Freeze ray! Freeze ray! Freeze ray!
— Gru shooting his Freeze ray
Felonious Gru (Steve Carell) is a super-villain, operating out of his suburban home that serves as a front for an underground lair where he, his partner, Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), and thousands of short yellow minions plan their nefarious deeds. When Gru learns that another super-villain has stolen the Great Pyramid of Giza, his pride is injured, and he plans an even greater heist, stealing the Earth's moon, a plan he has had since childhood but discouraged by his mother (Julie Andrews). The prospect is quite expensive, and Gru seeks out a loan from the Bank of Evil ("formerly Lehman Brothers", as it says on the bank door). The Bank's president, Mr. Perkins (Will Arnett), initially refuses to extend Gru a loan, noting that he is much older than the super-villains of the day, but offers that if he can secure a shrink ray, the critical part of Gru's plan, the Bank will give Gru his loan.

Gru is able to steal a shrink ray from a classified East Asia facility, but it is stolen from him moments later by Vector (Jason Segel), a nerdy super-villain who is responsible for the Pyramid theft. Gru attempts to break into Vector's lair but is easily defeated by the numerous defenses. Taking a moment to re-plan, he watches as three orphan girls, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and Agnes (Elsie Fisher), enter Vector's lab with no difficulty to sell him cookies. Gru devises a scheme to use the girls to take in robotic cookies that can be used to disable the lair's defenses and allow him to steal the shrink ray. He adopts the three girls from the local orphanage, Miss Hattie's (Kristen Wiig) Home for Girls, falsifying his credentials, but has difficulty coming to nurture them properly between their own rambunctiousness, their ballet classes, and his own unwillingness to be a parent.

Gru is eventually able to set his plan in motion, and with the girls' help, retrieves the shrink ray. The girls suggest going to a theme park to celebrate, which Gru agrees to, seeing it as a way to abandon the girls. However, when he is forced to accompany the girls on one of the rides he finds himself coming around and enjoying his time. Gru and the girls spend the entire day at the park, Gru having warmed up to them.

With the shrink ray in hand, he contacts Perkins at the Bank and successfully shows his plan to steal the moon to him. Though Perkins is impressed by Gru's plan, he still refuses to give Gru a loan, stating that Gru's schemes always seem to fail and that the Bank is going to support a younger villian. Perkins then calls Vector, who is revealed to be Perkins's son, to his office and informs him that Gru has stolen the shrink ray from him. Encouraged by the girls who want to see Gru succeed by giving him the few coins in their piggy bank, Gru decides to scavenge parts from his lair to construct the rocket that will take him to the moon. Gru plans to launch on the day the moon is in the best position in Earth's orbit, but which happens to be the same day of the girls' ballet recital. Dr. Nefario feels that Gru is not focused in his mission and the girls are becoming the major distraction, so he calls Miss Hattie telling her that Gru wants to return the girls, which he sadly does when Miss Hattie arrives.

Gru launches his rocket and successfully shrinks the moon, and sees he has time to make it to the girls' recital. By the time he lands the recital is over, but Vector has left a ransom note, having kidnapped the girls and demanding the moon in exchange for the girls. Matters are made worse when Dr. Nefario realizes that "The larger the mass of the object, the quicker the effect's of the shrink ray wear off". Gru instantly commits to the exchange but Vector reneges on the deal, taking both the moon and the girls in his own ship. As the shrink ray's effect wears off and the moon expands, Gru, Dr. Nefario, and the minions launch a rescue operation in mid-air. Gru and his allies are able to save the three girls just as the expansion of the moon engages Vector's ship hyper jump into space. The moon returns to its original size in its orbit, destroying Vector's ship and stranding him on its surface with a space helmet.

Some time later, Gru has readopted the girls and treats them as his family, and he writes them a bedtime storybook framed around his own experience. The girls perform their own ballet recital for Gru, his mother, Dr. Nefario, and the minions, with the movie ending as they all get on stage to dance.

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Battle vs. Megamind (by The Deadliest Warrior)Edit

Gru: PurplePurplePurplePurplePurple

Megamind: OrangeOrangeOrangeOrangeOrange

Megamind is deep within his secret lair, tinkering on his newest weapon. Behind him, three of his flying "Brain Bots" hover guard. Loyal Minion also stands watch, holding a Dehydration Gun. He also holds the keys to the Invisible Car. "Are you almost ready, sir?" Minion asks.

"Yes!" Megamind declares. "Soon all of Metrocity will tremble in fear of... MEGAMIND!"

Outside, Gru, Dr. Nefarious, and three of his yellow minions prepare to break in. "Look, guys," Gru preps his men, "I know that in the past few days, things have not been going according to... plan. Well, I've found out there's this guy who's trying to run us out of business with a new weapon. So we're here to steal it. Everyone ready?" Gru's minions cheer. One takes out an RPG. Dr. Nefarious puts on his goggles and holds the "Dart" Gun.

"Uh, Nefarious, why did you bring that?" Gru asks. "Never mind, let's just go!"

Megamind is dancing in premature victory when suddenly an explosion blasts open the wall behind him. An alarm goes off and he whips around, coughing as the dust settles. A beam of light shoots through the debris, and one of the flying robots crumbles into a pile of dust.Orange "Who is this new challenger?" Megamind declares, a grin playing upon his face. Another shot misses and hits the ceiling above him.

Gru steps in and cocks the piranha gun. "Let's just say that I'm the new guy."

Megamind reaches over and whips the Dehydration Ray gun out, and fires. One of Gru's minions pops into a tiny ice cube. His weapon clatters to the floor. Purple The flying robots swarm at Dr. Nefarious and poke and prod him with their sharp pincers. The old man waves them away and looks around. Megamind and Minion are gone.

One of Gru's minions, with the RPG, shoots the missile and blows up another robot.Orange The last robot zips over and pierces him right in between the eyes. The minion gasps, drops the rocket, and falls backward as his eyes roll up into his head. Purple Gru, with his Shrink Ray, miniaturizes the robot and Dr. Nefarious steps on the tiny scrap of metal with a satisfying crunch.Orange

Gru walks over to the table and sees the new weapon - the Sun's Heat Ray. "Look, Nefarious, you guard this while Phil and I go and see where the new guys went." he says.

"I'm on it!" Nefarious says, and he stands there with his "Dart" Gun. Behind him, the screen shows a message that he doesn't notice: SUN RAY - WARMING UP.

As Gru and the minion head deeper into the lab, the minion gives out a cry and goes flying in the air for seemingly no reason at all. He stands up, dazed, but now a car's engine can be heard. Gru pulls out the Pirhana Gun and shoots several times, and one of the fish flops around in seemingly mid-air. The minion walks over and taps on Megamind's invisible car. Suddenly, AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" blazes and the car doors open. Megamind kicks the minion in the face with his spiked boots and steps on him, finishing him off.Purple Megamind grins and from in the car Minion says, "Should I finish off the old man, sir?"

"Yes, Minion, that would be delightful," Megamind says.

"Very good sir," Minion replies, and he clambers into the driver's seat before he shuts the car door and drives toward Nefarious' position. Megamind looks over at Gru and says, "Now it's time to finish what we started boy!"

Meanwhile, Minion charges from the car at Nefarious, who pulls out his "Dart" Gun and sprays Minion with gas. Minion covers his face, but at that moment the computer says aloud, "WARM UP COMPLETE."

"Uh-oh..." Minion says. Suddenly a huge blast of heat and light blasts down onto the lab, frying Minion and Nefarious instantly.OrangePurple Gru and Megamind are both knocked to the floor.

As Megamind starts to get up, he feels a boot on his chest. Looking up, he sees Gru aiming down at him with the disintegrator ray. Megamind reaches for the Dehydration gun, but Gru kicks it aside. "Not this time," Gru sneers, and he fries Megamind into a pile of ashes. Only his spiked boots are left.OrangeGru looks around, takes a deep breath, and shakes his head. "You've got to be kidding me," he says. He goes back to the destroyed lab and takes what weapons he can before he leaves the building in smoky ruins.


Expert's OpinoinEdit

Gru won because while he may have had slightly inferior weapons, he was determined and ready to kill his enemy in the blink of the eye, whereas Megamind found it hard to actually pull the finishing trigger.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

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