Have pity on them all, for it is we who are the real monsters.
— Bernard Heuvelmans
Thinly spread forest creatures, with very large areas within which they might be scattered, are destined to remain phantoms. Their existence will always be extremely challenging to confirm; their extinction will be essentially impossible to establish.
— Bill Pulliam

A cryptid is a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but is not recognized by scientific consensus. "Cryptic Cryptids" is a term used to describe a small group of cryptids who do battle against other warrior groups. Cryptids come in all shapes and sizes, however some examples include Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Tatzelwurm, Mothman, Reptoid, the Jersey Devil, and the Tibetan Buru.

Battle vs. Classic Creepers (by Utter noob)Edit

Classic creepers-5 Cryptic cryptids-5

Dracula sits down and lifts a glass of blood drinking as the moon rises above his castle. He looked out of his window into the forest. He looks at the moon as a wolf howls loudly in the distance. “The Wolf man emerges.” Says Dracula as a strange ship blocks the moonlight. Dracula looks at it curiously as it flies above his castle. “Looks like visitors.” Says Dracula as he sets down his glass. He looks as Imhotep asks him “Who is entering the castle?” Dracula responds “Visitors, they are mine.” The Reptoid entered the room as Imhotep and Dracula both greet the creature with a smile. “New blood.” Says Dracula licking his lips, as Reptoid makes eye contact with Imhotep. He concentrates and Imhotep suddenly walks towards the window. “What are you doing?” asked Dracula curiously. The glass bursts open and the Mothman grabs Imhotep and throws him at the wall. Dracula realizing the ambush, charges at the Reptoid to break its control with Imhotep. He sprints at tremendous speed and punches the rRptoid in the jaw. The alien stumbles back words his jaw crushed. Dracula charges again but the Reptoid is ready and plunges its claw into Dracula’s chest. The prince of darkness yells in pain but bites the Reptoid’s throat, killing it instantly. Classic creepers-5 Cryptic cryptids-4

The Mothman and Imhotep exchange attacks with claws and daggers. The Mothman sees the Reptoid bitten and kicks Imhotep in the chest and flies to Dracula, who is still recovering from his wound. He gets Reptoid’s claw out of his chest just in time to turn to see the Mothman’s claw slash his cheek. He grips the wound and looks at his hand covered in his blood. The Mothman landed behind him and dug its claws into the back of his head, ending the life of the prince of darkness. Dracula’s body fell as a dagger penetrated Mothman’s arm. The creature shrieked in pain causing Imhotep to grip his ears from the loud noise. Seconds later the loud noise was silenced, just like the Egyptian. Classic creepers-3 Cryptic cryptids-3

In the forest…

The axe slams with tremendous force and the tree falls down, smashing the bushes behind it. The lumberjack smiles, unaware of the creature that lies hidden stalking him. He hears noises and quickly turns slamming his axe vertically into the ground, barely missing the Wolf man. The Wolf man smiles, revealing his sharp teeth as the lumberjack’s eyes widen. The Wolf man sinks his jaws into the lumberjack’s neck, killing him. The Wolf man bent down and began to dig at the man’s chest for his organs. He stops as he hears something emerge from the bushes. The Chupacabra emerges and looks at the man’s corpse. The Wolf man stands seeing the Chupacabra as competition. The two look at each other for a few moments when the Wolf man charges, swinging his claws wildly at the Chupacabra, who responded with his own claws. Neither creature could hit each other so the Chupacabra decided to retreat from the fight. The Wolf man pursued as the Chupacabra approached a river and tripped. The Wolf man jumped onto the Chupacabra, impaling himself onto its spine. Classic creepers-2 Cryptic cryptids-3

The Sasquatch emerged from the forest and entered the clearing. He lifted the Wolf man’s corpse off of the Chupacabra’s spine. The Frankenstein monster appeared out of the forest as well and entered the clearing. The Chupacabra rushed at the monster and tried to pounce it. The monster catches the Chupacabra and tossed him into the water, were to hands gripped it and dragged it beneath the water. Seconds later its corpse rose to the top of the river, webbed claw marks covering the throat. Classic creepers-2 Cryptic cryptids-2

The Frankenstein monster and the Sasquatch began to approach one another. Along the way the Sasquatch grabs a stone and throws it hitting the Frankenstein monster’s head. “Not good.” Said the monster as it continued its approach towards the Sasquatch, who lifted another stone. “Kill you.” Said the Frankenstein monster as several more stones were hurled at him. The monster was being torn apart by the stones but the Sasquatch oddly stopped throwing them and approached the Frankenstein monster. The monster grabbed the Sasquatch and threw him into a tree. The Sasquatch stood and lifted a stick. The Sasquatch hit the Frankenstein monster with tremendous force, sending the head flying. Classic creepers-1 Cryptic cryptids-2

The Creature from the Black Lagoon surfaced to see no sign of the Frankenstein monster. He looked at the Wolf man’s corpse and prepared to go back under water when suddenly; a pair of claws swooped down and decapitated the creature. The Jersey Devil flew past the Sasquatch who watched as the Beast landed and took a bite out of the monster’s head. The Sasquatch sat down and picked berries off a nearby bush. Classic creepers-X Cryptic cryptids-2

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Cryptids won this battle thanks to their greater size and speed. 

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Disregarded BattlesEdit

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Vile Villains (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal Cryptic Cryptids

Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Vile Villians

(Don't expect too much of a backstory for this fight, it's too early in the morning for that...) In a cool, foggy wood right next to a beach, the Vile Villians walk in, preparing their next dastardly plan.....not knowing the forces of nature (the Cryptic Cryptids) are out to get them. Suddenly, they hear the shrieking of a deer. Hannibal Lecter pulls out a butcher knife and walks over to check out whats going on. He checks the deer's body and finds it has been drained of blood. Lecter is soon attacked by the creature that did that; the Chupacabra! It leaps into the air. Lecter tries to slash with his knife, but has his neck crushed by the goat-sucker's mighty jaws.

Brown Brown Brown Brown Vile Villians

Jason, thinking quickly, sneaks up behind the Chupacabra and stabs it in the neck with a machete.

Teal Teal Teal Teal Cryptic Cryptids

Jason hears a primal roar. He turns and sees bigfoot, who quickly throws a bolder and does something that no one has ever been able to do before...kill Jason Voorhees.

Brown Brown Brown Vile Villians

The Joker starts to sprint to catch Bigfoot (like anyone has been able to do THAT), but, out of nowhere, a loud shriek disables him. Mothman, the owner of the shriek, comes and finishes the job by flying at top speed right into him, breaking his bones and causes him to hemorrhage to death.

Brown Brown Vile Villians

Darth Vader and Fu Manchu unsheath there swords, ready to attack, as yet another beast lumbers over, the Tibetan Buru. Fu Manchu charges Bigfoot with his Jian held high, while Bigfoot does the same, roaring and beating his chest. Both seem to be playing a mythical game of chicken, until Bigfoot falls down, head rolling away. Manchu decapitated the legendary apeman.

Teal Teal Teal Cryptic Cryptids

Manchu now turns his attention to the Buru. He wall kicks off several trees until he reaches the beast. He prepairs to thrust downward, only to be stopped by the Buru's tail spikes.

Brown Vile Villians

The Buru's life is soon cut short by Darth Vader's light saber.

Teal Teal Cryptic Cryptids

Darth Vader hears a loud hiss. He turns around and is quickly attacked by a reptoid. The lizardman's claws do nothing to Vader's armor. Vader knees the lizardman in the gut, pushing him back. Vader holds out his hand. The lizardman rises into the air. Vader slowly closes his fist tighter and tighter. The reptoid's eyes start to bulge out of their sockets and he starts to cough out blood. Then, in less then a second, Vader fully clenches his fist, snapping the beast's neck. It's lifeless body slumps to the ground.

Teal Cryptic Cryptids

Mothman then jumps out of his hiding place in the treetops. He tries to kill Vader the same way he killed the Joker, but Vader jumps out of the way of the shriek. Mothman lands and scans for Vader. He can't find him. Then suddenly, Mothman lets out a ear-splitting shriek of pain. He falls over and let's out a final death rattle. A red light saber is sticking in his back.

Cryptic Cryptids

Vader walks over and pulls out his light saber. He quietly (sans his trademark breathing) walks away, but not before using his sith lightning powers to start a wild fire to cover up the fight.

Winner: Vile Villians

[[User_blog:KevlarNinja/Cryptic_Cryptids_vs._Vile_Villains|To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.]]

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