I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles, and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, follow me.
— Giuseppe Garibaldi

Giuseppe Garibaldi was a major political and military figure during the early beginnings of the Kingdom of Italy. In the young years of his life, Garibaldi joined revolutionary groups like the Carbonari. He also served as an expeditionary, travelling the world with the Italian army setting colonies in South America. After his expedition, Garibaldi returned home amongst revolution. He fought for Charles Albert of Sardinia. However, his force was defeated and Italy could not liberate itself from Austrian grips. Again, Garibaldi was defeated during the Second Italian War of Independence. However, during the Expedition of the Thousand, Garibaldi along with a force of volunteers united Italy and helped to form the Kingdom of Italy.

Battle vs. Geronimo (by Omnicube1)Edit

Geronimo is performing a healing ritual around the tribal fire to heal the wounded from a recent battle against white settlers. Rifle fire rings out and a wounded warrior is struck in the head. Innocent tribe-members flee and scream in terror. Giuseppe Garibaldi smirks as he pulls back the bolt on his Dreyse Needle Gun. Geronimo makes his stand and draws his Winchester Model 1876 and fires at the shadowy figure just above the hill. The bullets fly by as Giuseppe steps forward and unloads the rifle bullets he carries. As he tries to reload, Geronimo drops his lever-action rifle and draws his Apache Bow and Arrow. He lets to arrows fly simultaneously. One strikes Garibaldi in the lower calf but he snaps it in two and proceeds forward, Akimbo Leone Revolvers in both of his hands. He fires one after another. Geronimo is struck in the shoulder and falls back in pain. He musters his strength, aims his bow, and fires another arrow at Giuseppe. The arrow takes the hat off of the Italian's head. As he tries to pick up his hat, Geronimo charges at him with his Tomahawk. He takes a swing but Garibaldi nimbly draws his Sabre and deflects the blow. Garibaldi hacks and stabs but the crafty Native American slips by them. Geronimo counters by kicking Giuseppe in the stomach and slashes at his chest. The blade pierces skin and blood is shed. Garibaldi collapses to his knees. Believing he is severely wounded, Geronimo steps toward the Italian, drops his Tomahawk, and offers his hand. Giuseppe mutters, "Babbeo" and grabs Geronimo's arm and pulls him toward him. Garibaldi grabs his Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol and fires. The lead ball pierces the medicine man's stomach. He collapses and blood spills from his lips. Spectating tribesmen and women gaze and horror. Several make their way to their leader's body and carry it away to the forest. Realizing what he has done, Garibaldi breaks down and mourns the death of his opponent.

Expert's OpinionEdit

None written.

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Battle vs Vasil Levski (by Ssdmarista)Edit

Garibbaldi and 4 redshirts walk trought a forest.Levski and 4 of his men also walk trough the same forest.The Italians see them and think they are Austrian mercenaries so they take cover.Once the Bulgarians show up The italians open fire with their rifles killing a Bulgarian.The Bulgarians fire back with their berdans and kill an Italian.The battle lasts like this until the only ones remaniang was Garibaldi and a Redshirt and Levski and a Rebel.Both sides run out of ammo so they pull out their revolvers.The last Redshirt fires with his revolver until he runs out of ammo so Garibaldi gives him one of his guns and some ammo.The last Rebel is killed and Levski decides to abush the italians.Levski ambush kills the last Redshirt with his Blunderbuss pistol and gets shot in the leg by Garibaldi's Flintlock.Levski pulls out his saber and uses it to throw the gun from Garibaldi's hand.Garibaldi also pulls out his saber and they start a duel.Levski gets the upper hand but just before he can finish garibaldi he is called by a messinger that they need his help.Levski goes with the messinger and an italian horseman shows up and asks Garibaldi:Siete,Signore bene?(Are you alright sir?) to witch Garibaldi respnded:Si,Sono,Andiamo a casa(yes i am let's go home)


Expert's Opinion Edit

Garibaldi was well trained and Levski was a brave and powerful warrior but in the end they both had the same technology

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