You don't have the fucking right, manipulating people's lives like this!
— Ethan Thomas

Ethan Thomas was an agent of the FBI's Serial Crimes Unit in an unnamed U.S. city that was experiencing a major crime wave. Ethan was sent to a crime scene, where, in the midst of investigating, he was attacked by several homeless individuals armed with various improvised weapons, as well as a mysterious man who stole his gun and killed two police officers. Ethan was forced to flee after he was falsely accused of the murder.

He later discovered the man who stole his weapon was Leland Vanhorn, a serial killer known as Serial Killer X, who preyed on other serial killers. Ethan tracked SKX through the city, fight off countless attackers with both firearms and melee weapons, before making his way to an abandoned orchard outside of town, where he confronted Leland Vanhorn and his uncle, Malcolm Vanhorn, eventually shooting Leland.

At the orchard, Ethan encountered a group of mysterious individual with metal implant in their body, who Malcolm stated were responsible for the chaos in the city.

A year later, Ethan's name was cleared, but he had left the FBI, and was an alcoholic, living on the streets. He was summoned by the FBI after the SKX made a reappearance, murdering his uncle.

Ethan was forced to fight his way through the city streets yet again to uncover the mystery of SKX and the mysterious events surrounding the crime wave in the city. Ethan discovered that the crime wave was the work of cult known as the Oro Invictus, who placed sonic emitters throughout the city, and had metal implants in their bodies that themselves acted as sonic emitters. These emitters emit a frequency that causes insanity among those exposed to them.

Ethan eventually fought his way to the Oro compound, contending not only with individuals influenced by the Oro, but also Oro-controlled SWAT teams sent to eliminate him.

Eventually, Ethan reached the center of the Oro compound and, overloaded the core of the sonic emitters, defeated a high ranking cult member and SCU agent named Dorland, and destroyed the Oro compound. Serial Killer X, however, remains at large.

Battle vs. Anton Chigurh (by SPARTAN119)Edit

Former FBI Agent Ethan Thomas across the dark interior of an abandoned factory. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a silenced weapon firing. Ethan turned to see Anton Chigurh pointing his silenced Remington 11-87 at him.

Ethan returned fire with his Benelli M3 shotgun, forcing Chigurh to take cover behind a rusting piece of machinery. A shot from Anton's shotgun knocked the Benelli out of Ethan's hands. Instead, Ethan drew an Uzi he had taken off the body of an armed thug he had fought earlier.

Ethan fired a three round burst at Anton, one of the rounds grazing his side. Anton retaliated with his TEC-9, which was illegally converted to full auto fire. Ethan and Anton exchanged bursts of fully automatic fire, until the magazines ran dry.

Anton ran out of ammo slightly before Ethan, but soon, both had drawn their pistols. One of the rounds narrowly missed Ethan, as did a few that almost hit Chigurh. Eventually, Anton shot Ethan's gun, knocking the weapon out of his hand and grazing his side with a bullet fragment.

Anton got out his captive bolt pistol and advanced on Ethan, ready to finish him off with a bolt to the head. Ethan, however, grabbed a fire axe from a case on the wall and swung at Anton. The strike missed Anton, but the blade of the axe punctured the compressed air tank for Anton's pistol. The axe also got stuck in the tank, rendering both weapons useless.

Anton reached for his Glock, but Ethan rolled out of the way, and grabbed the Benelli off the ground. Anton's gunshot that disarmed him earlier had not damaged the shotgun sufficiently to destroy it, only leaving a scratch on the receiver.

Ethan pointed the gun in Anton's general direction as Anton raised his Glock. Ethan fired first, squeezing the trigger twice, riddling Anton's chest with buckshot and even putting one shot through his head. The assassin fell to the floor, dead.

Ethan walked over to Anton's body and picked up his Glock, and the shotgun shells had had at his side, before leaving the scene of the battle.

WINNER: Ethan Thomas

Expert's OpinionEdit

Ethan Thomas triumphed in this match because of his FBI training and superior weaponry. Ethan took three out of the four weapon edges easily- melee, pistols, and SMGs, with only the shotguns being debatable. This, along with the training and experience in melee and firearms combat gave Ethan the edge.

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