Covert Killers

Clockwise, from the top right; John Matrix, Rico Rodriguez, Mattias Nilsson, Frank Woods, Jason Bourne.

The Covert Killers: A group of the best Commandos and Mercenaries in the world, from the 1960's to today, vs. The Crafty Criminals: History's most infamous cut-throats, from the 1760's to today. WHO....IS....DEADLIEST!?!?!?


  • Jason Bourne:Jason Bourne, or David Webb, is the fictional main character in the Bourne novel and movie series. Bourne was a Green Beret and was married to a Thai wife and had two children. After seeing them killed during the Vietnam War, he joined a top secret special operations group called Medusa. Through his evolution in the organization, Bourne was enlisted into a CIA black ops department called Treadstone Seventy-One. The group morphed him into a killing machine and assigned him high-profile assassination missions. After a failed operation on the Mediterranean Sea, Bourne was shot and was left for dead on the open seas. After being rescued by a fishing crew, he discovers he is stricken with amnesia. Now he must find out what happened to him and why the US government is after him.
  • Frank Woods: Sergeant Frank Woods is a supporting character in Call of Duty: Black Ops. He served in the United States Marine Corps until the United States government took notice of his exceptional skill in combat. He was drafted into the CIA and was deployed with Operation 40 to neutralize Fidel Castro and topple his throne. Believing that the mission was accomplished, Woods and his fellow comrades fled the scene. Woods is later deployed to help destroy a new Soviet space rocket, housed in the Baikonur Cosmodrome, as a part of the Space Race. His success there allows him to lead a squad of SOG operatives in Vietnam and Laos. There sole mission was to unravel the USSR's plans to attack the United States with biochemical weapons and to uncover Soviet presence in Southeast Asia. However, he is captured and escapes along with his comrade, Alex Mason. As they close in to kill one of the Soviet masterminds, he sacrifices his life for his comrade and for the security of all Americans. However, his whereabouts are unknown.
  • Rico Rodriguez: Little is known about Rico's early life, information i.e. relatives, is very highly classified. Rico was approached by the CIA, specifically Tom Sheldon, during the Invasion of Panama in 1986. Sheldon took Rico under his wing and became his commanding officer and friend, turning him into the agent he is today. Rico underwent CIA training, but due to his expertise with weapons, vehicles and other gadgets, he soon advanced into The Agency. This was a unit of the CIA which handled extremely dangerous and high risk missions, referred to as "Regime-Change" operations, which involves overthrowing dictatorships that are being ruled unfairly or are no longer US friendly. During his time with The Agency, Rico trained under Sheldon, who taught Rico the skills and techniques he would need to carry out such dangerous operations, and became a good friend and ally. Rico also met Maria Kane, another recruit. Rico and Maria were intimate for a while, and among the occasions, it is implied that they once slept together at her home while avoiding her father. This is something Sheldon is still oblivious to. Nonetheless, the three became close partners, and often dispatched as a team, with Sheldon acting as the commander, in charge of contact with Agency HQ and receiving intel, Maria would deal with weapons and vehicles research and procurement, while Rico would be the field operative, carrying out the dirty work. (from Just Cause Wiki)
  • John Matrix:John Matrix is a retired, Green Beret who is informed by a superior that members of his unit were killed by mercenaries hired by a ruthless warlord. Matrix shrugs this off but he is soon attacked by the same group of mercenaries. During the assault, his daughter is kidnapped. He then goes off on his own to find his daughter and destroy the men who tried to kill him. He is given a deal, take out a political target marked by Matrix's daughter's holder or have his daughter killed. He reluctantly accepts but turns back to rescue his daughter. Using his commando tactics, he is able to slay dozens of the mercenaries and the man who held his daughter captive.
  • Mattias Nilsson:Mattias first joined the Swedish Navy at the young age of 17, and became an artillery soldier. However his obsessive use of explosives eventually got him discharged. A short time later, Mattias joined the Lappland Ranger Regiment, commonly known as the Arctic Rangers. While serving with the Rangers, he would accept the most dangerous assignments, seemingly heedless of his own personal safety. His apparent need for a constant adrenaline rush concerned his superiors, who knew the Arctic Rangers existed in an unforgiving and merciless environment. Mattias accepted this and thrived, building up a rapport with his comrades. His loyalty caused problems however as he frequently fought on his fellow Ranger's behalf. Mattias was never liked very much, and after the injury of a fellow member because of Mattias, he was discharged in 1999.

Shortly afterward, he joined an outlaw biker gang known as the Wolfpack Brotherhood MC. Under his influence, the Brotherhood went from being a mild irritant to the Swedish authorities to becoming a host of the most wanted criminals of the nation. Mattias himself became infamous for his violent exploits and adrenaline-fueled stunts. Mattias began a war between the biker gangs by inflitrating army bases and stealing equipment which he used against rival biker gangs. He was eventually captured by the Swedish authorities, but never one to be chained down, he escaped while being transferred to another prison.

Now a fugitive in his native Sweden, he realized he could not remain there. He left the country and became a mercenary. Mattias has served in conflicts around the world. The so far known ones are Kosovo where he worked alongside Josef, North Korea, Montenegro, East Timor, Senegal alongside fellow mercenary Blanco and most recently Venezuela.


Long Range Jason Bourne's Bushmaster Dissipator AR-15
Mid Range Frank Woods's MP5K
Close Range Rico's Signature Gun
Special John Matrix's Throwing Knifes
Explosives Mattias Nilsson's RPG-7


RedRedRedRedRedCovert Killers

BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueCrafty Criminals

In a skyscraper in LA, Pablo Escobar, Al Capone, Jesse James, and a high-ranking member of the Triad are haveing a meeting. Meanwhile, a member of the West Side Boyz is on guard outside with a L16 81mm Mortar. Suddenly, a millitary helicopter lands on the roof! Jason Bourne, Frank Woods, Rico Rodriguez, John Martrix, and Mattias Nilsson jump out. They have been asked by the US Government to stop Escobar and the others. The West Side Boy sees the heli and destorys it with his mortar, but not before the others are able to take cover. Nilsson pulls out his RPG-7 and uses it to kill the West Side Boy.

BlueBlueBlueBlueCrafty Criminals

The Killers head down to the room where Escobar and the others are. Frank Woods throws a Flashbang in the room. In the confusion, Escobar fires his Uzi randomly, but doesn't hit anyone. Woods, on the other hand, kills him with his MP5K.

BlueBlueBlueCrafty Criminals

The Triad answers back by killing Woods with his Type 56.

RedRedRedRedCovert Killers

The Triad knocks down attackers with the butt of his rifle, so that he, Capone, and Jesse can escape. Jesse and Capone are able to get away, but Bourne is able to shoot the Triad in the back with his own assault rifle.

BlueBlueCrafty Criminals

The Killers decide to split up, Rico and Bourne go after Jesse, and John and Nilsson go after Capone. The first group tracks Jesse down to an employee lounge. Bourne walks in and is shot to death by the infamous bank robber.

RedRedRedCovert Killers

Rico then kills Jesse with his own sidearm.

BlueCrafty Criminals

Rico goes to find the others. Meanwhile, with the second group, John and Nilsson have found where Capone went. Nilsson goes into a dark room, but is stabbed by Capone.

RedRedCovert Killers

Capone charges at John. John throws some of his knifes, but they miss. They soon get into a fight, and it looks like Capone is going to win by beating John to a bloodly pulp. But then, he falls over. John looks behind him. Rico shot Al Capone in the eye.

Crafty Criminals

Rico and John silently sneak off.

Winner: Cover Killers

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