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Crash Bandicoot is the main protagonist of the self titled Crash Bandicoot series. He is a genetically-advanced Eastern Barred Bandicoot, transformed into his anthropomorphic form at the hands of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex, along with numerous other animals, most of whom serve as villainous allies to the twisted Doctor. He lives on N. Sanity Island, constantly defending his home from Cortex's schemes alongside his many allies, like his family or the sentient Tiki Mask Aku-Aku who serves as his mentor and guide.

Crash is a very emotional character who is quick to laugh and quick to cry. While he has a danger-loving, fearless nature and loves a good fight, he prefers relaxing in the sun and rarely seeks out trouble deliberately. To the ire of Crunch and the amusement of Coco, in the Radical games, Crash is prone to impolite personal habits such as belching or scratching his posterior. Crash is also easily distracted, as seen in Twinsanity when he has to catch Cortex, but is distracted by a falling Wumpa Fruit. As shown in Crash Tag Team Racing, Crash seems to be somewhat impulsive, demonstrated in Die-o-Ramas, Crash spins a tree making it fall and crush him, and standing railing with gears behind him, and spinning dangerous equipment.

Crash's intelligence level is something of a question, since he is illiterate and Aku even made a comment that brain damage was "not much of a danger to Crash". However, this may have been a tease, especially since he is shown to be smart enough to prevent Cortex's attempts at ditching him in Twinsanity and has been able to outsmart various bosses far more powerful than himself in the past. Things he does that seem dumb could best be attributed to his obvious immaturity and impulsive nature. His illiteracy is probably just because he sees no reason to speak English, especially since Aku can understand him anyway.

Battle vs. Mario (by Drayco90)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit


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Battle vs Ben Tennyson (by Astrotorical) Edit

No Battle Written

Winner: Ben Tennyson

Expert's Opinion Edit

Ben Tennyson won because of his greater experience against much tougher foes than Crash and that his alien forms were overall more more powerful than Crash's.

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