We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure.
— Hernan Cortes

Conquistador is the term widely used to refer to the Spanish soldiers, explorers, and adventurers who brought much of the Americas under the control of Spain in the 15th through the 19th centuries following Europe's discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The leaders of the conquest of the Aztec Empire were Hernán Cortés and Pedro de Alvarado. Francisco Pizarro led the conquest of the Incan Empire.

The Conquistadors in the Americas were more a volunteer militia than an actual organized military. They had to supply their own materials, weapons and horses. Some were supported by a government, such as Hernan Cortes' by Spain.

Battle vs. Mongol (by Samurai234)Edit

In a Mongolian campsite, a Mongol is sitting near a tent, sharping his scmitar with a rock. Suddenly, he hears what appears to be the sound of a horse galloping. He looks up but sees nothing. Unaware to him, the sound was actually from a Conquistador riding on his horse. The Conquistador loads a bolt on his crossbow and fires. The bolt misses the Mongol, but startles him. The Mongol looks and sees the Conquistador preparing to fire another bolt. The Mongol quickly mounts on his horse and rides at the Conquistador, bow and arrow in hand. The Mongol fires an arrow that hits the Conquistador in the leg. The Conquistador angrily pulls the arrow out of his leg and load his arquebus and fires. He misses the Mongol, but the sound of the gun startles the Mongolian horse. The Conquistador mounts on his horse and charges at the Mongol, lance in hand. The Mongol charges at him, lasso in hand. The Mongol tries to get the lasso around the Conquistador's neck, but the Conquistador grabs the lasso and yanks the mongol off his horse. The Mongol retreats back to camp, withn the Conquistador not far behind. The Mongol approachs his tent and grabs his lance. The Mongol bursts out from the tent and uses the lance's hook to pull the Conquistador off his horse. The Mongol tries to finish the Conquistador off, but the lance ends up gettting stuck in the ground, so he unsheaths his Scmitar while the Conquistador unsheaths his sword. The two warrior each swing thier weapons, each trying to edge until The Mongol kicks the Conquistador to the ground. Acting fast, however, the Conquistador quickly points his sword up, causing the Mongol to impale himself on the sword as he rushed in to finish him off. The Conquistador kicks the dead mongol off him, raises his sword in the air, and yells "¡Viva los Conquistadores!".

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts thought the reason why the Conquistador won was because even though the mongol had the most effective weapon in this fight, his horseback archery, the Conquistador had the better weapons(actually having a gunpowder weapon), and bettter armor.

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Battle vs. Musketeer (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Musketeer: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red Red Red Red Red

In a fort, a squad of Musketeers are haveing a break. The leader is haveing his mug refilled. The female server smiles at him seductively and the Musketeer chuckles in response. Suddenly, a French scout quickly limps over to the Musketeers. He tells them some attackers are comeing and that one of them shot him in the leg. They go over to the top of the fort's walls and see the attackers; a group of Conquistadors on horse-back. As the Conquistadors charge ahead, one fires a crossbow, hitting a Musketeer hit in between the eyes.

Musketeer: Blue Blue Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red Red Red Red Red

As the people in the fort run for safety, the Musketeers go to get there weapons, but the Conquistador leader shoots a second musketeer in the back of the head with the same Arquebus that he used to wound the scout.

Musketeer: Blue Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red Red Red Red Red

The Musketeers open the gates to strike back. One Musketeer kills a Conquistador with a head shot with his Musket.

Musketeer: Blue Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red Red Red Red

The leader throws a Grenade, which kills both a Conquistador and his horse.

Musketeer: Blue Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red Red Red

A thrid Musketeer shoots a Conquistador in the right eye with his Wheellock Pistol.

Musketeer: Blue Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red Red

The Wheellock Musketeer tries to shoot yet another Conquistador, but the Conquistador stabs a lance through his head before he can even blink.

Musketeer: Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red Red

One Musketeer stabs the lance Conquistador in the side with his Rapier, hitting his left lung.

Musketeer: Blue Blue

Conquistador: Red

The leader comes off his horse and attacks the Musketeer. He cuts the Rapier in half with his sword. He then cuts off the Musketeer's arm.

Musketeer: Blue

Conquistador: Red

The Conquistador and Musketeer leaders soon get into a duel. After a while, the Musketeer stabs the Conquistador in the sword arm with his Main Gauche and then stabs him in the throat with his Rapier.

Musketeer: Blue


The people, who have been watching the battle from hiding, clap and cheer for there hero. To show off a little bit, the Musketeer raises his blood-stained Rapier in the air.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Musketeers defeated the Conquistadors because they had many more gunpowder-based weapons that were more modern with faster rates of fire and they had a much greater advantage in technology.

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Rematch vs. Musketeer (by Goddess of Despair)Edit

Musketeers Red Red Red Red Red Conquistadors Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

The musketeers approach the Aztec temple and spot the conquistadors exiting with gold. The lead musketeer looks at the conquistadors angrily. Mexico was France’s territory. He lifts and fires his flintlock rifle, his companions follow and the volley riddles a conquistador with bullets. Blue

The conquistadors respond to the attack by firing a volley at the French with their arquebus, managing to headshot a musketeer. Red

The musketeers spilt up after the volley, as the conquistadors reload. One conquistador drops his arquebus in favor of a crossbow and fires a bolt at the fleeing musketeers. The bolt meets its mark at the back of a musketeer’s head. Red

A musketeer turns and fires his wheel lock pistol at the Spaniards, but the shot never reaches the conquistadors. The conquistadors begin to pursue the fleeing musketeers into a wooded area. The conquistadors look around cautiously. Suddenly, a musketeer blasts a conquistador in the throat with his wheel lock. Blue

He ducks into the brush and begins to reload as a conquistador rushes towards him, espada ropera drawn. The musketeer lifts his pistol at the Spaniard, but the weapon doesn’t fire. Enraged the musketeer quickly drops the pistol and draws his rapier. He thrusts for chest but the blade does nothing to the armor. The conquistador slashes with his espada ropera, which is barely blocked by a main gauche. The musketeer shoves the conquistador back and before he could recover, thrusted his rapier into his arm. Another musketeer appears from the brush and thrusts a pike into the conquistador’s side. Blue

The musketeer reaches down for his pistol, but a arquebus round interrupts him and is hurled directly into his skull. Red

The conquistador begins to reload as his comrade approaches the musketeer with his alabarda. He slashes diagonally, grazing the musketeer’s cheek.  The musketeer responds by thrusting his pike, but the conquistador dodges and strikes overhead, breaking the pike. The musketeer quickly draws his rapier and main gauche. The conquistador thrusts his alabarda at the musketeer, who side steps and thrusts the rapier into his throat. Blue

The musketeer looks up and is met with an arquebus round to the chest. Red

The conquistador turns and draws his espada ropera as the musketeer lifts his wheel lock pistol. The musketeer smirks and pulls the trigger only for the weapon to jam. He quickly inspects his gun as the conquistador draws closer. He clears the jam and lifts the pistol as the Spaniard’s sword falls upon the musketeer. Red

Expert's OpinionEdit

This is a close fight, but the conquistadors were able to conquer the French for several reasons. First off, the Rapier, despite having the main gauche, lacked the power of the espada ropera. The pike was best off being used against cavalry, not foot soldiers. The wheel lock pistol's jams and lack of range made it easy picking for an accurate crossbowman. The only advantage the Muskteers had was the musket, which on its own couldn't give the Musketeers the win. Conquistadors are the deadliest warrior!

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Rematch InformationEdit


Battle vs. Ming Warrior (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Ming Warrior: 12345

Conquistador: 12345

In a South American jungle, a group of Conquistadors on horseback are looking for Aztec riches. Meanwhile, some Ming Warriors, who have sailed there from China, are looking to expand the empire. They see the Conquistadors and the leader tells them to attack. Two Mings get there Matchlock Muskets and fire, hitting one Conquistador in the arm and a second in the neck.

Conquistador: 1234

The Conquistador leader yells in Spanish "Return fire!" One Conquistador fires his Arquebus, killing the Ming that injured his fellow soldier.

Ming Warrior: 1234

The Mings run away to find some shelter as the Conquistadors follow. The remaining Matchlock Ming is falling behind because of all his weapons, so he throws his Musket away and fires a few rounds from his Repeating Crossbow at a Conquistador. Most of them bounce off his chest armor, but one hit's him in the leg. He stops to pull it out and then laughs mockingly at the Ming. The Injured Conquistador tries to kill the Ming with his lance and he does, impaling the Ming, but beacause of his arm, the lance is a little to the left.

Ming Warrior: 123

The Ming leader says at there fort, at a lost Aztec city, "We must defend the fort from those barbarians!" "Yes sir!" answer the other two Mings. They run up to the top of a nearby temple, except for one who stands guard at the temple steps. The Conquistadors come to the city. They get off there horses. The Injured Conquistador runs up to the Ming guard, who is armed with a Nangseon spear. The guard hits the Conquistador on the chest with the branched side of his spear, but his attacker's armor breaks the branches. Luckly for the Ming, one of branches breaks off and hit's the Conquistador in the face. The Ming finishes the job by stabing him in the neck with his spear tip.

Conquistador: 123

The Conquistador with the bad leg fires his crossbow, hitting the guard in the head.

Ming Warrior: 12

The Conquistador laughs, but then stops and drops dead from the poison from the Repeating Crossbow bolt.

Conquistador: 12

Still in surprise from what just happend, the Conquistadors run towards the temple. They run up the steps and one pulls out his Sabre, yelling a battle cry. He blindsides a Ming, stabbing him in the chest.

Ming Warrior: 1

The Ming leader cuts of his leg below the knee with his Dao and the Conquistador falls to his death down the temple steps.

Conquistador: 1

The Ming turns around and the Conquistador and Ming start to duel. The Ming tries to downward chop his opponent, but he dodges it and the Ming brakes his Dao on a rock altar. The Conquistador chops off the Ming's head.

Ming Warrior:

The Conquistador holds his sabre up in the air and shouts in Spanish "For Spain!"

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Conquistadors won this fight because of their superior weaponry and armor that was able to stop the weapons of the Ming Warriors, and because of their combat on mounted warfare.

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Battle vs. Pirate (by Wassboss)Edit

Pirate: BrownBrownBrownBrownBrown

Conquistador: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

A pirate ship docks off the coast of South America. Out of the ship come 5 pirates ready to explore this new land. 2 of them have Blunderbuss’s and the other three have of them have flintlock pistols. They all are armed with cutlasses. They look around and slowly make their way inland.

From the top of a hill 5 conquistador’s watch the pirates. Two of them are on horseback, but the other three are on foot. The lead conquistador points at the pirates and the three on foot pull out their arquebus’s and aim at the pirates. The leader instructs them to fire and they do so but they only hit one pirate. Brown

The pirates look up and see the conquistadors on top of the hill. The horsemen charge down the hill with their footmen close behind. The pirates ready their guns and wait for the conquistador’s too reach them. The first horseman charges at them but one of the pirates fires their blunderbuss hitting the conquistador square in the chest. Green

The leader charges down on his horse and impales the blunderbuss pirate with his lance. Brown

The other three conquistadors reach the bottom of the hill and one fires his crossbow hitting the other blunderbuss wielding pirate right between the eyes. Brown

The pirate leader pulls out a flintlock and fires at the horseman but only succeeds in hitting the horse. The horse collapses and the lead conquistador has no choice but to put it out of its misery. The pirate leader pulls out another flintlock and fires at the crossbow wielder hitting him in the neck. Green

The other two conquistadors pull out there sword and charge at the pirates. The pirate leader pulls out a boarding axe and throws it hitting one of the conquistador’s in the head.Green

The pirate leader smirks and turns around and finds himself with a sword too his face. The conquistador leader stabs it forward, the sword going through the pirates head and coming out the other side. Brown

Meanwhile the other pirate pulls out his cutlass and starts to duel with the other conquistador. However the sabre shatters and the pirate slices the conquistadors head clean off. Green

He turns to see how his captain is getting on and sees his body, crumpled in a heap on the floor. He shouts in surprise and the lead conquistador almost cuts his hand off. The pirate comes to his senses and dodges another strike from the conquistador. They duel for a bit until the cutlass is knocked out of the pirates hands.

The conquistador hits the pirate with the hilt of the sword knocking him down. The pirate falls to his knees and the conquistador points the tip of his sword at the pirates head smiling. The pirate however picks up some sand and throws it at the conquistador, getting him in the eye, blurring his vision.

The pirate then gets up and pulls out another flintlock. He levels it at the conquistadors head and fires killing him. Green The pirate yells in victory and walks back to the ship.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The pirates won because their weapons were much better and because they did not fight fairly.

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Battle vs. Ninja (by MilenHD)Edit

Conquistadors: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

Ninjas: Black Black Black Black Black

In a small coastal town in Japan and small boat arrived at the docks, from the boat five Conquistadors emerged armed to teeth and dragging the attention of the local fisherman. It was almost night time and the Spaniards needed a place to rest, meanwhile five of the locals went inside a small hut and one of the Spaniards looked at them suspicious and he decided to check them from curiosity. He had nothing to worry since he had a loaded arquebus in his hands and as he enter the hut, everything was pitch black and he was unable to see anything.

The Spaniard needed to lit a torch and as he drop his arquebus, he simply sealed his fate as blow dart pierced his neck alongside with two shurikens, one in the neck and one in the eye.Grey As his lifeless body felt down, five man dressed in black and with chainmail underneath emerged sneaking and there was a building where the Conquistadors resided nearby. The Ninjas came closer and heard them chanting to each other. One of the Ninjas with tanegashima climbed the nearby tree to the window and as he loaded his tanegashima, he waited one of the Spaniards to show and one of them moved near the window and the Ninja gave his allies a signal to hide in he bushes and he fired, shattering the glass pane and killing the Conquistador with shot in the neck.Grey

The Conquistadors realized that one of their men is missing for now 10 minutes and one of them is killed. The captain realized they are under attack and as one of the Ninjas was climbing, the captain fired his pistol crossbow hitting him in the face and slaying the Shinobi.Black  As the Ninja who was in the tree jumped in the room with his ninjato ready, he decapitated one of the Spaniards, only to get destroyed by the arquebuses of his comrades.Grey Black

As the Conquistadors went downstairs and the Shinobis found an empty room upstairs, except for the murders that happened and an open door leading downstairs, which the Japanese followed. One of the Ninjas holding kusarigama and the alabarda holding Conquistador began fighting, the Ninja managed to trip the Spaniard's alabarda, only to get  brutally impaled with it in the heart.Black The remaining Shinobis pulled the kusarigama and retreated and the alabarda wielding Conquistador and the swordsman followed them, only the alabarda wielder to get his face smashed by the kusarigama's ball and sliced throat by the sickle.Grey

The last Conquistador began dueling with the Ninjas, he was now fueled with anger that his friends are all assassinated. The kusarigama wielder swung his chain only to bounce from the Spaniard's armor and the Conquistador stabbed the first Ninja in the abdomen and as he turned he parried the ninjato and stabbed three time the second Ninja in the chest, killing both of them. Black Black

As the Ninjas were dead, the Conquistadors raised his espada ropera and shouted in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Conquistadors better weapons and armor won them this battle. Plus the Ninjas only good weapon, the tanegashima just ruins their stealth, and so this is why they were so screwed in this match.

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