Scottish by birth, British by law, Highlander by the grace of God.
— Ancient Scottish saying

The Scottish Highlanders were the peoples who lived in the Highlands of Scotland, They are most famed for coming together in 1715 and 1745 to create the first and second Jacobite Risings, these risings were attempts by Prince Charles Edward Stuart and James Francis Edward Stewart to regain access to the throne of England, Scotland an Ireland. They wanted the Stewarts back on the throne because they were a Catholic family. However not all Clans supported the Jacobites, And instead joined the British Government Army, However both risings were a Government win. The last uprising ended with the Plaid, Tartan and Scottish weapons to be banned and many ex-Jacobites to be hunted and sent into exile. It also ended the usefulness of the Scottish Clan system.

Battle vs. Comanche (by KelvarNinja)Edit

In a Scottish field, a Highlander stands with a decapitated English soldier at his feet. From the distance , he hears someone shouting. He looks and sees a Comanche, who sees the highlander as an invader, shouting a war cry. The Highlander throws a Ball and Chain, but it barely comes close to hitting the mounted warrior. The Comanche fires an arrow and hits the Highlander in the side. The Highlander pulls out the arrow, snaps the arrow over his knee, and laughs at the Comanche with contempt.

The Comanche tries to stab the Highlander a few times with his war lance, but the rebel dodges it every time. He then pulls out his bloodly Claymore and chops the spear in half. The Comanche throws the rest of the spear at the Highlander, knocking his Targe and Drik out of his hands. The Comanche warrior then jumps off his horse.

The Comanche pulls out his War Hawk and hits the Highlander in the gut. The Highlander pulls out his War Hammer and hits his foe's ankle. The Comanche falls down and the Highlander tries to hit him with the sharp end of the war hammer, but the Comanche kicks him in the gut, makeing the rebel stumble back, so the Comanche can get back on his feet.He pulls out his Scalping Knife and the Highlander picks up his Targe and Drik. The Highlander tries to kill the Comanche with the spike on his Targe, but the Comanche steps out of the way and trips him, makeing him fall to the ground, yet agian, and getting the Targe stuck in the ground. The Comanche holds the Highlander in a chokehold and tries to scalp the Highlander, but he stabs the Comanche in the chest with his Drik, killing him. The Highlander gets back up and shouts in victory. He then goes back home to brag about how he killed two attackers in a row.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The superior armor and harder-hitting close ranged weapons of the highlander allowed him to triumph over his Native American foe.

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Battle vs. Pukwudgie (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Pukwudgie: 12345

Highlander: 12345

A group of Highlanders were going to attck a english camp, only to find it already ransacked and smoldering. There leader, in a Adams tartar, hears cakleing. Suddenly, a highlander is hit in the neck with a tiny arrow!

Highlander: 1234

They turn and see a group of Pukwudgie. One Highlander throws a Ball and Chain, which smashes a Pukwudgie.

Pukwudgie: 1234

The two groups charge at each other. A Highlander cuts off a Pukwudgie's head with his Claymore.

Pukwudgie: 123

A Pukwudgie throws a poison dart at the claymore Highlander.

Highlander: 123

The dart Pukwudgie lights another Highlander on fire.

Highlander: 12

One Highlander pulls out a War Hammer and smashes the Pukwudgie on the head.

Pukwudgie: 12

The Highlander crushes a Pukwudgie with his Targe. He brings the Targe up to see a bloodly mess on the Targe's spike.

Pukwudgie: 1

The Pukwudgie leader jumps on the Highlanders back and smashes his skull with his club.

Highlander: 1

The Pukwudgie leader tries to do the same to the Highlander leader, but the Highlander picks him up by the neck so he cna't move. The angry rebel says "No one; English or demon; crosses me and lives." and impales the Pukwudgie on his Dirk.


The Leader pulls out his Dirk and yells in victory, holding up the bloodly dagger.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Pukwudgie were too small and their weapons didn't have the killing potential that the weapons of the Highlanders did.

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Battle vs. Landsknecht (by KevlarNinja)Edit

In an open field, a Highlander is practicing with his weapons on a home-made straw dummy. Behind him, a Landsknecht, sent by the king of England to kill him. He is plaining to kill him with his Pike. The Landsknecht gets in pike range and is about to stab the Highlander, but get's out of the way just as the Landsknecht attacks! Instead, the Pike impales the dummy. The Highlander runs back a few feet and throws his Ball and Chain, which only dents the Landsknecht's armor.

The Landsknecht pulls out his Zweihander and the Highlander, his Claymore. They charge at each other and get into a longsword fight. After a little while, the landsknecht knocks the Claymore out of the Highlander's hands. To gain an advantage. The Landsknecht throws his longsword aside to lose some weight. The highlander runs into some old castle ruins. The landsknecht walks in and looks for his target. Suddenly, the Highlander runs up behind him and hit's him in the side with his War Hammer's spike. The Landsknecht grabs his wound.

The landsknecht pulls out his dagger and tries to stab the highlander in the leg, but he blocks his attacker with his Targe. The highlander tries to stab the landsknecht with his Targe and Dirk, but the landsknecht tricks the highlander to stab the Dirk into a wall, breaking the dagger and scraping his hand. The landsknecht they pulls out his Katzbalger and stabs the Highlander in the back. The Highlander falls down, dead. The Landsknecht then shouts a war cry.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Landsknecht's weapons were even bigger and badder than those of the Highlander's, and the superior armor and flamboyant professionalism of the Landsknecht led the mercenary to victory over the Scottish rebel.

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Battle vs. Samurai, Persian Immortal, and Zande Warrior (by Samurai234)Edit

In a field, a Samurai is meditating, unaware a Zande Warrior is watching him. Suddenly, the Samurai hears some noise. Wondering what it is, the Samurai grabs his Weapons and goes to investigate. He find the noises are coming from a Persian Immortal and a Highlander engaged in battle. The Highlander throws his Ball and at the Persian who rolls under it. The Persian grabs his Bow and Arrow and fires at the Highlander. The Samurai pulls out his Yumi and fires 2 arrows at the both the Persian and Highlander. He is about to fire a third, but another arrow hits him in the Helmet. They all turn to see the Zande Warrior holding his Botto and Pima. Realizing the weapon wouldn't do good against the warrior's armor, He pulls out his Kpinga and charges at the Immortal. As they close in, the Zande hurls his weapon at the Persian. He puts his shield to block the projectile, but it ends up rotating away from the shield and hitting the Persian in the chest, chipping his armor. The Persian Tries to get up, but the Zande comes in with his Makrigga and he thrusts into the Persian's shield, disarming him. The Persian unsheathes his Sword and slashes at the barbed spear, rendering it useless. The Zande pulls out his Shotel and the two begin dueling. However, they end up losing their swords after a fall. The Zande pulls out his Makraka while the Persian pulls out his Sagaris. As they swing, the Zande manages to knock the Axe out of the Persian's hands. The Zande prepares to lay the finishing blow, but the Persian manages to recover his spear and smacks the Zande in the head with the counter end. He then thrusts the spear through the Zande's heart, killing him. The Persian recovers his Sagaris and goes on to take on the Samurai and Highlander. Meanwhile, The Samurai, using his Naginata faces the Highlander who fires at him with his English Longbow, leaving a large hole in the armor. The Samurai charges at the Highlander, who quickly grabs his Lochaber Axe. He cuts the Naginata and cuts it in half. The Samurai manages to pulls out his Kanabo, and swings, damaging the Axe. Before he can finish him off though, the Persian runs up him and hits him in the back. The Samurai turn and hits the Persian in the side, crippling him. The Persian pulls out his guard's dagger, and tries to runs up to the highlander, but the Scotsman has unsheathed his Claymore and he cuts the Persian's head off. The Samurai comes back armed with his Katana and they enter a sword fight, During which they lock swords. The Highlander breaks the lock and quickly slashes the Samurai across the face, leaving a scar. He gets the Samurai in a headlock and tries to stab him in the neck, but the Samurai breaks the Lock and throws the Highlander to the floor. He then pulls out his Tanto and stabs the Highlander in the neck, ending his life. The Samurai, badly injured, leaves the area to relax.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Samurai emerged victorious mainly due to his extreme skill and dediction to both long and close ranged combat, with his strong armor protecting him from most blows. The Highlander came in second because although his armor could stop many attacks, the precision of the Samurai was too much for him to keep up with. The Persian came in third place because his bronze armor was weaker than that of the Samurai and Highlander, and the Zande came last thanks to his lack of effective armor and lack of armor-piercing weaponry.

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Battle vs. Spartan (by Urbancommando77)Edit

In scotlnad, William Wallace and 3 highlanders were wondering through a plain. William spotted Leonidas and 3 Spartans marching twords them. One of the Spartans through a javelin, but missed. He through another javelin at the rebels, killing on of them.

HL: 3

Spartan: 4

William pulled his ball and chain out and threw it at the king. The heavy weapon struck Leonidas' shield, knocking him down. The spartans charged into battle with their spears and shields. William drew his claymore and his men drew Targes and Dirks. One of the spartans stabbed a highlander in the leg with his spear, but the highlander countered with a targe in the chest and a dirk in the neck.

Spartan: 3

William saw another spartan coming at him. He cut the Spartan's head off.

Spartan: 2

The last spartan pulled his Xiphos out and charged at the injured highlander. The injured rebel only retrieved his targe. The spartan stabbed the highlander in the wound. The highlander raised his shield and dodged another blow. The spartan smacked the highlander in the head with his shield and stabbed him in the groin The highlander coughed up blood and squirmed helplessly. The spartan kicked his down the hill until he fell into a pond and drowned.

HL: 2

The other highlander pulled a B&C out and hit the spartan in the head.

Spartan: 1

Leonidas pulled his sword out and his shield out and charged towards the highlander. The highlander drew his claymore out and swung at the king. Leonidas ducked and shoved the shield into the highlanders neck. The highlander fell. Leonidas stabbed him.

HL: 1

Leonudas walked over to William. William pulled his ball and chain out and threw it at Leonidas. the king dodged it with his shield, but it brock. Leonidas pulled a javelin out and threw it at William. The soear stuck in williams stomach. Leonidas walked over to William. The rebel stabbed him with his dirk. Leonidas pulled the dirk out of his leg and stabbed William Wallace in the chest. The rebel coughed up blood and rolled down a hill. Leonidas pulled his spear out and threw it into the rebel's neck.


Leonidas roared in victory as he raised his Xiphos.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The superior armor and weaponry of the Spartan warrior let them triumph over their Scottish foes.

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Battle vs. Byzantine Soldier (by ReyesRebels)Edit

On a grassy plain overlooking a small, wooden fort, a group of 5 highanders push a catapult down a hill. Meanwhile, 5 byzantines sit in the fort, guarding. A Byzantine soldier sees the catapult and stares closer. the highlanders launch a projectile, the Byzantine shouts to his men, but is crushed, along will the bit of the wall, by the projectile.

Byzantine: 1234

Highlander: 12345

The Byzantines get up and into position. The Highlanders launch another projectile, taking down a bit of the wall. The highlanders rush in. One charges, claymore in hand, but it thrusted through the stomach by a menaulion.

Byzantine: 1234

Highlander: 1234

Another highlanders chops down at the head byzantine, who blocks it and hooks the axe out of his hand. He pushes the Highlander away and stabs him through the chest.

Byzantine: 1234

Highlander: 123

The Menaulion Byzantine chops with his spear at a highlander, then tries to stab him, the highlander swings his claymore, misses, then chops down, going through the Byzantine's shoulder.

byzantine: 123

Highlander: 123

The Byzantine leader and one of the Soldiers run back to their tent. One highlander runs after them. A Highlander chops the other Byzantine in the shulder, knocking him down, before the Highlander can finish him. he stabs the Highlander in the leg then slashes him across the chest.

Byzantine: 123

Highlander: 12

The Highlander leader then stabs the Byzantine through the throat with his claymore.

Byzantine: 12

Highlander: 12

The other two wait patiently. The leder grabs the firethrower from the tent and hides. The other byzantine slashes at the Other Highlander, who strafes back and cuts above. The Byzantine blocks it and their swords are locked. The Byzantine kicks the highlander in the groing then slashes his throat.

Byzantine: 12

Highlander: 1

The Highlander leader hits the sword of the byzantine, it falls out of hims hand and he lops the Byzantine's head off.

Byzantine: 1


The highlander cuts through the wall of a tent, looking for the remaining Byzantine. He goes in the largest tent and hears a noise, he sees the Byzantine's shadow. He tries to run out of the tent, but the Byzantine burns the tent and the Highlander, who falls down dead and burning.

Byzantine: 1


The Byzantine throws down the Firethrower, picks up his spatha and roars to the sky.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Byzantines were more disciplined and professional than the Highlander, giving them the victory.

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Battle vs. Roman Centurion (by CrowbarofFreeman)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

The professionalism and better training of the Centurion, along with the iron discipline of their fighting style, trumped the wild and undisciplined fighting styles of the Highlander.

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Battle vs. Ming Warrior (by Swg66)Edit

Highlander: RedRedRedRedRed

Ming Warrior: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

The fight opens with five Highlanders sitting in there camp, cooking there meal for the night, laughing and joking.

In the woods a short distance away four Ming warriors are making there way towards the highlander's camp, while the fifth set's a the mechanical land mine with a trip wire.

As the Ming warrior's try to stay quiet on there approch, the fifth warrior runs to catch up but looses his footing a falls on a patch of thistles, and lets out a cry as the thorny flower pricks him in the face.

At the Camp the Highlanders hear the cry and stop what there doing, the commander makes some quick hand gestures and the rest of the group picks up there weapons and run in different directions.

The Ming warrior commander strikes his fallen comrade as he get's back up on his feet for possibly giving there position away. Pressing forward the see the camp fire. Seeing that the camp appears empty, he sends the warrior that fell to inspect it, giving his commander a look of fear, he is pushed out. Holding his matchlock ready he walks out to insepct the camp.

The Highlander commander has his firelock aimmed into the center of the camp, he see's the Ming warrior, not wasting a second he fires Green.

Seeing the smoke the Ming Commander firces his match lock at the Highlander commander, but hits the tree he was hiding behinf instead. Taking a pole canon the Ming commander sends his men around into the surroundiing woods as he goes after the Highland Commander.

One of the Highlanders see's the Ming commander going after his comander and steps out from his hifing place to get a clear shot. Squeezing the trigger, and nothing happens, Taking this advantage of the mis-fire the Ming Commander fires his pole canon into the chest of the Highlander Red. Seeing him fall dead the Ming Commander continues on after the Highlander commander.

Two Ming warriors are making there way thru the woods looking for the remaning scotsman. One of the highlanders hiding behind a tree draws his dirk and flintlock. Walking out from behind the tree he get's behinf the Ming warriors and shoots one of the Ming warriors in the back Green. As the first one falls he goes after the second with his dagger. However the second Ming warrior grabs his arm and throwns him to the ground, the draws Dao. The Highlander trys go after Ming warrior, but his dagger is knocked out of his hand witht he Dao, his throat is cut on he back swing Red. Looking at the dying Scotsman, he hears a thump at his feet. Looking down he sees a lite gernade, yelling as it goes off Green. The Highlander who threw it smirks at this a set's off the find his commerades.

The Highlander who threw the gernade, hears some fighting and runs to investigate. He see's one og his commerades on the gorunf bleeding, apprently having be shot in the leg. The Highlander goes to help his commerade, the wounded Highlander looks up yelling "Stop it's a.." but a loud bang rings out Red. One of the Ming warrirors had set a trap and walks out to finish off the wounded Highlander. However in a rage the wounder Highlander pushed off his good leg and tackles the Ming warrior. As the stumble back, the trip the mechanical land mine wire GreenRed.

Stoping after hearing a particulaly lound explosion the Highland commander stops for a second, but continues on. The Ming commander stoped as well but continues keeps after the Highland commander.

The Highland commander afixs his Bayonet to his firelock and set's up for an ambush. As the Ming Commander comes into view he fires, but misses. The Ming Commander then fires at Commander as he runs off, the shot goes over his shoulder. He fires his last shot but it to misses. He draws Dao and runs after the Highlander.

Running up the path after his oppoenet he can't find him. Looking around he can locate him. The Highland commander however was hiding in a tree and jumps down knocking the Ming commander off his feet but falling him self. As they get the Highlander stabs at the Ming commander with his Bayonet, but it's batted away. The Ming Commander swing down, but his sword blocked with the rifle, but the Ming commander quickly kicks the Highlander in the chest, making his stumble back droping his firelock. The Ming Commander swing at him again, but the highland commander uses his targe to block the strike and draws his broadsword.

Now facing a duel the two back away from each other. Facing each other down, the Ming commander is the first to attack swinging his dao at the Highlander, which is deflected with he targe. The Highlander goes for a thrust, but it is batted away with the dao. The Ming commander takes another swing only this time aiming for the sheild, shopping deeply into it, and yanks it out of the Highlander hands. Having disarmmed his oppoent of his defense, he goes in for the kill. However the Highland commander draws his dirk and uses it to parry the the dao and thrust his broad sword into the Ming commander's chest. The Ming commander, looks at the Highland commander wide eye. The Highland commander pushes even deeper, the Ming commander spits up blood and falls Green.

Looking down at the dead commander the Highland commander raises his sword high shouting "Scotland forever."

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Highlanders had superior long-ranged and short-ranged weaponry, which was a big enough advantage to decide the battle there and then.

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Battle vs. Huskarl (by El Alamein)Edit

A Saxon Huskarl stands on a grassy cliffside, looking down to the pounding surf below. The wind blows through the air, a cool, misty breeze. The Huskarl sniffs his nose and turns, looking back up the hill to the hill fort in the distance. He holds his Dane axe in one hand loosely and swings it over his shoulder, making his lazy way up the paved road to his fort, feeling comfortable in the mild late-morning sun.

He hears a shout ring out behind him. He squints as he turns, and makes out the figure of a large, wild-haired man approaching him with an enormous sword drawn. The man isn't exactly running at the Huskarl but his pace is quick; the Huskarl stops in his tracks and shouts at the man to halt.

The man is a Scottish Highlander, blue woad dye smeared over his face and arms, and his hair is tangled and long. He carries the Claymore sword out in one hand, waving it over his head. The Huskarl holds his Dane axe out in front of him and walks calmly down to the Highlander, intending to confiscate his weapons and arrest him, but the Highlander swings his Claymore. The Huskarl drops his axe and ducks behind his shield, absorbing the blow from the sword. He runs at the Highlander and rams him with the shield, knocking him down and sending the Claymore to the grass below. The Huskarl crouches over to pick up his Dane axe and swings it in a massive overhead arc as the Highlander scrambles out of the way - the axehead embeds itself into the earth and the Highlander stumbles to his feet and backs away, holding his Claymore out in front of him. The Saxon soldier pulls the axe out of the dirt and the two men size each other up, before the Huskarl runs at the Highlander with his axe raised in the air. The Scot raises his Claymore up over his head and the axehead comes down on the longsword. The Highlander throws the axe aside with a twist of his sword and makes one desperate swing that the Huskarl jumps away from.

The Huskarl draws his longsword and swipes at his opponent's neck, causing an insignificant wound. Blood spurts from the laceration, but it isn't life-threatening. Growling angrily, the Highlander clutches his war hammer and straps his targe to his forearm as the Huskarl watches. With a downward swing, the Highlander makes an attack that the Huskarl blocks with his shield and quickly counters with a forward thrust to the chest. The chainmail holds firm, though, and the Highlander kicks the Huskarl in the stomach, knocking him back. Looking up, the Huskarl drops his shield and stares as the Highlander charges at him, hitting his hammer on the side of the Saxon's helmet. Dazed, the Huskarl fumbles in his belt as the Scotsman raises his hammer for a final finishing blow. The Huskarl grabs his seax knife and sidesteps the swing as he closes the distance and pushes the knife into the Highlander's throat, dragging it across the length of his neck and stabbing into the back of his head. The Highlander drops his weapon and falls to his knees before he slumps forward into the grass, bleeding out.

Breathing heavily, the Saxon stands stunned before he comes to his senses. He picks up his weapons and continues to the hill fort to report the attack. Before he leaves, he picks up the Claymore sword - it may be of some use to him yet.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Saxon Huskarl was better trained and better armed than the Scottish Highlander, whose wild and barbaric style of fighting was not very efficient against a similiarly armed opponent in a one-on-one fight.

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Battle vs. Rajput Warrior (by Cfp3157)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

This match ended in tie. It's not a big surprise, really. While the highlander did bring in the homefield advantage and most of the CQC weapon edges, this was evenly matched against the discipline, training, and equally impressive arsenal of the Rajput Warrior.

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Battle vs Normans (by MilenHD) Edit

With a quiet field in England, surrounded with forest nearby, a Norman soldier was returning to his camp, while he scouted the area and little did he know that he know, his camp is near the Scottish border. Near to the woods a highlander was approaching him and as lift up his longbow and fired a arrow at the Norman and pierced his shoulder, making the Norman back few feet.

The Norman, hid behind a tree and as he pulled the arrow, he loaded his composite crossbow and fired his bolt at the Highlander, missing him narrowly and loaded his crossbow again, but before he fired his bolt, the Highlander missed his shot and The Norman missed too. After that, the Highlander started charging at the Norman holding his Lochaber axe and the Norman showed himself holding his spear and shield in position to attack, but the Highlander changed it as he smashed the shield and slashed at the Norman missing him narrowly, but he still received a trust at the leg. The Highlander sliced the spear with his lochaber axe, the Norman backed aside and grabbed his Dane axe. As both warriors connected their blades with each other and produced a little bit of sparks. As both warrior still fought on and on, until the Highlander tried to block the Dane axe blow and his lochaber was sliced in two.

The Highlander pulled his claymore and as he gave a mighty war cry, he sliced the axe in half with his two handed sword. The Norman's last weapon was his smaller broadsword and he bravely pulled it and he started dueling with the Highlander and his claymore. While the Highlander's claymore is slower and was blocked twice by the Norman's sword, the Highlander trust it into the ground and pulled his own broadsword and both clashed in equally fast match of broadswords.

As both of the warriors fought each other without exhausting themselves, but in the end the Highlander blade struck true, beheading the Norman and he sheathed his sword. as he grabbed and raised his claymore, he yelled "Scotland!!!!" in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

While the match was a tie, I decided the Highlander to win due to having better weapons and he was suited for 1 vs 1, while if the battle was large scale, the Norman might have gotten the advantage, but in the Highlander's superior weapons, armor and his x-factors won him this battle.

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