I was no chief and never had been, but because I had been more deeply wronged than others, this honor was conferred upon me, and I resolved to prove worthy of the trust.
— Geronimo

Geronimo was a Native American medicine man and war leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribes. Born on June 16, 1829, Geronimo was given the title "Goyakhla", "one who yawns." After Mexicans attacked Geronimo's camp and killed his family, the Native American rose up and raided Mexican and American towns and people. He had a strong desire to push Americans out of the West. Geronimo evolved into a revolutionary and spiritual leader who raised the Apaches against Americans during the American Indian Wars. In 1886, after being pursued by the 4th Cavalry, Geronimo along with some of his own tribesmen were captured and made into prisoners of war. After being released from imprisonment, Geronimo fell ill of pneumonia and died of his sickness on February 17, 1909.

Battle vs. Giuseppe Garibaldi (by Omnicube1)Edit

Geronimo is performing a healing ritual around the tribal fire to heal the wounded from a recent battle against white settlers. Rifle fire rings out and a wounded warrior is struck in the head. Innocent tribe-members flee and scream in terror. Giuseppe Garibaldi smirks as he pulls back the bolt on his Dreyse Needle Gun. Geronimo makes his stand and draws his Winchester Model 1876 and fires at the shadowy figure just above the hill. The bullets fly by as Giuseppe steps forward and unloads the rifle bullets he carries. As he tries to reload, Geronimo drops his lever-action rifle and draws his Apache Bow and Arrow. He lets to arrows fly simultaneously. One strikes Garibaldi in the lower calf but he snaps it in two and proceeds forward, Akimbo Leone Revolvers in both of his hands. He fires one after another. Geronimo is struck in the shoulder and falls back in pain. He musters his strength, aims his bow, and fires another arrow at Giuseppe. The arrow takes the hat off of the Italian's head. As he tries to pick up his hat, Geronimo charges at him with his Tomahawk. He takes a swing but Garibaldi nimbly draws his Sabre and deflects the blow. Garibaldi hacks and stabs but the crafty Native American slips by them. Geronimo counters by kicking Giuseppe in the stomach and slashes at his chest. The blade pierces skin and blood is shed. Garibaldi collapses to his knees. Believing he is severely wounded, Geronimo steps toward the Italian, drops his Tomahawk, and offers his hand. Giuseppe mutters, "Babbeo" and grabs Geronimo's arm and pulls him toward him. Garibaldi grabs his Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol and fires. The lead ball pierces the medicine man's stomach. He collapses and blood spills from his lips. Spectating tribesmen and women gaze and horror. Several make their way to their leader's body and carry it away to the forest. Realizing what he has done, Garibaldi breaks down and mourns the death of his opponent.

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Battle vs. Pancho Villa (by Crow Woyeck)Edit

The battle starts under a tree at Pancho Villa's campsite, where four Villistas are inspecting their weapons and Pancho slicing, and eating a pomegranate with his bolo knife. Not far away, Geronimo and four Apache come over the hill, himself and two other Apache mounted on horseback. Villa and his Villistas look over to the hill just as Geronimo and his men give loud war whoops. Sensing a fight, Pancho orders his men to arm up as he sheaths his bolo. As the Apaches charge forth firing their repeating Henry rifles, the Villistas take defensive positions and return fire with their repeating Winchester rifles. As one Villistas rides into the middle of the field, another takes aim with his Colt Bisley and fires, killing one of the other mounted Apache who slumps down in his saddle. As the Villista rides towards the Apache, he is fatally shot by Geronimo using his Henry rifle, and falls down from his horse. The Villa Revolutionaries continue to fire until the Apache come too close for comfort. The Mexicans retreat from their campsite for better cover, with Villa mounting a horse and escaping. Geronimo regroups with his fellow men and gives celebratory war whoops to each other. The remaining four Native Americans then decide to split up into two groups: Geronimo and the other mounted Apache on horseback, and the other two Apache on foot. An unknown amount of time passes as seen by clouds moving overhead. In a nearby field, Geronimo and his fellow brave have dismounted and are navigating the tall grass with rifles in hand. The other Apache suddenly steps on a large twig, giving their position to the other two Villistas. Behind tree cover, one of the Villistas fires his Winchester and shoots the other Apache in the head. Geronimo ducks down and disappears into the grass. The Villistas cautiously wait for Geronimo to make his move, with one of them shooting into the grass with his Bisley. The Apache chief, moving, and camouflaged, reappears and aims his Colt, shooting the Villista with the Winchester in the eye. The other Villista fires his Bisley at the Apache chief as he makes a run for his life. Geronimo quickly holsters his revolver and gives chase. Meanwhile, in the forest, the natives follow Pancho and the last Villista, cornering them behind trees. Both revolutionaries pull out their Colt Bisleys and fire, shooting one of the natives as he rises from cover and draws his revolver. While Pancho has a shootout with the other native, the other revolutionary attempts to reload his gun, only to be shot in the neck by Geronimo who appears right behind the two Mexicans. Geronimo draws a bead on Pancho but discovers he has depleted the last of his Colt ammo and readies his war club, preparing to get the drop on the Mexican general. Pancho stops firing at the last Apache brave as he sees his last Villista run up behind him and run him through with his bolo knife. The Villista then runs past Villa, and noticing Geronimo, charges at him. A blow to the head from his war club quickly puts him down as he pulls out a knife in his other hand. Takes aim and swings the heavy Bolo knife, hitting the floor as the Geronimo dodges and gets set up for a counter-attack. The Geronimo goes in for a swing with the War club, but Pancho counters with a swing that hits the Native American in the back, sending him reeling. Pancho swings again, but the Geronimo ducks under and quickly stabs Pancho in the side with his Knife. Pancho goes in for another swing, but misses as the Geronimo ducks and goes in for two more stabs. While Pancho is stunned, the Geronimo buries it into the neck of Pancho. Pancho slumps to the ground dead as the Geronimo removes his hat and cuts off the man's scalp with his Scalping Knife. Victorious, the Geronimo, shouts as he holds the bloody scalp on high. Winner Geronimo

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