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Colonial Marines
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9mm Automatic Pistol, ZX-76 Combat Shotgun, M41A Pulse Rifle, M56 Smartgun, M42C Sniper Rifle, M240 Incinerator unit, Ithaca 37 'Stakeout'




Battling the Xenomorph and Yautja species





Battle Status

Victorious over Mobile Infantry and Resistance (Terminator). Defeated by Blackwatch, Halo Infected, Husks, and Sentinels (Resistance). Will fight Coalition of Ordered Governments.

These Colonial Marines are very tough hombres. They're packing state-of-the-art firepower, there's nothing they can't handle.
— Carter J. Burke

The United States Colonial Marines Corps (USCMC), commonly known as the Colonial Marines, is the main human resistance in the movie, Aliens, and they are the successor to the United States Marine Corp. They are known for their “force-in-readiness”, who are all times ready to operate in environment far from home. The primary duty of the USCMC is to maintain the security of the United Americas signatories and colonies, and serves as the vanguard of any major problem. The USCMC has fought on more then two dozen planets. The Colonial Marines are notorious for fighting off Xenomorphs.

Battle vs. Sentinels (Resistance) (by Samurai234)Edit

Colonial Marines: Green Green Green Green Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

In a large abandoned city, six Colonial Marines are scanning the area, looking for any signs of trouble. One of the marines spots a Sentinel, and tells the commander, who orders the team's sniper to shoot him. The sniper aims his M42C Sniper Rifle at the Sentinel, and shoots a bullet in his neck.

Colonial Marines: Green Green Green Green Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

The marines then continue their search and approach an abandoned subway. Meanwhile, five sentinels see their dead comrade and realize their not alone. Back at the subway, the marines continue scanning the subway, when a hidden sentinel pops out and shoots one of the marines with his Rossmore 238 Combat Shotgun.

Colonial Marines: Green Green Green Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

However, another marine manages to kill him with his ZX-76 Combat Shotgun.

Colonial Marines: Green Green Green Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey Grey Grey

The Marines walk out of the subway where a Sentinel armed with a IWAO-R Chaingun is waiting. The Sentinel fires his gun at the same time as one of the marines fires his M56 Smartgun, and they end up killing each other.

Colonial Marines: Green Green Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey Grey

As the marines continue their search, another Sentinel armed with a Marksman Sniper Rifle shoots a marine in his head.

Colonial Marines: Green Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey Grey

As the remaining marines keep looking for more Sentinels, another Sentinel armed with a Bullseye manages to eliminate one of the marines.

Colonial Marines: Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey Grey

The marine commander hands his soldier a M240 Incinerator unit and takes cover. The marine sprays the room with fire and manages to roast the Sentinel.

Colonial Marines: Green Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey

The marines decide to split up to find the remaining Sentinels. The soldier manages to find one of the sentinels, but he is armed with a L206 LAARK. The Sentinel fires a rocket at the marine with the M240 and blows him up.

Colonial Marines: Green

Sentinels: Grey Grey

The Sentinel smiles at his Work, but suddenly he is riddled across the body with bullets. Nearby, the Marine commander armed with his M4A1, continues his search for the Sentinel's leader.

Colonial Marines: Green

Sentinels: Grey

The Marine and the Sentinel both fire at each other with their rifles, before they decide to switch to their pistols. The two keep firing at each other until the Marine manages to shot the Sentinel in his leg. The marine points the gun to his head, but he finds out he's out of bullets. The marine reloads the gun as the Sentinel switches the HE.44 o it's secondary fire option. Just as the Marine has finished reloaded, The Sentinel fires a grenade bullet at his head, blowing a hole in it.

Colonial Marines:

Sentinels: Grey

The Sentinel, mourning the loss of his allies, contacts the base to report what happened.

Winner: Sentinels

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts thought the sentinels won mainly because being half-human, half-Chimeran, they proved to be better soldiers. Their weapons also superior.

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Battle vs. Mobile Infantry (by Samurai96)Edit

In a abandoned Oil Refinery 6 Colonial Marines have landed in the area becasue of picking up a distress signal mentioning a "Bug" infestation and so they are there to look for Xenomorphs. Meanwhile a team of Mobile Infantry soldiers have also landed there as they also picked up the distress signal and think that thier "bugs" are there. As they move out the Colonial Marines also move out and both teams enter a nearby building while they order one soldier with a sniper rifle to stay guard outside. As the Mobile Infantry Men enter the building the Sniper with his Morita Mk1 Sniper sees the Colonial Marines and knowing by their outfits that they are not Mobile Infantry men fires a couple of shots killing one of them while the others quickly enter the buildingGreen. The Colonial Marine with his M42C activates the thermal and sees the Mobile Infantry Sniper and fires putting a bullet in his headBlue. The Mobile Infantry Men hear the commotion and prepare for anything. The Colonial Marines split up into teams of 2 and one team is moving through the corridors when they start picking up movement on their motion sensors. One of the marines armed with a ZX-76 Shotgun moves forward and as the beeping noise on his motion sensor gets louder indicating the target is getting closer as soon as he sees something he fires a kills a Moblie Infantry soldierBlue. Another Mobile Infantry soldier with a Morita Carbine pops out and fires riddling the Colonial Marine with bullets but not before being burned alive by the Colonial Marine behind him armed with a M240 FlamethrowerGreenBlue. Another Mobile Infantry soldier armed with the new Morita MkIII fires and kills the Colonial MarineGreen. By then the Colonial Marine with the sniper decides that it's best to join the others inside and takes out his VP-78 Pistol and moves forward, as he opens the door he is met by a Mobile Infantry with his Vektor pistol pointing right at his headGreen. The three Mobile Infantry men continue searching the refinery building but as they continue a Colonial Marine with a Pulse Rifle fires a grenade and kills one of the Mobile Infantrymen and another is killed as the other Colonial Marine with the Smart GunBlueBlue. The last Mobile Infantry men with the EP-88 Railgun opens up and kills the Colonial Marine with the Smart GunGreen. The two soldiers continue to fire at each other but soon the Mobile Infantry soldier runs out of ammo and the Colonial Marine with his last 5 rounds puts all of them in the soldiers chestBlue. He then yells in victroy


Winner: Colonial Marines

Expert's OpinionEdit

While the Mobile Infantry were more well trained and had better logisitcs. The Colonial Marines dominated with most of the X-Factors and had the better weapons.

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Battle vs. Halo Infected (by Goddess of Despair)Edit

No battle written.

Winner Halo Infected

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Halo Infected prevailed in this battle thanks to their superior armor, speed, and numbers.

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Battle vs Resistance (Terminator) (by Deathblade 100) Edit



The battle starts with a Humvee with five Resistance fighters. Four of them dismount and enter a rundown building. One carries an RPG-7 rocket launcher. The other three carry their M4 Carbines and one also has a sawn off Remington 870 with him as well. At the same time, four Colonial Marines enter the same building. One has an M240 Incinerator Unit. The other three carry their M41A Pulse Rifles and one has his Ithaca M37. 

One of the Marines pulls out his Motion Tracker to detect any movement. The Motion Tracker picks up the Resistance fighters as they close in. The Marines quickly get into position. A Resistance guerrilla enters the room and, after spotting a Marine, opens fire with his M4 Carbine. The Colonial Marine drops from several bullet wounds.Green A Marine fires his Pulse Rifle at the Guerrilla, killing him.Brown A shot from an RPG-7 quickly cut the Marine's joy short.Green

A Marine quickly pursues the RPG Resistance fighter down a corridor with his M240 Incinerator Unit. The Resistance fighter turns a corner only to realize it's a dead end. The Marine stands back and fires a jet of fire at the Resistance fighter, roasting him.Brown As the Marine walked back from the burning corpse, a blast from a shotgun caught him in the back of the head.Green As the Resistance fighter stepped out of the shadows, a shot from an Ithaca M37 hit him in the heart.Brown

The Marine leader and the Resistance leader started firing their shotguns at each other. The Marine's shotgun quickly ran out of ammunition. As the Resistance leader reloads his shotgun, the Marine picks up a dropped Pulse Rifle and braces it against his hip. The Resistance fighter looks up just as the Marine fires the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher at the Guerilla.Brown

The Marine raises his Pulse Rifle and yells "Oorah!" in victory.

Winner: USCM

Expert's Opinion Edit

The Marines won due to overwhelming technological weaponry and experience with fighting enemies worse than Terminators. To see the original votes, battle, and weapons, click here.

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