You can't foresee all the consequences of your actions -- But that's no excuse to do nothing.
— Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan was born in Coast City, California as the second son to Martin and Jessica Jordan. When Jordan was a young boy, his father Martin died in a plane crash at Ferris Air Field while testing a plane. Hal eventually joined the United States Air Force when he was eligible, despite his family's wishes and became a pilot. Years later, after he was discharged from the Air Force and was working as a test pilot, Hal came across a dying alien named Abin Sur, Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Hal had been chosen to represent Sector 2814 in the Green Lantern Corps. Eventually, other Lanterns from Earth were chosen as backups. they are John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner. Hal was also a founding member of the Justice League, along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. With his ring, Hal Jordan can create virtually anything he can think of, as long as his will remains strong. Some of his more notable enemies include Sinestro of the Sinestro Corps, Carol Ferris of the Star Sapphires, and Atrocitus of the Red Lanterns.

Battle vs. Iron Man (Comics) (by Drayco90)Edit

The orbital Caligula Station was eerie in its dead silence. The normal buzz and chatter of the busy bazaar and news hub had all but stopped when the universes had been merged. The station had drifted from its normal course and now circled about the little blue planet, Earth- the center of the multiverse. The station had already been seized as an asset of the Green Lantern Corps, who quickly chased away all of the scum and villainy that dwelled within the hive. However, between the Sinestro Corp’s alliance with The Hand and the forces of Galactus contending with their already pressed army, the Green Lanterns had all but abandoned the facility, with only a few on site at a time for some drinks in-between deployments.

“Great.” Though Tony Stark, as he stepped foot into the facility. “This is the last time I listen to that Wilson idiot for a nice place to have a little fun.”

The Armored Avenger had been testing a new suit design back home, on Earth. He didn’t need one with his Bleeding Edge armor being the pinnacle of technology, but it kept him busy, at least. He was easily spotted amongst the rising columns and empty disc-like platforms of the station, as his armor was needed to break through the atmosphere and reach the dark void of space Caligula drifted upon. The bright red and gold shone clear through the dead of the Station.

After a few hours stumbling about the massive and confusing layout, finding a disturbing number of shoe stores, Stark finally found a place to pique his interests. A fluorescent light shone through the darkness, and the sound of electricity and quiet music hummed from it. The Broken Blade. It was clearly a bar of some sort, and that was good enough for Stark. He wasn’t an alcoholic anymore, but he had to admit that the taste of some fine Asgardian wine or even some of that stuff they had on Hala really tickled his fancy. Intergalactic bar? You could sign Tony Stark up for that.

He entered the bar slowly- it seemed just as empty as the rest of the station at first- no bartender or customer in sight. The only thing of note he could see, was the strange Green Flag hanging from the original menu, obscuring it. From the back room, exited a figure, clad in a green and black suit the stuck out almost as clearly as the armor Stark wore now. The same symbol that decorated the flag was upon his chest. The figure dropped his drink immediately, bringing up his white-gloved hand as if it were a weapon, his ring began to glow a bright green.

“Stop right there!” He shouted. “My name is Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of Sector 2814- and this station currently falls with my district of jurisdiction! You are in possession of unregistered weapons technology, surrender now, and you may not have to go all the way to Oa for screening!”

Stark quickly raised his hand, the repulsor in his palm sprang to life. “I’m uh, I’m sorry, Hal, was it? I have a little ‘problem’ with authority- that won’t be a problem, will it officer?” he sarcastically replied- he had fought enough legal battles to keep his work his, and he wasn’t about to let some cowboy cop from some loony bin take it from him now.

“I will ask you one. Final. Time. I’m really, really not in a negotiable mood right now, so just put your weapons down and I don’t have to hurt you.”

“And Cage said I was the one burning the constitution.” Stark murmured. “What happened to my rights. You know ‘anything I say can and will be put on television and make me more fangirls’, or however that’s supposed to go.”

Hal was already tired of the man that stood before him, and after the news he just received not an hour earlier, the belligerent jerk before him was truly the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Lantern threw his fist forward, and immediately a boxing glove of glowing light and energy burst forth from nothing. The glove slammed into Stark’s chestplate, knocking him to the ground. It wasn’t a very powerful attack, but it surprised the Avenger.

“What the Hell was that?!” Iron Man shouted, half to himself in his surprise.

“Behold- Green Lantern’s light!” Hal shouted in response. “I warned you not to keep pressing me, but now I’m taking you down the hard way!” “Green Lantern, huh? I think I used to eat your cereal back when I was a kid.” Stark joked as he picked himself up. “But buddy, let me show you exactly why the criminals of New York call me the INVINCIBLE Iron Man!”

Iron Man activated the thrusters on his feet, rushing forward at the Green Lantern with a charging attack. Hal tried to summon up a brick wall from his power ring, but the construct wasn’t made fast enough, and Stark collided straight through, shattering it. The Bleeding Edge armor barreled into the Lantern, bringing him to the ground. Hal coughed out in pain as the heavy armor pinned him to the ground. He began to gather energy at the tip of his ring, holding it there, creating a sphere of light, even as Iron Man delivered a crushing punch to his face. He felt his nose shatter beneath the weight of the powerful armor, but his will was undeterred, even as blood ran across his jaw. With a shout, he delivered a counter punch, the sphere of light bursting upon the surface of Stark’s faceplate.

Iron Man flew into the ceiling of The Broken Blade with a slam, part of his faceplate had blown away completely, leaving Tony Stark’s naked eye and part of his moustache visible. Stark threw his arm up and fired a few repulsor blasts at the Lantern, but this time Hal was fast enough to throw up a brick wall construct to defend himself against the blows, which impacted harmlessly on the surface. Hal then thrust his fist forward and the brick wall knocked Iron Man into the side of the Bar and trapped him there. Struggling against the construct, the Avenger reached out his armored gauntlet and gripped at a beer bottle on the counter. Gripping it tightly, he threw it at Hal’s head. The bottle shattered harmlessly, but it distracted Hal enough for the construct to waver. As soon Stark landed on the ground, he fired off a massive beam of destruction from his chest, tearing into the stunned Lantern and sending him flying.

“Unibeam. For when every last asshole in a room needs to go down right this second.” Stark smirked. “Never leave home without it.” He touched the side of his helmet, opening up a com line back to his mansion. “Hey, Jarvis? Tell Danny Rand I’ll be able to make it over for that dinner party like we planned after-”

Stark was interrupted as a massive green hammer smashed into his back, throwing him into the shelves of brews. Alcohol from various planets and cosmos dripped, wasted, across Iron Man’s slumped form. Stark grumbled in irritation as he wiped the booze from his exposed face and brushed off parts of his armor.

Hal stood before his foe. He was strong, that was sure, but he was over-confident. Arrogant. He felt like he did when he first joined the Corps when he was needled by this man’s snarky asides and jokes. He raised his power ring and created a set of hand cuffs and a barrier over the port in Iron Man’s chest. He was restrained, by all of Hal’s willpower, holding him in place. At first Stark struggled, but he soon realized that his Repulsors were useless behind his back, and his Unibeam wasn’t going to go off. Reacting quickly, a small weapon popped out of his shoulder panel. It fired a series of darts in a silenced burst that pierced the Lantern’s chest and stomach. Hal staggered back, allowing Stark to free one of his hands. A powerful repulsor blast knocked Jordan off his feet, just in time for Iron Man to grab one of his legs with both freed hands, spinning him in a mighty throw. As Jordan sailed through the air, he crashed through the window of the Broken Blade before using his ring to steady himself in flight. Activating his thrusters Iron Man flew out to meet him.

The two heroes traded blows mid-air for a few brief moments, before Stark managed to grab onto Hal’s arm. The Lantern was confused at first, but was quickly overwhelmed with pain as the enhanced strength of the Bleeding Edge Armor snapped his arm like a twig. Hal’s ring arm hung loosely at his side, broken at the elbow, before Stark gripped his upper arm and roughly raised it quickly, dislocating it at the shoulder. As Hal began to fall through the labyrinth of pillars and platforms that made up Caligula Station, Stark made his final plans. He needed this to end- now. This jerk was interfering with the re-runs of Friends he watched with Pepper, not to mention his work.

Hal landed with a crash. Bleeding in multiple places, with his arm barely still attached at all. Iron Man’s heavy boot hit the ground with a metallic thud next to his ear. He wasn’t sure what would happen next, but he knew he couldn’t lose. He would not let this place be his grave. He could not let his friends sacrifice be in vain. He punched desperately at Iron Man’s leg, but he was helpless as Iron Man grabbed his fist. With crushing force, Iron Man began to put all his strength, and after a few brief moments, a shattering sound was heard, followed by the sinking of Hal’s heart. The Green Lantern power ring was cracked, right down the middle, shattering the logo of the Corps. Jordan looked upon it with equal horror and confusion, as Iron Man left his broken, beaten opponent on the floor of the Caligula Station.

WINNER- Tony "Iron Man" Stark

But in the back room of The Broken Blade, an empty conference table stood. Upon it were three files. The first read simply “We regret to inform you that your friends- Guy Gardner, Tomar-Re and Ch’p were slain during the recent Attack on Gilbroome. The Red Lanterns descended on the team and, along with six other Lanterns, and they were unable to repel them.” The second paper, even more disturbing. “The cosmic entity known only as ‘Galactus’ has been found upon a course to Mogo. We do not have sufficient forces to be assured in our ability to halt its advance.” But the final paper was an official notice. The alliance between the Hand and the Sinestro Corps appeared to be prepared to invade Oa itself…

Expert's OpinionEdit

Even though Green Lantern packed some serious firepower in terms of his ring, he lacked the creativity to put his limitless arsenal to good effect. Iron Man, while he was more limited to weapons on his person, had the creativity and inteligence to put that rather small arsenal to his advantage. Also, Iron Man could simply clear flat out distances better than Lantern could, which coupled with his brains and great strength made a very deadly combination. Ultimately, Iron Man was the more prepared, stronger, and smarter warrior of the two.

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Battle vs. Blodhgarm (by Seventh ARB)Edit

The DC Team heads forward... and Before them, they see a wolf-man highbreed along with three dragons flying over him...

Batman looks around... "Somethings not okay..."

Blodhgram comes forward with Firnen, Saphira and Thorn close behind him... 

From over Saphira, Eragon shouts to Blodhgram "Hey, someones comming... Better we check them out..."

Blodhgram "Leave it to me..."

Meanwhile, Green Lantern speaks to his companions... "Leave this to me..."

Suddenly, a green beam of light speed up through the mountains towards his heart… He somehow dodged the ray and it hit the tree behind him, immediately crushing it. Another beam appeared just after that, and this time, with no time to dodge, he simply shouted Letta and the beam slowed down a bit… “That should have stopped the attack, what the hell is this beam?” He thought as he dodged aside this beam. Then again, another such beam came from above his head, leaving even less time to dodge… Though he somehow jumped out of the way, the beam struck his left foot, and fractured his ankle joint… Clouded with the sensation of pain, he somehow managed to whisper Waise heil and the pain subsided, than completely disappeared. He looked up and finally laid his eyes on his opponent… The Green Lantern was flying overhead. He shouted a death spell against him, but it did not work, some kind of green aura protected him… “Who are you and why have you brought us here?” Jordan shouted? “I should be asking you the same…” Blodhgarm shouted back. Than Blodhgarm shouted up in the ancient tongue and took to the sky… Jordan, surprised at his opponent’s flight, did not notice a blue hand coming fast towards his jaw till the attack hit him… temporarily dazed by the attack, the green lantern fell backwards and another kick from Blodhgarm sent him flying in the sky… He landed on the terrace of the Empire State Building… The pain of the crash brought back his sense of reality and this time, he was able to bring up a shield of light as Blodhgarm tried to punch him again. “Not so fast buddy, you are facing Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps” and he tied up his right arm with the light from his ring… Blodhgarm drew up his sword… “You are the third human I have ever drawn my sword against, after Galbotratrix and Eragon” “I am honoured” Jordan threw a punch at Blodhgarm with unexpected speed… He had no time to dodge; just put up his left hand in defense… the punch easily fractured his arms in multiple positions… Hal smiled at his opponent’s cry of anguish… “Give up now and I will not have to let you suffer more pain…” “Like the hell you will…” Blodhgarm shouted as he lifted his sword with his good arm and started attacking Hal fiercely. They were at par with each other, till Hal felt a piercing sensation on his mind, and suddenly memories started floating into his head, confusing him… These memories were not his… A young elf running around in a strange forest… Blodhgarm quickly slashed his sword at Jordan putting a big bruise on his left arm, cutting his ulna bone into two halves… Hal shouted in pain but suddenly he was in a different world again, war in a war, the same elf, now grown up and having blue fur running around in a battle field, killing his opponents fiercely… his side was surely losing the battle, a black huge dragon blowing fire over them, and the elves retreating in fear He again returned to this world with a great blow to his chest with the hilt of Blodhgarm’s sword, cracking a couple of his ribs… Hal then somehow managed to land a blow to his opponent’s chest, but the blow wasn’t strong enough… Blodhgarm smiled, as he prepared to strike a final blow to the green lantern’s neck… breaking into Hal’s mind and sending memories of the first war with Galbotratrix proved to be a perfect distraction… moreover he was able to read his opponent’s attack pattern because of that… Suddenly, his bliss was ended as he felt immense pain in his chest, like a sword going through his lungs all the way through his back… Shoving, he looked down and saw a sword ,of the same green material the beams were made, coming out of Jordan’s ring and stabbing his chest… Blodhgarm fell down, exhausted, beaten up, but his will was not defeated… May his ring break into pieces, he spoke in the ancient language and Hal’s ring broke into pieces… “NO! What have you done?” Blodhgarm, somehow stood up, destroying the ring had taken a lot more energy than he had expected… He could no longer use magic… “Die…” Blodhgarm shouted as he pushed Jordan off the ledge of the building and they both fell down in amazing speeds… Green Lantern tried to fly but could not do so without his ring… At the last moment Blodhgarm whispered Letta and he floated up, as Jordan fell down to the ground below, with all his bones crushed. He was dead… The elf smiled, but within a moment the smile disappeared, the magic had used up too much of his energy… especially because he was too exhausted after destroying the ring… The spell broke, and Blodhgarm was already dead from overuse of magic, even before he hit the ground…

Match Draw

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Battle vs. Alex Mercer (by BeastMan14)Edit

Alex stood on top of a skyscraper, surveying the damage to the city. He would figure out what happened to him and he would get his vengeance on Blackwatch. He knew that much. Suddenly, a man cleared his throat, and Alex turned to see a man glowing green and floating. "Who are you?" Alex asked. "Hal Jordan, intergalactic Green Lantern core, and I'm putting you under arrest for acts of bio-terrorism." Hal lands next to Mercer,"So, pal, how's this gonna go? You gonna go quietly or you gonna oof!" Alex's Hammerfist collided with Hal's chest, sending him flying off the building. Alex turned away and prepared to glide off when Hal flew up and collided his own fist with Alex.

"Fine then. You wanna struggle? Bring it." Hal says as Alex pulls himself up. Alex grew a blade out of his arm, then charged at Hal, who generated two dueling swords and clashed blades furiously. "This all ya got?" Hal said as he suddenly generated a hammer and crushed Alex under it. "Stand down. Now." Hal said as he retracted the hammer and pulled Alex up. Mercer promptly used his whip fist to pull Hal close and slam him into the ground. "Ok. I'll give you that, but this has gone on long..." Hal drew back his arm, "ENOUGH!" He sent out a massive wall of energy, sending Alex flying off the building.

Hal flew down to see a massive mark where Alex landed, but no Mercer. He looked both ways, baffled at how someone like that could just vanish. Suddenly, a woman's screw rang out and Hal flew to where he heard it. He saw a woman laying on the ground, heavily injured. "Are you alright?" Hal asked to the downed woman, when she suddenly shifted to look like Mercer, who grabbed Hal by the throat and tossed him into the street. Alex's skin turned into an armor-like substance as he moved in to finish off Hal.

Jordan pulled himself up and summoned a massive sword, bringing it down onto Mercer, who grabbed it and with a show of great strength, tossed it aside and ran at Hal, who braced himself, then sent out a shield that Alex collided into a at full speed, sending him flying back. Hal shifted out of the shield, and stared down at Mercer, who had injured himself running into shield. Alex attempted to stand, but Hal said,"Don't think so!" And wrapped him in a green lantern energy shield, then constricted it, crushing Alex alive. He opened the shield and let Alex tumble out, dead. "It didn't have to end this way." Jordan says before flying away.

Winner: Hal Jordan

Expert's OpinionEdit

Hal won due to his far more versatile abilities which trumped Alex's devastating, but limited attacks.

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Battle vs. Darth Vader (Legends) (by MilitaryBrat)Edit

No battle written


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