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I will find a way or I'll make a way.
— Hannibal, about crossing the Alps

Hannibal Barca, son of Hamilcar Barca, was a Carthaginian military commander and tactician. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest military commanders in recorded history. His father, Hamilcar Barca, was the leading Carthaginian commander during the First Punic War, his younger brothers were Mago and Hasdrubal, and he was brother-in-law to Hasdrubal the Fair.

Hannibal lived during a period of great tension in the Mediterranean, when the Roman Republic established its supremacy over other great powers such as Carthage, the Hellenistic kingdoms of Macedon, Syracuse, and the Seleucid empire. One of his most famous achievements was at the outbreak of the Second Punic War, when he marched an army, which included war elephants, from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps into northern Italy. In his first few years in Italy, he won three dramatic victories — Trebia, Trasimene, and Cannae — and won over many allies of Rome. Hannibal occupied much of Italy for 15 years, but a Roman counter-invasion of North Africa forced him to return to Carthage, where he was decisively defeated by Scipio Africanus at the Battle of Zama. Scipio had studied Hannibal's tactics and brilliantly devised some of his own, and finally defeated Rome's nemesis at Zama having previously driven Hasdrubal, Hannibal's brother, out of the Iberian Peninsula.

After the war, Hannibal successfully ran for the office of suffete. He enacted political and financial reforms to enable the payment of the war indemnity imposed by Rome. However, Hannibal's reforms were unpopular with members of the Carthaginian aristocracy and in Rome, and he fled into voluntary exile. During this time, he lived at the Seleucid court, where he acted as military adviser to Antiochus III in his war against Rome. After Antiochus met defeat at Magnesia and was forced to accept Rome's terms, Hannibal fled again, making a stop in Armenia. His flight ended in the court of Bithynia, where he achieved an outstanding naval victory against a fleet from Pergamum. He was afterwards betrayed to the Romans and commited suicide by poisoning himself.

Often regarded as the greatest military tactician and strategist in European history, Hannibal would later be considered one of the greatest generals of antiquity,[citation needed] together with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Scipio, and Pyrrhus of Epirus. Plutarch states that, when questioned by Scipio as to who was the greatest general, Hannibal is said to have replied either Alexander or Pyrrhus, then himself, or, according to another version of the event, Pyrrhus, Scipio, then himself. Military historian Theodore Ayrault Dodge once famously called Hannibal the "father of strategy", because his greatest enemy, Rome, came to adopt elements of his military tactics in its own strategic arsenal. This praise has earned him a strong reputation in the modern world, and he was regarded as a "great strategist" by men like Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington.

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Battle vs. Zombies (by GSFB)Edit

forty miles from Carthage, Hannibal rides on a war elephant. Having four other elephants with him, ten cavalry and 25 ground troops behind, he sees and hears no reason to fear, until he rides past a meek forest, and witnesses 2000 moaning zombies. 1999 of them surround and move around 1, a female dressed on odd clothing and holding up a microphone with a severed cord dangling below it.

Hannibal sees the individual zombie wearing a bloodstained belt, with writing in a tongue he could not identify:


As his force leaves the covering of the trees the female Zombie points to the Carthaginians and moans, in a voice so lovely and haunting it made Hannibal think of the sirens of Odysseus. The Zombie horde turns around, and together they moan and walk towards the force. Hannibal asseses the situation and commands a charge.

Immediately 5 war elephants charge towards the Zombies. With a signal from Hannibal his cavalry mass on the elephant's flanks and charge out, readying their soliferums. The infantry walks forwards in a tight Phalanx formation. Within a matter of moments, the elephants and Zombies collide:

Immediately zombies are tossed high into the air, crushed under elephant foot or by flicks of elephant trunk, or impaled by elephant tusks. Soliferums rain down from the elephants, and though zombies not wounded in the head survive, 400 of them are either killed or crippled by the time the elephant breach the back of the zombie horde.

The cavalry, at the same time, lets loose a barrage of soliferums, and then the cavalry captains order a charge into the fray, spears and swords ready. Not noticing yet the fact that the zombies are immune to all but a head shot, they do not last long within the horde. Horses panic, men are pulled down, and the zombies add to their numbers.

The Infantry then engage the Zombies. At first the troops are spooked when the zombies survive being rammed through with Sarissa or the Cavalry and Elephant rider's soliferums, but when their captain notices that they are felled by headshot or crippled by decapitation, he orders his men to forgo the sarissas and strike out with their Falcatas, telling them to hit the heads.Though the zombie numbers are great, the Carthaginians manage to hack their way into the undead horde.

After getting the elephants to turn around, Hannibal orders another elephant charge. Although now without soliferums, the elephants crush many more Zombies underfoot as they blow through, finally piercing the front of the Zombie horde like ancient cruise missiles.

It is then that the infantry begins to collapse. the gore being flung by the falcata strikes are laced with Zombie virus, and most of the soldiers are now covered. Soon several fall dead, only to revive and join in the Zombie attack. the Phalanx collapses, every man fights for himself, and before the third charge of Hannibal's is finished all the infantry are mindless walking dead!

Hannibal prepares a fourth charge. He intends now to head towards the odd female zombie, the one with the odd belt writing. He hadn't decided yet as to whether it was the devil or an angel, but either way he was going to destroy it, this abomination that somehow gave him a "Hummingbird Heartbeat"! After the charge he planned to enter Carthage and amass a force to exterminate this hellish brood. He ordered the charge.

Hundreds more Zombies fall as the elephants draw near. Just before Hannibal's elephant reaches the mysterious undead woman, however, she sings a wordless harmony, a mighty octave which stops the Carthaginian war elephants. The Elephants turn their heads in puppy-like fashion, and even the mahouts are somewhat enchanted.

Before Hannibal can order the slaying of his elephants, the Pachyderms rear up and fall backwards, killing almost all who where upon them. Those that survived where either crushed by the elephants or eaten by the zombies. Hannibal is a red smear.

Hannibal's elephant lifts the woman zombie onto its shoulders, and as the elephants return to their home city of Carthage, the singing Zombie draws the curious, and doomed outside the city, where they will be met by the last 200 zombies, who follow the elephants!


Expert's OpinionEdit

Due to the number of the Zombies, their hard-to-kill natures, the ignorance of Hannibal and his men in fighting such beings (and with the aide of Katy Perry), it was decided that even war elephants would not be enough to overcome the power of the Horde, which could have made the elephants spook an panic (or in this case, rebel!)!

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Battle vs. William the Conqueror (by Goddess of Despair)Edit

William the conqueror Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Hannibal Barca Red Red Red Red Red Brown

William examined his land with pride, he fought hard for Britain and no one would take it from him. His men continued to set up camp as their king watched their progress. He was pleased in his triumph over the British, but something told him that he was not done; that a greater adversary needs to be defeated. He turned away from the camp and looked once more over the meadow when a stray ray of sunlight caught his eye. He turned his head and examined a small group of warriors, covered in bronze. His attention was quickly drawn to their beast, a large monstrosity that even he had never seen before.

He signaled his men to load the catapult. Hannibal and his forces continued to march through the area when Hannibal’s officer caught his attention. He pointed to the hills, specifically at a large machine that was being moved into position. He examined the men closely, they wore Roman-like armor yet they appear to have different weapons.

Hannibal began to wonder who this adversary was but his thoughts were interrupted when a colossal stone was hurled from the enemy' device, slamming into the ground next to him. Dirt was thrown all over and the elephant began to panic. The beast broke away from Hannibal’s control and stomped on one of his Carthaginians as it charged up to William’s men. Red

“Reload!” called William to his men as they rolled up a second boulder. The elephant continued its charge to William’s line, making some of his men panic. His looked on in disappointment as his knight carrying the ammunition dropped the stone. It rolled down the hill and slammed into the elephant’s head. The beast cried out in pain and turned away from the Normans and ran directly down the hill towards Hannibal.

Hannibal turned to his men “Javelins!” he yelled as his men in unison threw soliferrums at the charging animal. One soliferrum hit the creature in its eye and another in the leg bringing this ancient battle tank to the ground. Brown

William’s men reloaded and fired the catapult once more, crushing a Carthaginian under a massive boulder. Red

William ordered his crossbowmen to fire bolts at Hannibal, the bolts meet masculata or shields and merely were bouncing off. Hannibal ordered his men to ready soliferrums and hasten their approach. The crossbow men fire another volley and the second they begin to reload Hannibal’s men hurl their javelins, each meeting the vulnerable troops with deadly accuracy. Blue Blue

Hannibal’s men unsheathe their swords as the Norman knights get the last of their catapult ammunition. William orders his men to roll down the boulder, crushing a Carthaginian who is to slow to move out of the way. Red

One Norman unsheathes his broadsword as another grabs his shield before Hannibal and his soldier confront them. The first Norman slashed high with his broadsword but the Carthaginian blocked it with his shield and followed up by thrusting his falcata into his chest. Blue

Hannibal thrusted his falcata at the second Norman, who blocked with his shield. He thrusted his broadsword into Hannibal, but the masculata armor protects him from the would be death blow. Hannibal slashed the Norman knight in across the cheek, drawing blood. He slashed once more, this time cutting the Norman’s throat to pieces. Blue

William unsheathed his broadsword and calmly approached a charging Carthage soldier. He blocked as slash from his falcata and shoved him to the ground. Before the man could react William slammed his broadsword onto the man’s head. Red

Hannibal moved towards William, falcata and shield in hand as the Norman king lifted his sword from the dying Carthage warrior. Hannibal slashed high, but William parried and counter slashed at Hannibal’s chest; yet once again the masculata holds and keeps the Carthage warrior alive. Hannibal shoved William back with his shield but William was unfazed and striked the shield hard enough to make a bone in his arm snap. William slashed horizontally but Hannibal backed away in time to avoid decapitation.

Hannibal rushed forward and slashed at William, but the chainmail deflected the slash leaving Hannibal wide open. William slammed his broadsword onto Hannibal’s helmet, crushing the Carthaginian’s skull. Hannibal fell to his knees as William decapitated him with a final slash. Red

He sheathed his sword and looked once more onto his new kingdom. 

Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a very close battle and the warriors were neck and neck during voting but William the Conqeror earned his victory here. When it came to physicality William had the advantage but with tactics Hannibal was shown to be more tactical. His elephant was a powerful psychological weapon but it could become startled and rampage Hannibal's troops instead of his opponent. William's long range weapon could be reloaded and is more accurate. His short range weapon was longer and weights more allowing it to be more lethal. Hannibal's only real advantage was the war elephant but even that ended up playing out against him. Hannibal simply can't compete with a warrior with a 1,000 year advantage in technology.

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Battle vs. Spartacus (by Goddess of Despair)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

Hannibal won this fight mainly due to his domination in x-factors. Spartacus' troops were not nearly as battle hardened as Hannibal's troops. Hannibal also had the surperior short range weapon, not to mention the fact that the sarissa, unlike the trident and net, can be used in formations.

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Battle vs. Arminius (by Deathblade 100)Edit



The battle starts with Hannibal, two horsemen and three infantry moving through a forested area. Hannibal is mounted on an elephant and scans the field for danger. He sees a log on the ground and orders one of his infantry to investigate. A few seconds later, the soldier drops from a dart sticking out of his chest.Green Five Germanic warriors charge out of the forest, followed by a mounted Arminius. Hannibal throws a Soliferrum at the Germanic General, misses and hits a charging axeman.Yellow</p>

Arminius throws a Framea at the Carthaginians killing an infantryman.Green Hannibal dismounts from the elephant and prods it towards the Germans. It charges and crushes one of Arminius's axemen.Yellow The Germans throw their remaining Plumbata darts at the creature, causing it to run off field in pain.

A Germanic infantryman draws out his Spatha, only to be killed by a thrust from a Carthaginian Sarissa.Yellow Arminius swings his axe and cuts down one of the horsemen.Green The Carthaginian general mounts the riderless horse and prepares to attack the Germans. Hannibal throws a Soliferrum, wounding a German. Hannibal's last foot soldier hands the general his Sarissa.

The last Carthaginian foot soldier charges towards three of Arminius' men. The Carthaginian kills one of the three with a thrown Soliferrum.Yellow Another he kills with his Falcata, before the German could draw out his Spatha.Yellow The Carthaginian is killed by an axe swung into his helmet.GreenArminius and Hannibal order their remaining men to attack. The Carthaginian horseman swings his Falcata and misses. The German strikes his axe into the Carthaginian's chest, through the armour and into the chest cavity.Green Hannibal throws his last Soliferrum into the Germanic axeman's heart.Yellow

The two generals face each other and lower their spears. They nudge their horses and charge. The Carthaginian general thrusts with his Sarissa wounding Arminius. Arminius throws his Framea at Hannibal but, the Carthaginian deflects it with his shield. The German swings his axe into the spear, cutting it in half. Hannibal draws his Falcata and slashes with it. Arminius draws his Spatha and swings it at Hannibal, disarming him of his shield. Arminius draws his Spatha back and thrusts it through Hannibal's throat. The German withdraws his sword and watches Hannibal drop to the ground.Green Arminius raises his sword in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Hannibal may have had the better X-factors and armour, Arminius had marginally better weapons.

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Battle vs. Attila the Hun (by Deathblade 100) Edit



Hannibal and five of his Carthaginians march through a grassy field. Hannibal is mounted on an elephant, two of his men on horseback and three on foot. In a ruined city, Attila and five of his Huns are sitting around a campfire feasting. One of the Huns notices the Carthaginians and shouts a warning. Hannibal and his men raise their shields as the Huns fire arrows at them. One arrow hits its mark, catching a Carthaginian warrior in the neck.Green Hannibal sends one of his horsemen to retaliate. A Hunnic horseman charges in with a Scythian Axe, only to be hit by a thrown Soliferrum javelin.Red

As the Carthaginian readies another Soliferrum, a Hun throws his lasso over the Carthaginian’s neck and pulls the soldier off of his horse. The Carthaginian draws his Falcata and quickly cuts the rope, only for a slash of a Scythian Axe to end his life.Green Hannibal dismounts his elephant and prods it towards the Huns. The elephant charges at the Huns. Two of the Huns release arrows at the beast, enraging it.

The elephant stampedes at the Huns and trampling one of the unlucky barbarians.Red The remaining Huns mount their terrified horses and fire arrows at the elephant, driving it off the field. As the Huns try to rein their frightened mounts under control, a thrust from a Carthaginian foot soldier’s Sarissa pike killed one of the Huns.Red

Attila draws his Sword of Mars and cuts the foot soldier down.Green An arrow from a Hun hits the Carthaginian horseman in the neck.Green A Hunnic horseman is knocked off his horse by a thrown Soliferrum, before a thrust of a Falcata stabs the winded Hun in the chest.Red

As the Carthaginian raises up, a Scythian Axe is swung through the Carthaginian’s helmet and into his brain.Green The Hun is quickly run through from behind by Hannibal’s Falcata.Red Attila dismounts from his horse and charges in with his Scythian Axe in one hand and the Sword of Mars in the other. The two generals face each other for several seconds before attacking.

Hannibal parries the Sword of Mars with his Falcata and blocks the Scythian Axe with his shield. Wrenching the axe from the Hun’s grip, Hannibal steps in with a downwards slash towards the Hun’s head. Attila quickly steps out of the way and slashes at Hannibal’s chest. As the Musculata deflects the strike, Attila changes direction and wounds Hannibal in the arm. As the Carthaginian yells in pain, Attila draws the Sword of Mars back and drives it through his opponent’s neck.Green

Attila with draws the Sword of Mars from Hannibal’s throat and yells “For the gods” in victory.

Winner: Attila the Hun

Expert's Opinion Edit

Hannibal lost due to a lack of mobility. Despite the massive advantage with the war elephant, Attila's more accurate composite bow and shorter Scythian Axe helped swing the battle in the Hun's favour.To see the original battle, votes and weapons, click here

Battle vs. Alexander the Great (by Urbancommando77)Edit

Hannibal: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Alexander: Red Red Red Red Red

On a gore-covered field, Hannibal and his Carthaginain soldiers walk over the defeated Roman soldiers. Hannibal examines the field and mounts his elephant. "Let's keep moving." He said to the soldiers. Before they can continue their triumph, Alexander and his soldiers appear into the Carthaginain soldier's sight. Hannibal throws a Solifurem. It pierces into one of Alexander's soldier's chest plate. Another soldier goes to see if hes alive. The soldier grasps his wound and tries to stand up but falls from the pain. The soldier slowly bleeds out on the ground. Red

Hannibal commands his men to advance towards the soldiers. One aims his Gastrophetes. He fires an arrow into a soldier's shoulder. He realizes that it didn't do much to the soldier, who is advancing towards him. The soldier aims his Gastrophetes again and fires, this time hit his neck. The soldier grabs the arrow and falls to his knees. He tries to pull it out but coughs up blood and falls down, dead. Blue

The soldier pulls out his Xyston and advances at the soldiers. One soldier raises his shield and blocks the attack. He jumps up and stabs the soldier's thigh. The Carthaginain soldier falls and pulls out his Sarrissa. He stabs the soldier in the arm. The soldier grabs his arm and quickly recovers. He stabs the soldier in the face and kicks him in the neck to get him off the spear. Blue

Barca then charges his elephant towards the soldiers. He makes it go faster and faster. The soldiers notice it's picking up speed and wheel out their Ballista. But it's too late. The elephant steps on a soldier, breaking his ribcage. Red

Barca dismounts and charges with his remaining soldiers. Alexander loads the Ballista and aims at the elephant. The elephant trumpets and trudges towards the Ballista. Alexander panics and fires the Ballista. It narrowly mises the elephant. Alexander loads it again and fires. It rips off the elephant's snout. The elephant staggers and falls, smashing a Carthaginain soldier. Blue

Hannibal pulls out his dagger and bolts at a soldier. He stabs him in the arm and artery. The soldier roars in pain and falls down, dead. Red

Hannibal pulls out his Falcata and walks to the soldier. The soldier pulls out a Kopis and charges. Hannibal puts up his shield and charges. The two collide and fight each other. Hannibal shield-bashes him and cuts open his throat. The body groans for a few seconds then falls on the ground. Red

Alexander pulls out his Kopis and charges at Hannibal. He moves out of the way and stabs Alexander's back. Alexander looks up but Hannibal hits him in the eye with the handle. Alexander recovers and stabs Hannibal in the arm. Hannibal groans and stabs Alexander in the neck. Red

Hannibal meets up with his last soldier and moves on.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Hannibal won a very close match that was nearly too close to call mostly through luck and the intimidation factor of his war elephant. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

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