The Eight Realms of Gauntlet were lorded over by the powerful mage, Sumner, who led the realms in an age of peace and prosperity. However, Sumner's brother, Garm, grew jealous of Sumner's power, and decided to use the 13 runestones to summon the wretched demon Skorne in an effort to grow more powerful. Instead, Skorne slew Garm, imprisoned his soul in the Underworld, and unleashed his hordes of monsters upon the Eight Realms.

Sumner confronted Skorne, but only succeeded in imprisoning him within the Desecrated Temple. Sumner than summoned the greatest champions of the Eight Realms, tasking them with purging their homes of Skorne's armies, and than battling Skorne himself to return peace to the land.

Battle vs. Castle Crashers Knights (by CuchulainSetanta)Edit

No Battle Written

Winner: Heroes of Gauntlet

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