Being useful to the Grox is good for your survival
— The Grox

The Grox are a sentient species of cyborg aliens that are supposedly the most evil and hostile race in the galaxy. They are feared by every alien with a philosophy and an archetype. The Grox control a vast empire with 2400 star systems and inhabit anywhere near the Galactic Core.

Feared and hated by every empire in the galaxy, the Grox as a species are extremely delicate and weak and have only survived due to their incredible intelligence and technological advancement over other species. As they developed among incredibly hostile species, they themselves grew to believe that the only way to survive in the universe was through aggression and expansion. They are an ancient race, having been spacefaring for eons while nearly all other races weren't even sapient yet. Although their minimal senses and strength have been enhanced by cybernetic implants, they're still among the most feeble sapient lifeforms in the Galaxy, but make up for it with incredible military might, and the ability to prosper on barren planets.

Unlike most land creatures, Grox are intolerant of conditions survivable to other life forms. As such, they can only survive on T0 planets. If a planet's terrascore is raised, the planet cannot be inhabited by Grox unless anti-terraformed. It may be true that, since every religious artifact mentions that the Grox must be opposed, they are of another archetype; it would appear that they are an archetype unto themselves. For some reason they wish to see it that nobody gets to the Galactic Core, possibly to keep the Staff of Life hidden, so it cannot be used against them.

(Taken from Spore wiki)

Battle vs. The Furon (By Richard Starkey)Edit

A Squad of furon walked through a planet being infested by the grox. Nearby, a squad of dronox and insectrox led by a grox patrolled the wasteland. A dronox fell dead, shot by a Zap-o-matic(Grox:4 Furon: 5).

An insectrox clung to the furon's face and detonated (Grox: 3 Furon : 4) A Dronox stabbed a furon with lightening strike in the eye (Grox: 3 Furon: 3). The Grox killed a furon with pulse blast (Grox: 3 Furon: 2)

one of the remaining furon killed another dronox with his Zap-o-matic (Grox :2 Furon: 2)

Both sides retreated because of heavy losses

Winner: Tie (I know this battle sucks, but I really didn't feel like writing)

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