[Watching Combine] This is how it always starts. First the street, then the whole block.
— Citizen of City 17

The Combine Overwatch is the main fighting force of the alien empire, Combine. They also act as a police force and foreman over the enslaved humans of earth. In order to lessen the amount of resistance, the Overwatch organize human citizens into tightly packed cities. The force utilizes advanced alien-technology like aerial dropships and force shields. Using blitzkrieg-like tactics, the Overwatch are strong in large numbers. Their primary enemy include The Resistance, a group of humans who defy the Combine Empire who use the weapons of the past, compared to the futuristic arsenal the Overwatch possess. There are four main subclasses to the army: the Civil Protection (or "Metropolice"), Overwatch Soldier, Overwatch Sniper, and Overwatch Elite.

Battle vs. Rangers (by Omnicube1)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

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