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There be Dragons.
— Archaic saying, conveying danger

Dragons are mythical, typically flying, reptilian creatures present in European, Near-Eastern and Asian mythology. Asian dragons are typically depicted as flying, serpent-like creatures, and are often depicted as benevolent. However, the most common depiction of the dragon in Western culture is that of a massive, winged, fire-breathing monster, many times large than a man, often depicted as being over 40 feet long, a depiction which originated sometime in antiquity and was prevalent in medieval Europe. Tales of these creatures depict them attacking humans, either simply as predators feeding on humans and livestock, or as part of a compulsion both to destroy human civilization and seize their treasures, even though they have no real use for them. In European mythology, legendary heroes, knights, kings, and Christian Saints often fought and slew dragons. Historians have speculated that the origin of dragons may have been inspired by dinosaur bones discovered by ancient peoples, and their ability of fire breath may have been inspired by swamp gas explosions.

Dragons are a staple creature of modern fiction of the "high fantasy" genre, as pioneered by authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, whose characters included dragons such as Smaug, and commonly appear in novels, movies, television, video games, and other media.

Battle vs. Geryon (by Fv5v7)Edit

one upon of time dragon fly in the sky he need food good food for give his fed and return his power

lord of animal stated attack cow by attack from mid air his jaw rip skull of cow and eat it alive but three body giant

see the beast form sky does to his cow "stop it beast you must pay for my cow  stay away before I kill you"

dragon said back"you are stupid if you thing you can beat lord of the beast"

"prepare to die monster " giant charge to dragon and lift sword on his head but lord of the beast tail swapping to

giant leg and bite to left arm of left body and started clawsing giant down and bite to leg

"how dare you bite me" giant stab to fire breating dragon but the beast bite back

"how you think you can beat me" the dragon use giant tail swip the giant out and fly to mid air

"because zeus choose me" giant fly in the mid air and try to catch dragon but giant beast much faster than him

and breth fire too melt down giant dragon sue tail to imple him mutiple time before bite can crush skull

but giant stab back dragon last attack is powerful fire breath they both die....


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Battle vs. Knight and Squires (by GSFB)Edit

Knight: Grey

Squires: Blue Blue Blue Blue

Dragon: Green

1480 AD. A Knight rides without a horse, with two squires behind him banging coconuts, to simulate the noise of horse hooves hitting the cobblestone road in the Black forest. Suddenly two other Squires approach out of the woods, bringing with them a Destrier horse and several Palfry (pack) horses.

"About Bloody time, Nevel!" The Knight scolds, smacking the smaller of the two aproaching Squires on the head with his gauntlet.

As they go forth, they spot a mighty 2-ton dragon approaching a Virgin tied to a rock. The Knight and Squires are shocked, never seeing a Dragon before. The Knight whispers to his Squires to gather in a huddle, discussing their plan of action.

The Dragon is nose to nose with the Damsel in distress. He licks his lips, and is about to devour the hapless Maiden when the Knight calls out.

"Stay back foul Wretch, or face thy demise!"

The Dragon turns, seeing the Knight. The Dragon is dumbfounded: he has never seen a Knight before. He'd thought they'd be bigger.

The Knight charges, his Destrier horse breathing hard. The Dragon stands upright, spreading his wings. He roars, and readies his fire breath. Just then, four arrows pelt him. Turning all around, he smells several Squires in the woods. He hears them as they reload their crossbows.

When the Dragon turns back, the Knight rams his Halberd into his side. The Dragon roars in pain, and then is hit in the eye by another arrow. three others hit his wings.

Panicking, the Dragon flaps his wings, knocking the knight and his horse on their sides. He fires his breath all around, toasting 2 Squires Blue Blue

The Dragon turns onto the fallen Knight. The Knight's Destrier rears up and lashes with his hooves, trying to keep the Dragon at bay. The Dragon snorts fire onto the horse, sending it screaming and galloping away. Then the last two Squires attack the Dragon.

One charges from behind, but the dragon's tail strikes him, crushing him in the blink of an eye Blue

The other strikes the Dragon with his arming sword and his morning star, but both have no effect. He throws a Quillion dagger into his face, nearly cutting the other eye. The Dragon lunges down with his face and chomps. Blue

The Knight, recovering from his fall, fires his crossbow at the Dragon's neck. The arrow fails to penetrate, and the dragon bares his claws and teeth at the Knight. The Knight pulls out his sword and mace and engages the dragon. They perry and thrust at each other for several seconds, before the Dragon rams claws through him.

The Knight slumps, falling on his knees. He hears the Dragon's breath as he feels himself dying. Gathering what is left of his strength, he throws two daggers at the dragon. One hits a nostril, but it easily fall out. However, the other pierces the Dragon's unharmed eye. Enraged. the Dragon, smelling the metal on the fallen Chevalier, unloads all the power of his breath onto him. When the smoke clears, only molten metal remains. Grey

The Virgin, still tied to the stone, rolls her eyes and slumps her head.

"Figures." She says. The Dragon, hearing the Virgin, can now find her and dine.

Winner: Dragon

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