Your face does the thinking - two to the skull, yet one gets up. Odds are against you... but they're just numbers after the two-to-one. You're playing the hand you've been dealt, but you don't let it rest, you shuffle and stack, and a gamble... a gamble that may pay off? But how? Forecast: Rapidly changing conditions.
— The Forecaster

Sometime before the events of Fallout: New Vegas, the New California Republic sacked Navarro and recovered tech they didn't fully understand, but they recognized several symbols (such as the Old World flag). They linked these symbols to similar markings they saw in the Divide. It was then they sent the Courier to deliver a package to the Divide. This package turned out to be a detonator that contained missile launch codes. According to Ulysses, the package "woke up" and sent the detonation signal to missiles locked in the silos, resulting in massive earthquakes and powerful storms.

One of six couriers hired by the Mojave Express to deliver strange packages to the New Vegas Strip, the Courier was carrying the parcel containing The Platinum Chip from Primm. The Courier got the job after Ulysses pulled out when he learned that the Courier's name was next on the list. The Courier was intercepted by Benny, who then shot the Courier in the head and left them for dead, buried alive in a shallow grave in the Goodsprings cemetery. The Courier was dug out by Victor, a friendly Securitron under Mr. House's control. The player was then nursed back to health by Doc Mitchell, the resident doctor of Goodsprings, the Courier then healed and set out on the Mojave to find Benny and get revenge. The Courier then went on many other adventures along the Mojave, eventaully getting affiliated with many groups and people such as Robert House, Caeser's Legion, and the New California Republic to take back the Hoover Dam in the Second Battle of the Hoover Dam.

Battle vs. Rick Grimes (TV series) (by BeastMan14)Edit

Rick, Shane, and Darryl are out scouting for the group in the Mojave. It's been 3 weeks since the CDC explosion had sent them here, and they had yet to find civilization. "Look, don't you think it'd be easier to listen on the radio for civilization? I mean, we haven't found anything and we've walked for miles." Shane raises his arm's for dramatic effect when a sniper shot hits him in the arm and knocks him down. "Oh sh*t!" yells Rick as he dives for cover and Daryl drags Shane behind a rock.

Meanwhile, on a nearby hill, Courier, Boone, and Arcade are watching the mysterious strangers take cover. It had been a few Monty's since the NCR beat the Legion at Hoover Dam, and Raul, Lily, Veronica, Cass, ED-E, and Rex were back at the Tops, still celebrating. "Looks like I hit one, lets go down and greet our guests." Says Boone as he loads his Campaign Rifle. They run down the hill after Rick's group. The Courier fires his Sequoia and nearly hits Rick who fires back with his Python and hits the Courier square in the chest, knocking him down. In pain, he pulls himself up and tells Gannon and Boone to go around their cover. Shane draws his Mossberg and vaults over cover only to see the Courier. apparently dead. Suddenly, a shot from Campaign rifle goes through his head, killing him instantly. (2-3)

"SHANE!" cries Rick, who run's over to his dead friend, and riddles Boone with bullets from his Browning. With no time to check him, Gannon falls back to the Courier, who has pulled himself up and drawn his carbine. He fires on Rick, who in a rage, lines up a shot with the Remington and fires, hitting the Courier in the leg and knocking him to the ground. Injured, but alive, the Courier tells Gannon,"Boone may be dead, but we can avenge him." Rick, blind with fury, fires shot after shot at the retreating duo. Suddenly, he feels the barrel of the Plasma Defender on his head. Ready to die, he closes his eyes. Suddenly, a crossbow bolt hits Arcade in the chest and knocks him to the ground, where Rick knocks him out with the butt of the Remington. (2-1)

Daryl runs up to Rick and says,"Sorry about Shane." Rick shakes his head,"We'll finish this for him." Daryl nods, then points and says,"Look out!" just as the Courier opens fire with the Plasma Rifle, hitting Daryl in the shoulder and knocking him into a rock. Rick tackles the Courier, who easily throws him aside with a move the Rangers taught him pulls out his Bowie knife, and then drives into Daryl's chest, killing him. (1-1)

Rick draws his axe and cries,"This is for my friends, you a**hole!" before lunging for the Courier, who sidesteps and pulls out his Bowie Knife and says,"You think I wanted my friends to die, you f*ck?" and then ducks as Ricks swipes with his axe. Rick, enraged, kicks the Courier in the stomach, knocking him to the ground and prepares to go for the final blow. Suddenly, the Courier whips out his Sequoia and bashes Rick across the face, knocking him down. Before Rick can get up, the Courier shoots him twice in the chest. Before he dies, Ricks mumbles,"I'm sorry Lori." (0-1)

The Courier, saddened at the death of his friends, fell to the ground as his leg wound became worse. Suddenly, a hand grabbed him and pulled up, as an injured Gannon said,"What? You thinking I'd die that easily? If I can survive Lanius, I can survive a crossbow." With that, the two limped back to New Vegas as the Courier said,"Boone, wherever you are, I hope you are at peace."

Winner: The Courier

Experts OpinionEdit

The Courier won the battle due to his experience with tougher enemies then Rick and slightly better back-up.

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Battle vs. Lone Wanderer and Sole Survivor (by Cfp3157 and WanderingSkull)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit


Battle vs Duke Nukem (by JWarrior89)Edit


Winner: Courier Six

Expert's Opinion Edit


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