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How does it feel to watch everyone you've tried to protect burn to death?
— Firefly

Garfield Lynns was a pyrotechnic special effects expert for motion pictures. he lived a good life, until Gotham's horrible, severe poverty. Poor, hungry, and cold, he decided to turn to a life of crime. He decided to go along the lines of arson, and in one attempt, faked a fire in a bank so he could rob the building. As time went on, he developed severe pyromania, and said he "could see visions in the flames". he later became inspired by fireflies, to take on their name, and build his suit, complete with wings and pyrotechnic equipment, such as a flamethrower. He now burns the streets of Gotham, as a feared criminal of the city. Once he teamed up with Killer Moth, who broke the partnership up when Firefly,s dedication and insanity became obvious. When he tried to set a amusement park on fire, the 1st of many places he visited as a kid that would burn, he was stopped by Batman. When he set on fire Ace Chemicals, the chemicals ignited and exploded leaving scars all over his body.

Battle vs. IG-88 (Legends) (by RaptorHunter)Edit


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