Free my hands and I'll varnish this floor with your brains!
— Conan the Barbarian

Born in the snowy cap mountains, Conan was the offspring of a blacksmith part of a warrior tribe in the harsh land known as Cimmeria. Conan matured rapidly as a youth, due to the harsh environment and rigorous training, and became a well-respected warrior among his tribe at the tender age of 15. After raiding a rival civilization outpost with a group of his tribesman, Conan was enamored with a strange desire to explore the outer reaches of the Hyborian Age and quickly left his tribe to set off in his own adventures.

The young warrior quickly gained a reputation as a skilled thief, a savage barbarian, a mauradering pirate, and a fearless warrior-general throughout his travels; He faced a variety of threats ranging from immortal wizards to monstrous man-beast to the ferocious fire-breathing dragons that terrorized the land. In his later years, Conan became a well-respected king of a once tyrannical nation, but that only kept him at bay for so long before he yearned to adventure the outer lands once again. His name will be forever stamped as a legendary warrior of The Hyborian Era.

Battle vs. Robin Hood (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Conan The Barbarian, well on a quest, has ended up in Sherwood forest. Unkown to Conan, Robin Hood, thinking that King John hired Conan to kill him, is aiming an arrow right at Conan's chest. He fires, but, in a rare instance, he misses! "Looks like I'm getting rusty." Robin says to himself. Conan looks up and then fires his own bow and arrow, which, not as surprisingly, misses Robin. Conan pulls out his Battle axe and charges at Robin Hood. Robin runs off and picks up his Quarterstaff. He blocks Conan a few times and even jabs him in the chest, but Conan chops the Quarterstaff in half with his axe. Lucky for Robin, Conan's axe get's stuck in the ground.

Robin and Conan both pull out there swords and shield, and start to duel. But soon, Conan chops Robin's Buckler in half! But Robin strikes back by stabbing Conan in the arm, who groans in pain. Robin runs off, with his sword stuck in Conan's arm. Conan pulls the sword out of his arm and pulls out the Dagger of Khosatral Khel.

Robin hides behind a tree and hears someone walking towards him. He takes out his Rondel Dagger. He comes out of hideing and stabs, but no one is there, so the dagger just gets stuck in the tree's trunk. Suddenly, Robin grunts and falls down, dead. Conan stabed him in the back. He raises the dagger in the air and yells in victory.

Winner: Conan The Barbarian 

Expert's OpinionEdit

He was much more stronger and more powerful then Robin, so there is more force going behind his weapons.

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Battle vs. Link (by Wandering Skull and MrPacheco101)Edit


Winner: Tie

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Battle vs. Sango (by MrPacheco101)Edit


Winner: Conan the Barbarian

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