I am the flail of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.
— Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, born Temüjin, was the ruler of the Mongolian Empire who achieved power by united the nomadic tribes of Mongolia into one strong unit. By using this united force, he invaded much of much of Eurasian and Asian lands. Soon enough, his empire stretched from China to Central Asia. Genghis was advanced for his time; he promoted religious toleration and established a writing script for the Mongolians called Uyghur. During his early years, his family was sent away from his tribe because the Khan's father passed away and the tribesmen refused to have a young boy, Genghis/Temüjin, come to power. The main way he rose to power was through alliances. Temüjin would ally himself with other tribes and using this combined force to conquer enemy groups. After his death in 1227, his son Ögedei Khan rose to power and helped to expand his father's empire.

Battle vs. Attila the Hun (by Samurai234)Edit

In his camp site, Attila the Hun is cooking a piece of meat over a campfire and prepares to eat it. As he begins to eat, however, an arrow flies toward him, narrowly missing his head. Attila growls, picks up his throwing spear and Hunnic Bow and Arrow and looks around for his foe. Upahead, he sees Genghis Khan on a horse, holding a Mongolian Bow and Arrow. Khan notches another arrow and fires, but Attila ducks, avoiding the arrow. Attila gets on his horse, and rides at Khan holding his own Bow and Arrow. He fires and hits Khan in the chest, but Khan's armor prevented it from killing him. Attila rides away from Genghis, and grabs his throwing spear. Attila throws his spear and hurls at Genghis. Genghis loses his balance, and falls off his horse. Attila gets back on his horse and rides at Khan at full speed. Genghis grabs his Mongol lance and uses the hook end to pull Attila off his horse. Khan prepares to lay the finishing blow, but Attila rolls out of the way, and the lance gets stuck in the ground. Attila pulls out his Scythian Axe and cuts the lance in lance, causing Genghis to lose his balaence. Attila runs in to finish Khan off, but Khan kicks him back, and grabs his Iron-Flanged Mace. Attila swings his axe, but Khan also swings, knocking the axe out of Attila's hands. Attila unsheaths the sword of Mars, and the two run at each other. Attila manages to stab Khan in his shoulder, forcing him to drop his mace. Genghis kicks him back, and unsheaths his scmitar. The two both begin to clash, until Khan manages to slace him in the stomach, ripping through his armor and creating a cut on his stomach. Genghis prepares to decapitate him, but Attila pulls out his hunnic dagger slashes khan across his hip, forcing him to drop his sword. Attila prepares to stab him, but khan pulls out a Mongolian Knife, and slashes Attila across his face, leaving a huge scar. Khan runs in to finish it, but attila trips him. However, he sees that khan has recovered his scmitar. Attila runs back to to the sword of Mars, and just as Khan is ready to lay the finishing blow, Attila thrusts the sword of Mars through his neck. Blood squrits out of Khan's neck, and Attila raises the sword in the air, yelling in victory.

Winner: Attila the Hun

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts thought while it was a very close match, Attila was a bit more well balanced in his weaponry.

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Rematch vs. Attila the Hun (by Laquearius) Edit


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Battle vs. El Cid (by Sport Shouting)Edit

El Cid and 4 of his soldiers are marching. Genghis Khan is leading 4 Mongols on his horse. To practice a bow and arrow shot, he fires one up. It lands into one of El Cid's men's face. El Cid-4. Stunned, Khan laughs. But then a crossbow bolt goes into a Mongol. Genghis-4. El Cid's men charge in a horizontal line. Khan's men do the same as they each charge. One of Cid's men slashes through a Mongol with a Tizona. Genghis-3. Genghis lights an arrow. He fires the flaming arrow and burns a Spaniard. El Cid-3. Genghis jumps off of his horse. He takes out his Scimitar. El Cid himself draws a Voulge and throws it at a Mongol. It's deflects off of his steel armor and then Cid draws his Colada. The charging Mongol is slain. Genghis-2. Khan's last man approaches one of El Cid's bodyguard. He slits his throat but Cid sees it and thrusts his dagger into the Mongol. El Cid- 2, Genghis-1. Khan fires 2 arrows in 1 shot, 1 misses and the other hits El Cid's last foot soldier. El Cid-1. Cid draws a new Voulge while Genghis gets his knife. The 2 blades clash and Khan's hand is cut. Khan dives towards his Scimitar. He picks it up and cuts off El Cid's head. Genghis Khan screams in victory " The Mongols will always win!" and rides his horse into the sunset.


Experts's OpinionEdit

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why Genghis Khan won.

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Battle vs. Vlad the Impaler (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Genghis Khan: Green Green Green Green Green

Vlad the Impaler: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Genghis Khan led four other Mongols, three on horseback and two on foot, along a road into a clearing in a forest. From the other side, Vlad the Impaler, two Wallachian cavalry, a halberdier, and a hand cannoneer stood charged into the forest.

The foot soldier put down the halberd and unsling an arbalest from his back, firing a shot that struck on Genghis' foot soldiers in the chest, killing him. Green]

Genghis and the other Mongols loosed a swarm of arrows from their composite bows, one of them striking the crossbowman in the face, killing him instantly. Darkred.

Vlad's hand cannoneer fired off a shot, impacting a Mongol horseman in the chest, blowing him off his horse Green.

Vlad then drew his kilij and led the charge at the Mongols. A Mongol with a fire lance levels the weapon at a rapidly closing Wallachian cavalryman and fired, filling the Wallachian's chest with shot. Darkred

Vlad himself cut down the Mongol soldier with fire lance, slicing him open with a downward slash of his kilij. Green. The rest of the Mongols retreated, with Vlad giving chase, thinking he had won.

However, the Mongols turned around, firing off a hail off arrows at the oncoming Wallachians, killing both of Vlad's remaining soldiers, as well as Vlad's horse, riddling them with arrows. Darkred Darkred.

Genghis Khan charged at Vlad, slicing downward with his Turko-Mongol saber. The blade sliced across the Wallachian Prince's throat, killing him in a spray of blood. Darkred

WINNER: Genghis Khan

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Battle vs. Maharana Pratap (by RSV 123)Edit

On a open field in India Genghis Khan riding in his horse testing the land he want to conquer. Suddenly he hears the noise of bushes near him he gets a little closer to investigate than an arrow passes just missing his head. Khan loads his bow and sees Maharana Patap in his horse with his barcha lance in his hands Khan quickly shoots his arrow but Pratap gets out from the way. He charge towards Khan with this lance Khan manage to avoid it but the lance hits the bow and it broke off Khan quickly rides away and Pratap follows him shooting arrows with his bow. Not very far away Khan stops to the place where he has hidden his jida lance. Pratap approaches Khan both legendary charge at each other but because Khan's lance was longer it hit Pratap first but due to Pratap's armour he don't get serious damage but due to the force of Khan's lance he was thrown from this horse Pratap gets up an fires an arrow on Khan. The arrow hits Khan's horse and it dies both the warrior are on foot now. Khan gets his mace the attacks Pratap he swings the lance very fastly and Pratap dodges the swings but one swing hits his back. Pratap falls down and Khan get forward to finish it but Pratap rolls out of the way. Pratap quickly take outs his talwar and Khan also take out his turko-mongol sabre and he swings sabre in right and mace in left hand. Both the warriors hits and dodges his opponent. With a heavy blow for talwar the mace falls down and both warriors continue fight with swords. Pratap takes one katar in his left arm the two use their full strength for a final blow both warrior's sword get deflected and Pratap strikes his enemy with his katar in the chest through his armour. At last the an beaten warrior get defeated. Maharana salute the great warrior for his bravery.


Expert's OpinionEdit

Match was a very close one but Maharana Pratap wins it because he has superior weapon, armour, training and his high Audacity level.

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Battle vs. Ivan the Terrible (by Marcus5)Edit

In a russian forest Ivan the terrible and two men are scouting the land. Suddenly a soilder sees Genghis Khan with two mongols. He then shoots his hand cannon killing one of Genghis' men. Genghis replies by shooting the russian in the neck with the mongol bow.

Genghis' other man then charges wildly at Ivan. Only to be impaled on his henchman's war sycthe.

Genghis then throws his lance hitting the russian henchman in the stomach killing him. Ivan then runs towards the khan swinging his morningstar. The morningstar barly misses Genghis hitting his sheild.

Genghis then slashes Ivan's leg before running away. Ivan begins to chase Temejuin.Ivan furiously breaks the khan shield in half. Genghis then swings his labrys battle axe at Ivan.

Ivan then trips Genghis with the handcannon. The last thing the khan sees is is the spike of the handcannon slamming into his face. Ivan then looks down on Temijuin. Ivan the yells in victory.

Winner Ivan the Terrible

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Battle vs. Charlemagne (by Omnicube1)Edit

King Charlemagne in riding in a horse-drawn carriage and is collaborating with his head adviser.

"What do we do with the pagans in the east?" questions Charlemagne.

"They are quite stubborn and have built a defensive wall, preventing our people from traveling through their lands. I say we send in our swift riders and eliminate the threat," his adviser says.

"I will ride with my men to dispel the evil-doers," says Charlemagne with confidence.

"Very good, sir, very good," comments the adviser. A flying arrow lands right into the throat of the adviser. Two more arrows land into the carriage driver. Charlemagne draws his fransisca and frantically makes his way out of his vehicle. He sees a warrior from the far east named Genghis Khan with a Mongolian bow in hand. The Frankish king hurls the fransisca at him but Khan merely steps aside. The Mongolian fires another arrow but it lands onto the wooden siding of the carriage. Charlemagne grabs another fransisca and hurls it, this time it makes a gash on Khan's right thigh. Genghis grabs a nearby Guan Dao, plunged into the ground. He charges down the hill and approaches his enemy. Charlemagne, in turn, grabs his Boar spear, which he was going to use in his hunting trip. He stabs at Khan's head but Genghis moves it away. He slashes and is able to cut across Charlemagnes chest. It leaves a huge tear. Charlemagne pulls off his robe and reveals a scratched piece of plate armor.

"Thought I would die easily, huh?" taunts Charlemagne. He takes the Boar spear and uses it to dislodge the Guan Dao out of Khan's hands. Charlemagne stabs again, but Khan draws his Dao just in time to deflect the blow. He slashes and stabs but Charlemagne is able to parry them easily with his signature sword. The Frank stabs back and is able to pierce Khan's weak leather and iron armor easily. Khan begin's to bleed but makes one last effort. He takes out his iron-flanged mace and Mongolian knife and uses both with deadly precision. He swings his mace and it is able to crush Charlemagne's left arm. With his strong hand, he takes the spiked club that was lying under the seat in his carriage. He swings and the spikes cut across Khan's face. He grabs the wounds in horror and stares at the blood on his hand. Khan, in anger, slashes with his knife but he is so weak he begins to collapse. He lands right into the arms of his foe. Charlemagne, holding Khan up, takes out his seax and stabs Genghis' stomach several times until guts begin to hang out.

"God has no mercy for you pagan!" he whispers into the dying man's ear.

Winner: Charlemagne

Expert's OpinionEdit

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why Charlemagne won.

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Battle vs. Owain Glyndŵr (by Urbancommando77)Edit

GK: 5

OG: 5

Genghis was walking through a field, when he saw Owain and four welsh rebels. Genghis pulled his bow out and his men did the same. All of them fired, but none of the arrows hit the rebels. Genghis pulled his saber out and yelled "CHARGE!". Owain and two rebels pulled hand cannons out and waited for them. Genghis saw them pull the guns out and stopped. Genghis fired an arrow into the neck of one of the rebels.

OG: 4

Owain fired his gun into the chest of a mongol, knocking him down. The mongol held his chest and tried to stop the bleeding, but failed.

GK: 4

Owain pulled his longsword out and stabbed a mongol in the leg. The mongol pulled his Jida Lance out and stabbed the rebel in the thigh. He roared and slced through the mongols arm. He ran a few feet away and the mongol charged at him, but he ducked under it snd stabbed him in the eye and then stabbed him in the neck as he kicked him in the groin.

GK: 3

A mongol pulled his lasso out and jumped onto his horse. He got close to as soldier and lasso'd him. He dragged the soldier and the ripped the lasso, the Rebel stood up, but wobbled and fell. The mongol pulled his jida out and stabbed the injured rebel

OG: 3

The mongol pulled his scimitar out as he road towards an enemy. He cut off one of the enemies head.

OG: 2

The last rebel pulled his handcannon out and shot the mounted mongol.

GK: 2

The last two soldiers charged at eachother full of fury. The Mongol sliced through the soldier's arm, and both of them stabbed eachother.

GK: 1

OG: 1

Genghis pulled his saber out and Owain pulled his Longsword out. Both leaders charged at eachother. Genghis dodged the first blow, but the other blow went across his back. He fell and tripped Owain. Genghis sliced at the rebel, but missed. He stood up and so did Owain. He grabbed Owain by the arm and twisted it. He roared as Genghis pulled his lance out and stabbed his Jida lance into his wind pipe.


Genghis stood up and yelled in victory.


Experts Opinion Edit

The Mongols and Genghis will win, due to their great tactics and better weapons.

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Rematch vs. Owain Glyndŵr (by Swg66)Edit

Owain Glyndŵr:DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

Genghis Khan:BlueBlueBlueBlue

Mountains of Snowdonia

The Great Khan along with four Mongol warriors are making their way from a valley into the Mountains of Snowdonia. Khan and his Lieutenant are riding on horse back, the other three follow on foot. Khan, riding at the head of the group scanning the area for movement. On one of the hills Khan see's movement, turning his head quickly to see what it was, he see's nothing. Turning to look forward again, he grips the hilt of his sword, and continues on into the mountains.

A Welsh scout ducks into the bushes and makes his way back to camp. At the camp Owain is sharpening his sword, waiting for the scout to return, which he does. Looking up Owain and his men get the report. Arming up, Owain put's his helmet on and mounts his horse. Putting his hand out one of his soldiers hands him his lance. Gesturing for his men to take there place for an ambush. Two head off on there own and Owain takes the other two with him.

The Mongols have moved on into a craggy and rocky area of the mountains, Khan still at the front. On a cliff ledge a 30 yards ahead of them, the two Welshmen who broke off from the group each notch and arrow. Taking aim, they eye Khan as the leader, and fire.

Khan, noticing at the last moment Khan raises his shield and the arrows stick in with a load "THUMP". Sneering, and gestures for his archers to return fire. His Lieutenant and of his foot soldier move to the front and fire back.

The First Welshman ducks out of the way as the arrow grazes his helmet, but the second get struck in the throat. Grasping at the arrow, stumbles off the edge and falls onto the path below Darkred. The other runs down the path they came.

Kahn points forward and the the two Mongols go after the Welshman, veering off on a side path. Khan looks around for signs of the other Welshmen, and see's smoke from a camp fire, with that they set off to look for the others.

The lieutenant and the other mongol soldier make there way threw a narrow pass. As they move threw the pass opens up and the two warriors scan the area for the missing welsh rebel. While there looking foreword the rebel comes out off the bushes behind them, hammer out as he slowly sneaks up on the mongol warriors. Raising the hammer over his head, he brings the spike right into the skull of the the warrior on foot, lodging it there Blue. The other mongol warrior is taken by surprise by the sudden attack but regain enough of his composure to draw his sword. The Rebel tries pulling the hammer out but it's lodged in the dead mongols helmet, abandoning the weapon, he runs for the mountain pass, but the galloping horse easily catches up to him, and with one swing the mongol severs his spine Darkred.

Khan and his men have found the now abandoned rebel camp, looking around for the enemy, Khan notices two more rebels. Taking his own bow the fires a arrow at them, but they disappear into the the foliage and run the a steep hill. The two other mongol foot soldiers chase after them, with Khans horse unwilling to cut go into the thick bushes and steep hill. Khan sneering at this looks around for another way up the steep hill. Seeing a path that leads up after them, he sets off as fast as he can in the rocky terrain.

The Lieutenant is trying make his way back to the rest of his group but has gotten turned around in the unfamiliar area. While trying to get his bearing, he hears the sound of a horse. Turning around he see's and fully armored Owain, riding into view his lance ready. Owain seeing the mongol, kicks his horse and charges with his lance. The Lieutenant, shaking his temporary shock at the sudden appearance of the Welsh Prince, charges forward with the Saber held high, shouting a war cry, his only hope at this rate is to try and get past the lance and try and knock his opponent off his horse. However his bravery is not enough in this case, and the lance strikes his squarely in the chest, running him threw and taking him off his horse, and sending him to the groundBlue.

The two mongols cut there way threw the bushes after the welsh rebels. As they make there way up the hill it levels off onto fairly even ground, the two rebel are each hiding behind a tree, looking at each other, when the mongol get close enough they nodded at each other, one pulls out his sword and the other a hammer. Jumping out in an ambush they attack.

The mongols, only slightly surprised by the rebels sudden reappearance strike back. The first mongol swings at one of the rebels with his mace, and manages to catch him in the hand, breaking it. Yelling in pain, the mongol quickly silences him with another strike to the neck Darkred. Turning he see's the other rebel bringing the pommel of his sword onto the head of the other mongol, stunning him. Then the rebel quickly follows up the a slash across the neck Blue.

Turning to face the last Mongol warrior the rebel readies his sword, but something is off about his opponent, he doesn't even look nervous. Then he hears it, the tell tale signs of a horse in full gallop, he turns just in time for Khan to plant his Jida in his stomach Darkred. Khan looks at his last remaining soldier who looks glad to see his leader, but the a quiet "thump", and arrow strikes him in the back of the neck Blue. As his last man fall to the group Kahn looks up to see where the shot came from, and see's Owain at the top of a steep on a rocky out cropping, then disappear into and opening in the mountain. Khan yelling in rage, tries to ride up after him the the terrain won't allow for his horse to go up. Dismounting, he draws his sword and follow the Prince down the path.

As Khan makes his way done the narrow path, it starts to open up. As Khan exits the path he looks around, then with a shout Glyndŵr strikes at the Mongol Chief, but Khan knocks it away with his shield, and slashes back, but Owain block with his own shield and pushes Khan away with his shield. The Great Chief stumbles back a few paces, he steady him self and attacks again and strikes the Prince of Wales on the head but, his helmet causes it to glances off harmlessly. Owain tries to strike him his shield again but Khan is ready this time, and grabs the shield, and yanks it out of Owains hand and with his fatigue, he stumbles onto one knee.

Khan raises his sword over his head and finish off the tired welshman. Owain, at turning at the last moment grabs his sword with both hand, placing his left hand on the pommel, and stabs forward, using his strength and Khan momentum, to stab threw Khans armor and into his stomach, stopping the mongol. Dropping his sword and shield Khan grabs the blade of the long sword, as Owain stands up. Pulling out his sword he slices Khan across the throat.

Khan crumples to his knees and falls forward. Owain moves foreword, and nudges his with his foot, he doesn't move Blue. Owain raises his sword over is head and shouts "Harlech Forever!"

Winner: Owain Glyndŵr

Expert's OpinionEdit

Owain owes his victory to the fact his Steel Plates and mail armor was able protect him better than Khan's Iron Lammelar. Additionally his his superior quality of steel metel and and knowledge of small group battle tactics proved proved to be superiors to Khan Iron and tactics more suitable for larger scale battles.

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Rematch InformationEdit

This match was rematched because the warriors represented were not used to their full potiential and because the outcome was decided almost entirely by the original author.

Battle vs. Joan of Arc (by Thundrtri)Edit

Joan: 12345

Genghis: 12345

3 French knights walk along a rough dirt path accompanied by two horses, one ridden by a French knight, the other Joan of Arc herself. They come out of the long wooded path and in front of them is a vast green, hilly field.

Across the field, are two mounted Mongol warriors, one Genghis Khan, and rest are foot soldier Mongols.

Joan orders one of the unmounted knights to load the crossbow. The knight cranks the bow until the string is in its position; he then places a bolt on the table and aims the crossbow at the Mongols.

Genghis hears the cranking in the distance of the crossbow; he looks over and sees the knights standing in the wooded path. “!”He yells. (Attack!)

The Mongol foot soldiers run out into the field. One removes his bow from its holster and grabs an armor piercing arrow. The other Mongols run up but one is shot in the chest by the crossbow.

Joan: 12345

Genghis: 1234

The bowman fires the armor piercing arrow into the French knight’s gut. Leaning over in pain, the knight attempts to rip out the arrow, but as he does so, he falls over and dies.

Joan: 1234

Genghis: 1234

Joan yells to her troops “attaquer!’ (Attack!)

The knights run off to battle leaving Joan and the mounted knight on the hill.

The mounted Mongol looks at Genghis and nods. He rides off into the field with his Jida lance in hand. The Mongol bowman fires a second arrow but misses, suddenly the knights come up, one grasping a Halberd, the other a French mace. The bowman holsters his bow and unsheathes his Turko Mongol saber. The knight with the halberd hacks with the axe end of the weapon. The Mongol sidesteps but the knight thrusts his halberd into the Mongol.

Joan: 1234

Genghis: 123

The mounted Mongol rides up to the knight with the halberd and thrusts his Jida lance into the knight’s chest.

Joan: 123

Genghis: 123

The lance stays within the dead knight’s chest and the mounted Mongol pulls out his mace. The remaining Mongol foot soldier runs up to the other knight holding the mace and slashes with his saber. The knight dodges and smashes the Mongol’s face in with his mace.

Joan: 123

Genghis: 12

The mounted Mongol rides over to the knight and swings his mace killing the knight.

Joan: 12

Genghis: 12

Joan and her mounted knight ride down the hill, swords at the ready. Genghis rides up to his comrade and readies his saber. The knight rides up to Genghis with his sword and slashes, Genghis rides to the side and instead, his fellow Mongol is slashed across the face.

Joan: 12

Genghis: 1

The knight rides over to Genghis, who stabs the knight in the chest.

Joan: 1

Genghis: 1

Joan rides up to Genghis and slashes with her sword. The blade merely scratches his armor, but the blow knocks him from his horse. He stands and sees her riding up towards him; she slashes and knocks his saber from his hands. Genghis looks over and sees the Jida lance still in a dead knight’s chest. Genghis removes the lance from the dead soldier’s chest and readies himself for Joan’s attack. Joan swipes with her sword but is impaled in the chest. She falls from her horse in a heap. Genghis rips the lance from his dead foe’s chest and yells in victory.

Joan: X

Genghis: 1

Winner: Genghis Khan

Expert's Opinion Edit

Here is a simple explaination: How can a woman who screams victory win against a strategic and brutal barbarian? She may have beaten William the conqueror's ass, but the same can't be said for Genghis Khan, who had way more battles and experience.

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Battle vs. Spartan (by Jar teh marksman)Edit

It starts as the Spartan is walking around in a field. Suddenly, from next to him, he hears a noise. He turns around to see a warrior with a bow aiming straight at him. He quickly lifts up his shield to block it, then charges at Genghis with his Dory. He thrusts, but Genghis sidesteps. The Spartan then pushes Genghis over with his shield. The Spartan tries to stab Genghis whilst he is down, but Genghis rolls out of the way. While the Spartan tries to recover, Genghis hops up, and cross-checks the Spartan in the back with his Jida Lance, knocking the Spartan off balance, however, he quickly regains balance, and goes back into stance. He notices Genghis far away, preparing a bow. The Spartan runs at him, and throws a Javelin. It barely hits Genghis, just cutting Genghis' leg. Genghis thinks *Enough is enough*, and charges at the Spartan with his Sabre. However, the Spartan is prepared, and blocks it with ease. The Spartan tries to slash Genghis with the Xiphos, however the armour holds. Seeing an opprotunity with his shield down, Genghis kicks the Spartan in the stomach, sending him down to the ground, knocking both the Xiphos and his shield out of his hands. With the Spartan down, and with no shield, Genghis cries out, raises his Sabre above his head, and is about to strike down, but not before the Spartan grabs his Dory, turns around, and thrusts it into Genghis' neck. Genghis slumps down to the ground, unconcious, bleeding, and virtually, dead. The Spartan spits on his dead enemy's body, and cries out "SPARTAAA!!!!!!" in victory.


Expert's OpinionEdit

The Spartan had that amazing shield, and not much is able to get by that.

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Battle vs. Robin Hood (by Wassboss)Edit

BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue: Genghis Khan

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen: Robin Hood

Genghis and 4 of his body guards are making their way through Sherwood Forrest. They shimmy their horses through the tightly packed pathways and sometimes heavy foliage. As the path widens out a bit, one of the more senior bodyguards slides up besides genghis.

"Excuse me for the intrusion my khan but would be so kind as to remind me why we're not razing this forrest to the  ground and crushing this pathetic excuse for a leader"

Genghis smiles, his men are just as ambitious as he trained them to be. "Well Koloku, this Sheriff, as he likes to call himself, has offered us a very handsome tribute in order for us to be left alone, courtesy of the King. We are heading to meet him now"

Satisfied with his answer Koloku falls back into place and the silent plodding along continues, until their passway is blocked by a fallen tree. The men back up a bit, so the horses have more space to move about in a clearing, before two of the men dismount and attempt to dislodge the tree, but seem to be having little success in doing so.

"My Khan, Is it just me or is it unerving quite for a forrest" Koloku says aloud, scanning the forrest for any signs of an ambush. "You worry too much Koloku" Genghis says, secretly taking note of any possible ambush spots. As he says this, Koloku spots the glimmer of metal and immediatly without even having to think, places himself between the glimmer and his Khan. As he does this a flurry of arrows launch through the air, slamming into koloku and his horse, fataly wounding him. One of the men trying to dislodge the tree is also killed and the other is knocked off his feet but he manages to regain his footing. BlueBlue

The remaining two bodyguards immediatly bunch closer into their leader, drawing their own bows. However nothing happens and the forrest returns to it's silence. "Come out then you Cowards" Genghis shouts "or are you yak penis's to scared to fight like a true warrior". As he utters these last words a band of bandits leap from out of the foliage, weapons drawn and shouting a battle cry. Genghis and his men waste no time on letting loose a volley of arrows, managing to down one of the merry men. Green

A stray arrow fired my Robin Hood manages to hit the horse belonging to one of the mongol troops, downing him and momentarily putting one of the men out of the fight. Genghis and his other bodyguard run out of ammo and draw there respective weapons. Genghis spurs his horse forwards, charging right at the men and launches his Guan Dao out of his hand, hitting one of the merry men in the chest, pinning him to the ground. As he wheels around however his horse is struck in the neck by an arrow and rears up, throwing his rider off and running off into the forrest. Green  

The other two bodyguards (the one having dusted himself up from his fall off his horse) also make a dash for the merry men, who stand ready to fight. "I'll deal with the leader over there Robin while you finish off these two" Little John says, getting a nod of approval from the outlaw king. As he runs runs off, Robin draws his longsword, awaiting the charging madmen. His fellow robber attempts to hit one of the charging men with his quaterstaff but misses leaving him wide open to attack. The lead mongol takes advantage of this and stabs him through the thigh with his Guan Dao. The man screams in agony but is soon silenced by a gash to the throat from a sabre. Green

Robin is now left to contend with two enemies but he keeps his calm and raises his sword. Dodging a clumsy initial attack he swerves around to dodge another from the second mongol before raking his sword across his armour, scoring a small gash across the man's ribs, enough to cause him heavy discomfort. He then begins a long period of parrying and deflecting before deflecting one of the men's sword into the helmet of the other, causing disorientation and confusion which he quickly takes advantage of. He hacks into the side of the first mongol, downing him in time to duck under the blow of the other. Drawing his dagger he lunges forward and plunges into the man's neck, taking a step back and finishing off the attack with a swing from the longsword. He then returns to the downed man and presses the sword down through his chest, finishing him off. He then sheathes his dagger and runs over to help Little John. BlueBlue

As genghis pulls himself up, he notices a large man running at him, swinging a large sword. Drawing his own sabre, genghis reacts just in time to block a blow, almost knocking him off his feet from the force. He slowly gets forced back by the power of the blows but quickly realises the pattern and when John uses an ever so predictable swipe, Genghis darts in close and jabs his sword into his sword arm, managing to leave the point of the sword protuding out of the other side of the arm before pulling it out. Little John howls in pain and this gives genghis the oppourtunity to begin cutting into him, leaving cut after cut after cut in the big man's chest. It's not long before he falls, never to rise again. Green

Genghis is about to sheath his sword when an arrow hits him square in the chest, glancing off his armour and knocking him to the ground. As he rises he is lucky to dodge a jumping downward thrust from Robin, thrusting his own sword forward and managing to leave a small gash on his wrist. Robin immediately takes a step back and the two begin circling each other, nervous to be the first to attack.

"You killed my best friend" robin says angrily. 

"It was his own fault, he attacked me and he was not up to par with his fighting skill. I'm suprised the big oaf lasted so long"

Robin lets out a cry of anger and charges, feinting a left thrust before delivering his true attack, a right swipe. Genghis is caught off guard but fortunatly his armour protects him from the blow. He attempts an attack of his own but robin is too quick and parries it, the sword bouncing harmlessly away. This continues in this fashion for quite some time with nethier one being able to get an advantage over the other. By sheer luck however genghis manages to strike a weapon point in robin's sword, breaking a good foot off the weapon. Robin steps back, looking down at his sword before dropping it and drawing his dagger.

"What do you say, a fair fight" he says, daring genghis to a knife fight.

"You have fought well my foe, the least I can do is offer you a fair death" the mongol chief replies, tossing his sword aside and drawing his mongolian knife. The two men charge at each other, colliding and trying to get a good grip on the other. For once genghis's armour works against him and robin is able to get the better hold, stabbing his knife into his opponents shoulder blade. Genghis roars in pain and, in a suprising show of strength, grips Robin by his arm and leg and lifts him up over his head, throwing him to the ground. Robin hits the ground hard and his dagger goes flying out of his hand. He scrambles acorss the ground to get it but genghis is having none of it. Flipping his knife around and grasping tightly by the blade, he draws back his wrist and throws, the knife sailing through the air. Robin reaches for his dagger and as he turns around to face his enemy the dagger slams into his neck and he falls to the ground.

Genghis walks over to his sword and picks it up, walking over to his dying opponent as he desperatly tries to stop the bleeding. "You fought well and as a result you died well. The sky gods will welcome you" he says, raising his sword above his head and plunging it into his chest, ending the reign of Robin of Loxley. Green

Genghis removes his knife from the dead bandit as the sound of hoofbeats sound. A pair of mongol scouts round the corner and seeing their khan hunched over a body, rush to his side.

"Are you okay my lord" one of the scouts enquires.

"I am. However there is an imminent threat from these englishmen and I have decided to refuse the tribute offered by the Sheriff. Weather he sent these bandits to kill me we may never know but I can't take the risk that he didn't. You head back to the main army, tell Khaser and Kachium to prepare the troops for movement, this is war now"

As one of the scouts rushes back to the main army, genghis mounts a nearby horse which was not killed or injured during the fight and looks towards the castle in the distance.

"I am the Flail of God. If you has not committed great sin, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you" 

Winner: Genghis Khan

Expert's OpinionEdit

Genghis won because of his superior leadership skills and his better tactical mind. His armour also played a big factor and moreover Robin and his Men's lack of it turned out to be his downfall as it gave him less protection against the supeior close range weaponry of genghis and his men. 

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Battle vs. Alexander the Great (by The Deadliest Warrior)Edit

No battle written.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Alexander's superior tactics and well-trained soldiers, as well as his battlefield deception, led him to victory against the overconfident Mongolian leader.

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Battle vs. Sun Tzu (by Deathblade 100)Edit

Genghis: RedRedRedRedRedRed

Sun Tzu: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

The sound of hooves filled the air as Genghis Khan and five of his Mongolian horsemen ride ahead of the horde that had already conquered large tracts of land. In a valley, Sun Tzu and five Wu Dynasty soldiers prepare for the coming Mongol invasion. As the Chinese general pours himself a cup of tea as he observed a map, a Chinese soldier yells a warning as a volley of arrows whistled out of the air and struck the soldier in the neck and chest.Blue

The remaining Chinese soldiers grabbed their repeating crossbows, Zhua polearms and Ge Dagger Axes. One Chinese soldier fired his repeating crossbow, hitting a Mongol's horse. The enraged Mongol nocked an arrow to his bow and shot the Chinese soldier in the chest.Blue Seconds after that, a volley of poisoned crossbow bolts lodged themselves in the Mongolian's neck.Red

Genghis gestured with his Turko-Mongolian Sabre, as a Mongol with a Jida Lance charged downhill and impaled a Chinese footsoldier.Blue A Chinese soldier swing his Zhua into a Mongolian, pulling him from his horse. The Chinese soldier then dispatches the horseman with a strike to the face from the Zhua.Red Genghis rides up to the Chinese soldier and cuts his Carotid Artery with his sabre.Blue

The last Chinese soldier swings his Dagger-Axe at an attacking Mongol horseman, dismounting him. Sun Tzu thrust down at the winded horseman with his Jian, hitting the heart.Red A strike from a Mongol's mace took out the remaining soldier.Blue Sun Tzu turns around only for a strike from Genghis' sabre to go through the strategist's neck.Blue

Genghis raised his sabre and yelled "For the Empire!" in victory as the Mongolian army poured down the hills into the valley below eager to start their conquest.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Genghis won due to his better armour and weapons. While Sun Tzu had interesting tactics, his lack of experience led to him not being able to break his losing streak anytime soon.To see the original battle, votes and weapons, click here

Battle vs. Henry V of England (by Deathblade 100) Edit

Henry: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Genghis: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Genghis and four of his Mongolian warriors advance across an open field. Genghis and two of his men are on horseback and the other two are on foot. On the other side of the field, Henry V and four English knights march from their camp. Henry and two knights are on horseback, the other two are on foot. Genghis orders his archers to open fire on the English. Henry orders his men to raise their shields as protection. One Knight is struck in his neck by a Mongolian arrow.Green One of Genghis' infantrymen lets out a warning just as a Bodkin tipped arrow pierced the Mongol's chest.Blue

Genghis sends one of his horsemen to attack the English knights. The Mongolian horseman levels his Jida Lance and impales an English horseman.Green An English foot soldier grabs a halberd and hooks the Mongolian horsman, pulling him to the ground. The knight than plunges the halberd's spear tip into the Mongol's chest.Blue The second Mongolian horseman attempts to attack Henry's remaining horseman. The two draw their swords and clash before the Mongol swings his Turko-Mongol sabre through the knight's neck.Green The remaining knight thrusts up with his halberd and pulls the Mongol to the ground. A quick strike from his longsword pierces the horseman's chest.Blue

As the knight stands up, a blow from a Mongolian Mace crushed the English warrior's skull.Green Henry rides up to Genghis' remaining soldier and slashes his throat with his longsword.Blue Both generals dismount their horses and start to duel. Genghis slashes with his sabre and Henry parries with his longsword. This goes on for awhile until Genghis' sabre blade is caught by the hilt of Henry's longsword. Henry draws out his dagger and stabs the great khan in the neck.Blue

Henry raises his sword and yells "I am the king!" in victory.

Expert's Opinion Edit

While Genghis was a brilliant general, Henry's more superior weapons and technology swung this battle in the English king's favour. To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here

Battle vs. Red Cloud (by Manofgod)Edit

“My khan. Our scouts have returned but they bear sad news.”

The legendary Mongol leader Genghis Khan can only bite his lips and close his eyes. “If we cant find a way out of here, then this wasteland will become our tombs,” he said.

They do not remember how they arrived in this unknown plain. All they can remember was that they were out on a hunting trip when a flash of white light suddenly blinded them, and when they opened their eyes they were now transported away from their homelands, To a place none of them have ever been to. They were lost and trapped in this arid bed of endless dry grass and red sand.

“We need to keep searching. If we can’t find a way then find someone who can direct us the way out,” the Khan said.

As they ride out in search if help, another group of lost souls spotted them from a cliff. They were a small squadron of Lakota warriors who too has suffered a similar fate of abduction. Th e place looked a lot like their hunting grounds in Wyoming, but nothing that they have trekked before. While they were at ease since it looked a lot like their home, they too seemed to be boxed in this location they do not recognize..

Nonetheless, while they aren't worried about the desert, they are wary of these foreigners.

“I think they are lost Chief. Should we come out and meet them?” One of the braves said.

The chief, whose name is Red Cloud, has been keeping an eye out on those strangers through his looking glass. Gripped with xenophobia, he looked at his brave with a serious face and said, “Do you remember the last time we welcomed strangers in our land? And how they repaid our kindness with death, thievery and disease? We may not know this place, but we will not be befriending anyone, anymore.”

And raising his lance and yelling his war cry, Red Cloud led his men to charge the Mongols. Two Mongol scouts were on reconnaissance at that time, and when they saw the Indians, they turned around in flight back to their Khan. One Indian fired his bow at the Mongol but the latter’s armor was too thick. A Mongol rider turned his back towards the Indians with his bow, and did a parthian shot, hitting one of them in the chest.Darkred Red Cloud avenged his fallen brave by skewering that Mongol with his lance.Green

Genghis Khan heard the cries if his horseman as they headed towards them. But as the other Mongols jumped to their horses to help them out, Genghis told them to stay put, ready their weapons and lay low. They do not know yet what they are up against so it is best to hide and assess the situation..

The remaining Mongol kept dodging the arrows and trying to lose the Indians. He had already 10 arrows lodged at his back as he is nearing back to his Khan. Fortunately for him, he just arrived at his camp in the nick of time, and the rest of Khan’s soldiers quickly ambushed the Indians. They pelted the enemy with bows and crossbows, and one Mongol manage to dehorse an indian with a lance to the face.Darkred Another killed one with an arrow shot to the lung.Darkred

Seeing that they have been bushwhacked, Red Cloud grabbed his carbine and fired, killing one Mongol in the abdomen.Green He then ordered his remaining Indian to flee the battlefield, but the enraged Khan ordered a chase.

The tables have turned and now it was the Mongols who are pursuing the Indians. Knowing that their enemies are on fresh horses, Red Cloud told his remaining brave to keep them occupied while he turned his horse and sneaked away.

The Mongols didn’t notice the other Indians slip away and focused on getting the other. As one of the Mongols were getting near the Indian with his lance, the Indian turned around and hit him in the collarbone with his stock club.Green But he is soon beheaded by Genghis Khan himself.Darkred

With all their enemies destroyed, Genghis was about to order his remaining soldier back, when sudden a shot rang out. Red Cloud suddenly appeared from behind a hill and shot one of the lone Mongol soldier off his horse.Green With all his soldiers dead, Genghis Khan has no choice but to engage this Indian himself. Grabbing his saber, he rode out towards Red Cloud. The Lakota chief prepared his gunstock war club and went out to meet his foe.

The Indian managed to make the first swing, and his club’s hook managed to pull Genghis khan off from his horse, but at the cost of him also losing his grip and falling. As the two finished rolling together on the ground and were trying to get back up, Genghis khan swung at Red Cloud, slicing open his abdomen. Red Cloud cried in pain as he puts his hand on his bleeding abdomen. Khan continued to swing at Red Cloud, but the Indian managed to bob from his attack, before countering with a hard bash from his club to the Khan’s head. The gunstock club’s spike punctured Genghis Khan’s skull. And with blood flowing from his head, Genghis Khan looked at His enemy and puts his fingers on the blade, feeling the huge hole on his head before falling down dead.Green

Red Cloud puts his foot on Genghis Khan’s face and pulled his weapon from his skull. He then raised his weapon and cried in victory.

Expert’s OpinionsEdit

Although Genghis Khan had the advantage of better armor, sword and bow, he is still outmatched by Red Cloud’s lance and firearm. Both were great tacticians, and while Genghis Khan managed to create one of the biggest empires in the world, Red Cloud defeated a far more advanced foe who had guns and canons. His better tactics and experience ultimately earned Red Cloud victory.

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Battle vs Richard the Lionheart, Honda Tadakatsu, Yue Fei, Rashid ad-Din Sinan, Harald Hardrada & Gilles de Rais in the Ancient Real Life Grail War (by Wassboss) Edit


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