He travels safest in the dark night who travels lightest.
— Hernán Cortés
Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano was a Spanish conquistador in the 16th century who commanded the Spanish army that destroyed the Aztec Empire of Mexico. His conquests were a key part of Spain's colonization of the Americas.

Cortés was born in 1485 in Medellin, Spain to an upper class family. While his parents intended for him to study law, Cortés had plans of his own. When Cortés was sixteen, news of Christopher Columbus's discoveries in the New World were spreading throughout Spain, and the ambitious Cortés made plains to sail there himself.

He reached the New World in 1504 and registered as a citizen. Two years later, he participated in the conquest of Hispaniola, for which he was rewarded with a large land grant and several native slaves. He continued to participate in similar conquests, gradually expanding his influence and power in the colonies.

In 1518, the Governor of Cuba, Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, gave Cortés command of an expedition to explore Mexico and prepare it for eventual colonization. Cortés and Velézquez's relationship was strained at the time, and Velázquez decided to revoke his charter. Cortés ignored the orders and proceeded with the plans for the expedition anyway.

Upon arriving in Mexico, Cortés claimed the land for Spain. In the years that followed, Cortés secured that claim by completely conquering the native Aztecs, which was possible by both his far superior technology and his alliances with the Aztecs' native enemies. Cortés was appointed governor of New Spain as a reward for his efforts.

Cortés continued to lead expeditions and conquests, both in the New World and back in Europe. However, these numerous voyages left him heavily in debt. He made a claim on the Spanish royal treasury, and three years passed before his request was successfully processed. He died of illness shortly afterwards.

Battle vs. Vlad the Impaler (by Lachlan Blake)Edit

Cortes: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Vlad: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

Vlad and five of his bodyguards had arrived in a tavern on a small Island off the coast of Spain. This island was small but important, housing many assassins and thieves that could be hired for their services, which was what Vlad needed them for, there was a prince that he needed removed and the assassin he was looking for was apparently the greatest alive.

“Your highness, the man we seek is sitting in the corner, shall we greet him?” said one of the bodyguards. Vlad turned and looked at the guard with a strange expression. “Well, what do you think?” he said.

“Excuse me your highness?”

“What do you THINK?”

“I think you should decide sir” the bodyguard said quietly. The group approached the assassin’s table and Vlad sat.

“Are you the Spanish assassin I seek?”

“Yes, but my services have already been purchased by another Spanish man, he needs me in the New World” Said the assassin.

“Who is he?” “I think I’ve already given too much away, friend”

Vlad stormed out of the tavern. He would have the assassin killed, but first he was going to kill the man who had somehow hired a killing before he had. There was only one Spanish man he knew that would be here, Cortes. A few weeks later Hernan was taking a coach ride with five veteran conquistadors he had allowed to come back to Spain.

“It is so nice to be back home is it not my friends?” Said Cortes. “Yes sir, it is much better than those hellish jungles” Said a conquistor.

The coach suddenly stopped. “What is this, driver?” said Cortes.

Suddenly, a cannon ball shot through the door, leaving a massive hole in the coach and the conquistador on the other side of the coach, he was grasping at the organs and ribs the were visible through the gaping hole in his abdomen. Green

The conquistadors exited the coach after pushing the corpse out onto the ground; the horses were lying dead with crossbow bolts in their heads. The Spanish men stood behind the coach and one was ordered to look around the side. The man peered around the corner; there was Vlad the impaler and his guards, standing across the path in the forest.

“THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME?” yelled Vlad. A conquistador pulled out his arquebus and lay down to look underneath the coach, firing a shot into the group of Wallachians, the lead ball hit one of the guards in the head, making him fly backwards into the bushes. Darkred

Vlad ordered the guards to charge, and so did Cortes, the two groups clashing in the middle of the road. Cortes and Vlad stood back, watching the guards and conquistadors fight. A Spanish longsword cut through the chainmail of a guard, slicing off his arm. Darkred

A bodyguard stabbed a conquistador in the face, but couldn’t pull the sword out, and was smashed on the head by a poleaxe. Green Darkred The last bodyguard was holding a halberd and swung it, puncturing a conquistador’s armour and his lungs, Green leaving the final conquistador to run, but a bolt flew into his head, Cortes had shot into the fight, killing Vlad’s final soldier. Darkred

Vlad took his sword and shield and ran into the two conquistadors, laughing hysterically as he did so, stabbing the first conquistador and swinging his shield into Cortes, who was trying to reload his bow. Green Vlad had to stop to pull the sword out of the Spanish man’s body, and Cortes took the chance to smash him over the back with his buckler.

Hernan stumbled and ran to the coach and frantically tried to find his arquebus, but Vlad was not far behind, holding his crossbow, he shot Hernan in the leg, making the man scream in pain, Vlad turned the conquistador leader over, pulling out his kilij.

“It is time you die, Cortes” The sword flew down towards Cortes, Vlad intended to cut the man’s chest open, but the Spanish armour stopped the sword. Cortes took the chance and kicked Vlad over onto the ground, where his unprotected leg was punctured by the cannon victims jagged ribs.

Vlad screamed in agony and tried to get up, but the rib was stuck in his leg, then he saw Cortes appear from the coach with his gun. Without a word he shot the dark prince, and then began the walk down the road to the nearest village. Darkred

Expert's OpinionEdit

Cortes won because of his more effective armor and his true battlefield experience against a determined foe.

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Battle vs. Musketeers of the Guard (by So-Pro Warrior)Edit

Musketeer: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Hernan Cortes: Red Red Red Red Red

After the conquest of The Aztecs Hernan Cortes plans to conquer much of the known world and first attacks France. The French Musketeers are called to take care of Cortes before the invasion can begin and so 5 of the best Musketeers are sent out. At Hernan Cortes's camp Cortes and his Lieutenant are planning the invasion with 3 conquistadors on guard. The 5 musketeers see the camp and take positions to attack the camp with all off them taking out their Flintlock Muskets and taking aim. Before the conquistadors knew what hit them a musketeer fires his Musket striking and killing a conquistador. Red Hernan and his men hear this and go to where the shot was heard and see the Musketeers. One musketeer tries to move up but a conquistador takes aim with his Arquebus and fires killing the musketeer. Blue The Musketeers move forward firing when they can with the conquistadors and Hernan firing back. Hernan gets the idea and orders his Lieutenant to prepare to fire their cannon the lead musketeer sees this and takes out a grenade and lights it but right as he tosses it the cannon is loaded and fired putting a hole in a musketeer Blue with the grenade landing right under the cannon and blowing up killing the Lieutenant Red but Hernan had seen the grenade and was able to get out of the main explosion. The Musketeers attach bayonets and charge in and so Hernan orders his men to take out their swords and attack. A musketeer takes out his Wheellock pistol and fires knocking a conquistador to the ground and the Musketeer quickly moves in and bayonets him Red Hernan pulls out his Pistol Crossbow takes aim at the head of a musketeer and fires striking right on the forehead. Blue A musketeer takes out his Rapier and engages a conquistador in combat with him twisting it through the sword and stabbing him right through the neck. Red Hernan takes out his Espada Ropera and charges in catching the musketeer off guard and decaptitates him Blue the Musketeer leader sees this yells in anger and charges at Cortes ready to engage in combat. The two dual with each other striking each others armor but to no avail of penetrating it, so Hernan tries to strike the head but the musketeer sees this and blocks the strike. Hernan tries with all of his might to bring the sword down but the musketeer quickly uses his other hand grabs his Main Gauche dagger and drives it right into Hernan's throat. Red The musketeer takes the Main Gauche out of Hernan's throat, raises his sword and yells out "Vive le Roi!" (Long live the King).

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Musketeer won because even though both had the same armor and so were even the musketeers had the better training, combat experience, and health.

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Battle vs. Oda Nobunaga (by Kazanshin) Edit


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Battle vs. Genghis Khan (by Pygmy Hippo 2) Edit


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