Hello Deadliest Fiction goers, I'm here to talk to you about a problem that plagues our virtual streets- the dark forces of anons and trolls hold our wiki in a state of fear and darkness. Fortunatly I'm here to tell you about a solution: Edit-Man!

A mysterious warrior who appeared out of the darkness of the chat-box one night, the cold and violent vigilante known only to the masses as Edit-Man is the garishly dressed nightmare of the problems that plague Wikia everywhere. Edit-Man uses an array of gadgets that vary in lethality to deal with the threats that crop up to defend his home, however his templar-like nature and borderline racist attitude towards anons can sometimes lead to him being just as bad as the villains he faces.

Despite his occasional zealotry, the Admin Board has forged an uneasy alliance with the vigilante. While he often takes things too far and has a blatant disregard for people, as well as a lack of understanding in most human interaction, his blind devotion to the laws of the land make him a powerful tool to be used. That said, Edit-Man is loyal to the fundaments of Wikia, not to the people in charge or the changes they make to it. If Edit-Man will not hesitate to bring the Banhammer to war with Admins anymore than he would an anon or troll if the Admin goes too far in a dictator-like reign.

When Edit-Man isn't using his justice kicks of justice or face-punchey fists of vengeance, he brings a powerful array of weapons into combat. The Banhammer is a mystic warhammer capable of deleting parts of it's foes from existance, or with stronger foes, temporarly paralyze them. When his enemies take to the further distances, he strikes back with the Editrangs, bladed boomerang-like weapons that slice through flesh, and the Grappel-Rifle, a long range grappling hook that can allow him to travel across the enviroment and bring foes to him. His signature weapons are his swords, Trollbane and Anon-Scar. Forged from...some relativly unimportant metal, and with no special property. They mostly just cut things.

He has no idea who this poser is, but Edit-Man wants liberties for clearly ripping off his costume. And on the topic, never ask about the hat. It's a looong story. We don't know who Edit-Man is, but we're pretty sure it's not that Drayco asshole.