Citizens of the Valley of Peace! It is my great honor to present to you... Tigress! Viper! Crane! Monkey! Mantis! The Furious Five!
— Shifu at the Dragon Warrior Tournament
The Furious Five are 5 animal Kung Fu experts. Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Mantis and Viper. All are trained by their master Shifu. Their biggest fan was a giant panda named Po. Po ended up joining the Furious Five and defeated Tai Lung and Lord Shen as a member of the Five.

Battle vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones and Splinter, alongside Po (by Sport Shouting)Edit

The 4 Ninja Turtles, Splinter and Casey Jones walk through a Chinese city. They pass the Furious Five's training center. Po and the 5 see them and attack. They throw throwing stars at Casey as he charges after them, killing him.


Mantis and Splinter fight. Splinter hits him with the 3 section staff to wound him then steps on him to kill him.

Furious Five- 5

Donatello and Michelangelo corner Viper. Viper hits Michelangelo and knocks him down but Donatello slices through her with the Ninjato.

Furious Five- 4

Tiger and Crane run outside of the building. They hide behind cover. Donatello is spotted carrying Mikey and they are both killed by Curved Swords.


Crane is spotted running back into the building by Raphael and killed shortly by Nunchakus.

Furious Five- 3

Po and Monkey split up. Monkey battles Raphael and Monkey knocks Raph down with the Gun Staff. As Monkey attempts to kill him, he hits his head with Nunchakus and Monkey falls dead.

Furious Five- 2

Leonardo and Splinter split up to find Po and Tiger. Tiger spots Splinter and sneaks up to him with Metal Pans. Tiger swings the pan but Splinter dodges. He uses a Bo Staff to defend himself. Tiger lands a good 2 shots on Splinter's head as he dies.


Leo and Raph find a sewer and hide in it. Po and Tiger jump in and see the 2 brothers running away. The Curved Sword and Nunchakus meet. Raph blocks Tiger's slashes and lands a shot on the leg to distract her then a headshot to kill her.

Furious Five- 1

Po immediately runs toward Tiger's dead body. He kicks Raph back and picks up Tiger's sword. He slashes it to cut Raphael's head in 2 and he laughs.


Po breaks for cover. Leo sees him and uses Ninjutsu to attack. He is heard by Po swinging his Ninjato and Po dodges. Po Wheel Kicks Leo, sending him back. Po can't see where Leo ended up. He walks toward the spot where he believes Leo is. Leo then jumps up and cuts Po's stomach and head in half killing him. Leo laughs and walks away.

Furious Five- 0


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Rematch vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alongside Po (by So-Pro Warrior)Edit


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