War has been imposed on us and we have to act according to the laws of war.
— Croatian President, Franjo Tudjman.
Croatian Rebels were comprised of ordinary citizens and fully-trained soldiers. They battled Serbians and Socialist Yugoslavia for independence for their homeland of Croatia during the Croatian War of Independence. The main conflict was between Croatia and Serbia but the battle escalated when Yugoslavia provided support for Serbia. The US and other UN members supported Croatia by providing firearms or even manpower. The conflict ended in Croatian victory and the country was granted its independence.

Battle vs. Cuban Revolutionaries (by Omnicube1)Edit

Black2Black2Black2Black2Black2Croatian Rebels

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen Cuban Revolutionaries

Five Cuban revolutionaries are patrolling a moist jungle and have received orders from Fidel Castro to engage any threats. The Cubans immediately notice a group of Croatian combatants and prepare to engage them. The leader of the five revolutionaries orders one of his comrades to fire their RPG-7 at them. The Croatian Rebels hear a faint hissing noise and the leader of the group tells them to take cover. The rocket detonates but does not kill any Croatians. The rebel sniper draws his MACS-M3 and spots the revolutionary loading another rocket he fires and the bullet rips the revolutionary in two. Green The leader of the revolutionaries orders his team to move down the hill to engage the Croatians. One Cuban fires his Thompson M1921 at the Croatian sniper and riddles his body with lead. Black2 The Croatians return fire and firefight ensues. Two revolutionaries fire their SKS-M rifles and kill one rebel. Black2 One Croatian wielding a Zastava M70 fires and kills one Cuban wielding a SKS-M Rifle. Green The revolutionary leader is wielding an RPD machine gun and fires at the Croatians. He wounds one and reloads. The Croatian Rebel leader draws his ARMA ERO and fires at the Cuban leader. The leader is now mortally wounded and yells at his minions to move forward. One rebel wielding an Ultimax 100 showers a revolutionary with bullets. Green However, the other revolutionary following him fires his Thompson M1921 and kills that rebel. Black2 The remaining Croatians pop up and fire the weapons at the revolutionary. Green The two fan out and search for the revolutionary squad leader. One Croatian finds him laying on the ground bleeding. He comes closer to the Cuban who flips around and fires his Tokarev TT-33 pistol at him. Black2 The Croatian hears the gunshots and draws his Browning Hi-power pistol and runs toward the gunshots. He spots the Cuban leader struggling to get up and fires his Hi-Power. The Cuban leader dodges the bullets and returns fire, The Croatian is struck in the hip and stomach. He stumbles and finds cover behind a log. The revolutionary limps toward the Croatian, gun ready. He looks over the log and does not see his enemy. He scratches his head and turns around to see the Croatian Rebel leader pointing the gun at his head. The rebel fires his pistol and the brains of the Cuban squad leader splatters all over the place. Green

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that the Croatian Rebels won because of their superior training, and more modern weapons. It is also noteworthy that the Croatian Rebels had a war for independence and WON against one of the strongest armies at that time.

To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.

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