Get away from her, you bitch!
— Ellen Ripley, to the Xenomorph Queen
Ellen Ripley was a cargo hauler who battled the Xenomorphs and successfully ended the wave of Aliens that invaded human colonies. Born on January 7, 2092, Ripley was enlisted by the United States Colonial Marine Corps and was hired to serve as a warrant officer aboard USCSS Nostromo by Weyland-Yutani Corporation. The ship was soon invaded by facehuggers and began her hunt to destroy the creatures. She was a determined fighter, willing to sacrifice herself to save a little child named Newt.

Battle vs. Sarah Connor (by Omnicube1)Edit

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Battle vs. Han Solo (by MilitaryBrat)Edit

Ripley and Cpl Hicks are patrolling an unknown forrest planet of the galaxy,unbeknownst to them is that Han Solo and chewbacca are also there too. The two groups come accross one another.They see Chewbacca with his rifle and decide he and Solo are a threat.

"SHOOT HIM HICKS!!!!!!" Ripley shouts.

"Aww hell" Solo says."MOVE CHEWIE!!!"

Hicks chases Chewie and Ripley chases Han. Chewie is looking for Hicks when Hicks jumps out and blows Chewies head off with his Ithaca.

"Like I said, I keep this for close encounters."

He turns around to see Han's blaster in his face. Han pulls the trigger and kills Hicks. Ripley sees this and tries to light Han on fire with her flamethrower. Han shoots the rifle out of her hand and tries to shoot her but his blaster doesnt work. Seizing the moment, Ripley grabs her M41A pulse rifle and blows Solo away with all 100 rounds.

WINNER: Ellen Ripley

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed the reason for Ripley's victory was the reliability of her rifle, and the fact that she has faced Xenomorphs which are far more deadly than anything Solo has faced.

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