Peace is nothing but a result of war.
— Heero Yuy
I was unaware of the function when I was in that cockpit unit... In order to win against the Mobile Dolls, human emotion is negated... The system amplifies a pilot's brainwaves for fighting and demands battle results greater than the pilot could normally achieve... Maybe it was the same for me back then... Heero, it's mistaken! This Gundam is a mistake!
— Quatre Raberba Winner

XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero was designed by the five Gundam engineers fifteen years prior to the events of the Eve Wars, the Wing Zero is the ancestor of the five Operation Meteor Gundams (Wing, Deathscythe, Heavyarms, Sandrock, and Shenlong). Designed with "perfect victory" in mind, it boasts exceptional abilities and is one of the two suits which utilize the ZERO System (the other being Epyon), but because of this dangerous mental interface, it was never built until Quatre Raberba Winner desperately built it following his father's death. Like the Wing Gundam, it can transform into a high-speed flight mode dubbed "Neo-Bird Mode". Further, its twin buster rifle has more than twice the output of the Wing Gundam's buster rifle, giving it enough power to destroy an entire space colony or resource satellite in a single shot.

Battle vs. Godzilla (Heisei) (by MrPacheco101)Edit

No battle Writen


Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a very close battle. While the Gundam could fly, was much more agile, and had hard hitting weapons, Godzilla was bigger and stronger, which enabled him to just grab the Gundam and tear it apart. Godzilla was just too durable for Gundam Wing Zero.

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Battle vs. Freedom Gundam (by FilBox101)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit


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