his ultimate undoing. He had no specialized skill, and lacked a certain ability to counter Indy. Meanwhile, Indy was proven as a versatile warrior but also very skilled with his set of weapons. He was a better trained and more experienced warrior, and he was wielding weapons that may not have been as lethal but are iconic tools in his arsenal. He's been using his equipment forever, and they've become second nature to him. Indy was able to apply this more intelligently to the battle here, and was the winner because of that.

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Battle vs. Frank West (by Wassboss)Edit

Frank west is walking through the mall, having just saved several survivors from a zombie horde. Suddenly a bullet flies past his head and he turns to see chuck greene standing on a balcony above, assault rifle. “Hey I’m not a zombie” he shouts but chuck takes no notice and fires another bullet from his Assault rifle. Frank dodges to the side and shouts again “Listen i don’t want to hurt you, please just come down and we can talk about this”. “No” says chuck angrily and almost manically “you just want to hurt me”. “No i do-“starts frank but chuck opens fire on him, forcing frank to take cover behind a shop counter.

Frank waits for the sound of chuck reloading before peeking out round the side of the counter. He sees that running away is impossible because chuck will just riddle him with bullets. Using his pistol is useless as the chuck is too far away. Suddenly he notices a humvee parked in the middle of the mall, with a machine gun on the back. Glancing back at chuck, who is still reloading, frank makes a dash for the car. Chuck is caught off guard and by the time he has fired his rifle frank is already safely behind the car.

Chuck shoots all the wheels of the car and shouts manically “Now you can’t go anywhere”. “Wasn’t planning to” frank shouts back and jumps onto the car, grabbing the mounted machine gun. He opens fire on chuck, who is forced to jump from the balcony to avoid the oncoming barrage of bullets. “I knew you were trying to hurt me” says chuck and fires another shot scraping his arm. Seeing he is now a sitting duck frank jumps out of the car and takes out his Blacktail.

“Come on” he says starting to get annoyed “you shot at me first”. Chuck looks confused but snaps out of it and gose back to being crazy “That was because i knew you would hurt me”. “What that makes no sense” says frank who is now confused. “Your face makes no sense” says chuck who raises his rifle and pulls the trigger. Click, Click. “Dammit” chuck shouts throwing his rifle on the ground “Piece of crap”. He takes out his Six shooter and gets ready to fire but frank is too fast and fires a single shot, striking chuck in the arm. “Aw crap” he says but still keeps hold of the gun.

He points it at frank and fires all six bullets, all of them missing. Frank aims his gun more carefully and fires but this time chuck dodges the bullet. He quickly loads up a single bullet and kicks the Blacktail out of franks hand. He then puts the gun too frank’s head and says smiling “Looks like I’ve won"

Frank tries to reason with the crazed chuck “Please don’t kill me what happened to you anyway”. Chuck keeps the gun to franks head but looks down solemnly. “Well” says frank sympathetically. “Well one day i was fighting off a horde of zombies” chuck says sadly “One of them got too close he bit me and i was infected”. “Well then why are you not a zombie” frank questions. “Turns out I’m sort of immune to the virus”. “What do you mean sort of” frank asks. “Well i don’t become a zombie but the virus makes my head all screwed up, i go crazy and i can’t stop myself”. Frank sees the sadness in chuck’s eyes and says calmly “I have a cure”.

Chuck looks at him. “No you don’t there are no more”. Frank smiles “There is i have the last one. I’m supposed to give it to someone on the other side of the mall but i think you need it more”. “Really” chuck questions “thanks”. “Now if you could just put the gun away”. “Wait a minute” says chuck his sadness turning to anger “How stupid do you think i am”. “What do you mean” says frank shocked at this sudden change in temperament. “You’re trying to trick me once i put down that gun your gonna kill me”. “What no” says frank shocked “i just want to help”. “Tell it to the devil” says chuck and prepares to shoot. Frank thinking fast takes out his katana a places it between the gun and his face just before chuck fires.

Chuck throws his six shooter away and grabs two chainsaws and a canoe paddle. Fastening them all together before frank can even move, he has made a paddle saw. He swings the paddle saw at frank but he easily dodges it. He tries to cut the paddle in half but chuck pulls it away and swings it again but franks catches one of the chainsaws with the katana, getting it caught in the spinning chain. Frank tries to pull out his katana but it won’t come out. Chuck pulls on his side but it is firmly stuck.

“You don’t have to do this” says frank trying to reason with chuck “you can just walk away and I’ll let you go off to do what you want”. “Whatever old man” chuck says and yanks hard on the paddle, dislodging the katana. Frank lunges forward and slashes across, slicing the paddle saw in half. Frank points his katana at chucks chest and says “I’m telling you just come with me and i can help you”. “What happened to letting me go” says chuck. “You’re too dangerous to be loose in the mall I’m gonna get you fixed”. Chuck looks at frank and says “Why did you say you would let me go then”. “I just said that so that maybe you would take your guard down and-“

“And you could kill me, i knew it” says chuck accusingly. “I was going to say restrain”. “No you weren’t” shouts chuck angrily “That’s it I’m not listening to a word you say”. Chuck ducks down and punches frank in the stomach winding him and causing him to drop the katana. Chuck then runs off and gets some boxing gloves and some nails, while frank grabs a sledgehammer from a nearby DIY store. Chuck returns with his newly made Tenderisers and smiles at frank. “What are you gonna do with that pops build me a wall”.

“No” says frank “This”. He swings the hammer in a downwards arch smashing the concrete floor where chuck was just standing. “Whoa” shouts chuck, obviously surprised by the power of the sledgehammer. Frank swings the sledgehammer at chuck but he moves to the side and frank completely misses, leaving himself wide open. Chuck sees his opportunity and jabs forward with his gloves hitting frank in the stomach. Frank clutches his stomach in pain and chuck hits him in the chest causing him to fall down winded and injured. Chuck grabs the sledgehammer from his hands and holds it above his head. “Say your prayers” says chuck ready to smash frank’s skull in with the hammer.

“Not just yet” says frank and hooks both of chucks legs with his and trips him up. Chuck falls to the ground and frank stands up. “Nighty-night” says frank and knocks chuck out with a punch to the face. Frank pulls out a needle with the zombie vaccine in it and sticks it in chucks arm, curing him. A few minutes later chuck comes round and sits up dazed and confused. “What ,where am i” he says clutching his head “i should be in fortune city”. “Well you’re in the Willamette Park view Mall”. “Who are you” says chuck “I’m frank west” says frank putting out his hand. Chuck shakes it and they both turn to find a horde of zombies, shuffling slowly towards them.Chuck and Frank look at each other and smile. Frank picks up the sledgehammer and chuck grabs a nearby Metal pole. Exchanging glances they charge into the horde. Winner Frank west

Expert's OpinionEdit

Frank won because his close range weaponry was very effective at doing lots of damage and his long range weapon had a higher rate of fire and he could keep chuck from attacking him with his rifle.

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