Treason must be stopped by fair means of foul.
— Harald Hardrada
Harald Hardrada, born Harald Siggurdson, was a Viking king who fought first in the Byzantine Empire as a member of the famous Varangian Guard and then with William the Conqueror to invade Anglo-Saxon England. His fighting at the Battle of Stamford Bridge cost him his life, his early conquest of the area made him certain the English would surrender so he moved out with only a fraction of his total force and they were so certain of enemy surrender they left there armor behind, this proved to be a costly mistake. However, this says nothing for him as a warrior himself. He was a fierce warrior and giant man sources claiming he was seven feet tall, and his distracting Saxon Prince Harold Godwinson at the battle let William the Conqueror arrive and beat the batttle-weary Harold at Hastings in 1066. Hardrada's death, for most English-speaking peoples, marks the end of the Viking Age.

He was also a brilliant tactician, when he came to a well fortified town he ordered his men to catch the birds flying out of the town and attach buring twigs to their back with pitch, so when they flew back into the town they lit it on fire.

Battle vs. Spartacus (by The Deadliest Warrior)Edit

Spartacus is walking through an open plain with his weapons with him and his shield on his arm. In the distance he spots Harald Hardrada watching him, Viking bow in hand. The Viking king roars at the heavens and notches an arrow and fires at lightning speed. The arrows bounces off of Spartacus' shield. The Gladiator, in response, takes out his sling and puts a pebble he finds on the ground in it, swinging it rapidly. Hardrada scoffs, but the projectile is true to its mark and strikes the Viking in the chin.

King Harald grabs his throwing spears and hurls them at Spartacus, and while one misses and sticks firmly into the ground, the other grazes the gladiator's arm and causes it to bleed. Spartacus grabs his trident, net, and gladius and runs at the Viking, while Hardrada aims at the gladiator rebel with another arrow. Before he can fire, though, Spartacus slashes at the bow with his sword, cutting it cleanly in half. Hardrada barely has time to swing his shield in front of his face before Spartacus unleashes hell with furious blows from the gladius on Hardrada's shield arm. Hardrada slams the shield into Spartacus' chest, knocking him flat on his back.

This time it is Spartacus' turn to defend with his shield as Hardrada attacks with his longsword. However, Hardrada's sword is much more powerful than Spartacus' leather shield, and he tears clean through it, also hacking at the gladiator's arm. Spartacus rolls to one side right before the Viking plunges the sword right where Spartacus was moments before. Spartacus throws his net at Harald but misses, and instead takes the trident and thrusts wildly at his opponent. Hardrada clashes weapons as he gets his longsword caught in the prongs of the trident. The Viking throws the weapon aside, sending the trident with it. Spartacus falls back and Hardrada advances with only his shield left.

Spartacus moans weakly as Hardrada slams the edge of the shield, with all his might, into the face of the gladiator, breaking bones. The Viking continues his brutality long after the gladiator is dead. Finally he stands up, roars in victory, and runs away in a battle-fury.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The main reason why Hardrada was victorious, according to the experts, was that his bow overpowered Spartacus' sling by a long shot, and that his brutality and ferocity made him the uultimate killing machine.

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Battle vs. Saladin (by Lachlan Blake) Edit

No battle written.

Expert's Opinion Edit

Harald was simply the more formidable and physically capable warrior and he was easily able to overpower the smaller and older Saladin. Saladin was a great tactician but he was more of a behind the scenes commander rather than a out and out fighter.

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Battle vs Richard the Lionheart, Honda Tadakatsu, Yue Fei, Rashid ad-Din Sinan, Genghis Khan & Gilles de Rais in the Ancient Real Life Grail War (by Wassboss) Edit


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