Cuirassiers are mounted troops armed with both firearms and swords. They succeeded over the medieval-aged Knight and wear the specialised armour, the cuirass. Their light weight armour allows fast riding and quick-paced raids. Cuirassiers tend to be nobles or members of royalty. The armour is expensive to produce and was cumbersome, despite being a very defensive piece of armour. Nations have adopted regiments of cuirassiers and used them in many late-Renaissance and 19th century conflicts, including the Battle of Borodin and the Franco-Prussian War.

Battle vs. Winged Hussar (by Omnicube1)Edit

A cuirassier is riding out with orders to deliver a message to a local lord. As he is riding he discovers a knight with wings on his back. Immediately, the cuirassier draws his Cavalry Carbine and fires at the Winged Hussar. The Hussar hears the shot and a bullet rips through his right wing. He grunts and draws his Polish Crossbow and fires a bolt down-range. It lands in the shoulder of the cuirassier's armor but does not harm him. The cuirassier draws his Horseman's Pick and and Cuirassier's Sabre and charges at his enemy. The Hussar picks up his Polish Hussar's Lance and orders his horse to charge at full speed. The two meet and the Hussar stabs at the cuirassier but misses. However, he is able to strike the Hussar in the shoulder with his Pick. The Winged Hussar clinches his wound and draws his Flintlock Pistol and fires. The bullet hits the arm of the cuirassier causing him to drop his Horseman's Pick. He smirks and charges at the cuirassier again with the lance. As he draws in, the cuirassier draws his Reiter's Pistol and shoots it but misses. The lance pierces into the cuirassier and causes him to fall of his horse. While on the ground, he draws another pistol and fires. The bullet hits the Hussar's horse, causing the rider to collapse to the ground. The cuirassier picks up his sabre and stumbles toward the downed Hussar. As he is about to stab him, the Hussar flips around and kicks the cuirassier in the stomach. He then throws a Peasant's Grenade at the cuirassier. The two run for cover and grenade explodes. The cuirassier falls to the ground grasping at his face which has been lodged with shrapnel. The Hussar steps above him draws his Polish Crossbow and disembowels the cuirassier with the crossbow's bayonet. He then limps toward his dead horse and mourns for his fallen friend.

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