And for the record, the first one that yells "Go Wildcats!" gets a boot up the butt!
— Grifter

There are various accounts of Cole's early youth: his father died while he was still young and Cole and his brother Max were raised by their mother and stepfather, with his mother dying when Cole was already an adult. However, his mother died while he was still young and he and his brother were raised by their father. It is certain though, that Cole left his family while still a teenager and turned to crime to survive. Despite being a criminal, Cole had his own code of honor and stopped one of his partners in crime from shooting at the police. Cole was arrested and offered a second chance. He was enlisted by International Operations and turned out to be a gifted marksman and an excellent soldier.

Battle vs the Vash the Stampede (by MrPacheco101)Edit

No Battle Written

Winner: Grifter

Expert's Opinion Edit


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