A flower of blood blossoms in the darkness. I like it...
— Demitri Maximoff

Demitri Maximoff was a vampire born of prestige and nobility whose looming castle, Zeltzereich, would loom over the Romanian mountains of Earth during the full moon. As a high ranking Makai noble, Demitri was known for being prideful, arrogant, and even more so, power-hungry. He believed the Makai world was rightfully his and wielding the emense power bestowed upon him, was ripe for the taking.

About a 100 years, Demitri challenged the Makai Lord and head of the Aesland Clan, Belial, for the right to rule the demon world. Belial defeated the arrogant Demitri after a long fought battle and banished the vampire lord to Earth for all eternity, alongside his looming castle. Gravely wounded and the sun fast approaching, Demitri used the last of his power to put a field over his castle and slept inside his coffin for roughly 50 more years to regain his strength.

Unfortunately, his sleep was disturbed by a group of would-be hunters prepared to dispatch the vampire lord with wooden stakes and crosses, but with no effect. Amused by their petty attempts, Demitri quickly dispatched his would-be attackers. With 80% of his powers regained, Demitri planned to prepare himself for his next battle with Belial. Gaining new knowledge, power, and servants to care for him in his castle that still looms over this world today.

Battle vs. Wolverine (comics) (by MrPacheco101)Edit

No battle will be written.

Winner: Demitri Maximoff

Expert's OpinionEdit

Ultimately, Demitri took the infamous Wolverine down. Logan's healing factor was an immense obstacle to overcome, and his deadly tactical skills allowed the mutant capable of adapting as the fight carried out. But Demitri simply brought more to the table against Logan. He was stronger, he's got a variety of fire and vampire-like attacks, and he could easily Logan's claws.

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