Among the rest was one detestable monster, named Goëmagot in stature twelve cubits , and of such prodigious strength that at one shake he pulled up an oak as if it had been a hazel wand.
— Geoffrey of Monmouth, "The History of the Kings of Britain."

Named after the Biblical demons Gog and Magog, Gogmagog ruled over the giants who inhabited Albion (the old name for Britain) before human habitation. Gogmagog ruled through strength, and jealously defended his country against outsiders.

When a group of Trojan refugees came to Albion after their loss in the Trojan War, Gogmagog and his giants came to meet them. The other giants were soon repulsed, but Gogmagog remained, engaging the Trojan Corineus in a fearsome wrestling match. Eventually, Corienus overpowered Gogmagog and threw him from a cliff-top into the sea. The Trojans soon defeated all the other giants, and Gogmagog's downfall is still celebrated today.

Battle vs. Goliath (Abrahamism) (by CuchulainSetanta)Edit

In ancient Albion, the army of the Philistines confronts an army of giants. The armies greatest champions, Goliath and Gogmagog, have agreed to single combat, and now stand facing each other. Gogmagog lets out a bloodcurdling roar, but Goliath remains unfazed. The Philistine champion readies his javelin, and hurls it. Gogmagog sees it coming and tries to dodge, but is too slow, being struck in the side.

Infuriated, Gogmagog picks up a large boulder, tossing it at Goliath. Goliath is quicker, ducking under the projectile. He moves in with his spear, dodging another thrown boulder. Gogmagog readies his oak tree club, clashing with the other giant. Neither warrior is able to strike the other, but Gogmagog soon breaks Goliath's spear with a mighty blow.

Goliath slams Gogmagog in the chest with his shield, gaining an opening to draw his sword. Gogmagog, in turn, draws his stone axe, moving in to clash again. This time, it is Goliath who has the advantage, disarming his enemy. Gogmagog counterattacks, slamming his fists into Goliath's shield arm, breaking it. Goliath cries out in pain and Gogmagog regains his axe, moving in for the kill. Just before he can strike, however, Goliath turns, slashing Gogmagog across the chest. The giant falls to his knees, allowing Goliath to stab him through the neck. The other Albion giants look on in horror as Goliath turns to his men and gives a victory cry.

Winner: Goliath

Expert's OpinionEdit

While Gogmagog was much larger and stronger than Goliath, the latter had training, superior armor, and greater intelligence that enabled him to prevail over his opponent who was not using any real effective weapons.

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