The Shogun's bureaucrats are like wineskins – they should both have ropes around their necks.
— Honda Tadakatsu

Honda Tadakatsu was a Japanese general and later daimyo of the late 1500s and early 1600s. Tadakatsu was known as one of the greatest generals of the Tokugawa shogunate, and was well respected by many significant figures of the era, with Oda Nobunaga describing him as the "samurai among samurai". Tadakatsu fought in over 100 battles, but never suffered significant injury, and was never defeated in single combat by another samurai. Tadakatsu fought alongside Oda Nobunaga at the Battle of Nagashino, commanding a unit of musketeers, using the three-ranked formations, with each rank alternating between firing, cleaning the barrel, and reloading, so that there was always one rank firing. This lead to the decisive victory of the allied Tokugawa-Oda forces against Takeda Katsuyori's army. Tadakatsu was famous for his helmet, which was adorned with deer antlers, and his spear, named Tonbo-giri or "The Dragonfly Cutter", as it was said to be so sharp that a dragonfly that landed on the blade would be sliced in two.

Battle vs. Pier Gerlofs Donia (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Pier Gerlofs Donia: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Honda Tadakatsu: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Pier Gerlofs Donia and four Frisian Rebels walk out of a forest an into an open field. On the other side, Honda Tadakatsu and four samurai walk into the clearing. One of the samurai see the Frisians as a threat and opens fire with this Tanegashima musket, killing a Frisian with a shot the chest. Blue

A Frisian with an arquebus returns fire, killing one of the Tadakatsu's samurai. Darkred After the opening musket shots, Honda Tadakatsu leads a charge towards Pier's men, his spear, Tonbo-giri' in hand.

Tadakatsu strikes first, impaling one of the Frisians on his spear Blue. Seconds later, a man to Tadakatsu's right is impaled on a pike Darkred. Tadakatsu's trys to thrust tonbo-giri at Pier, but spear's head is slice off by Pier's zweihander. Pier then turns his attention to a samurai who charged at him, katana in hand. Pier easily severs his attacker's head with his massive blade Darkred.

Tadakatsu blocks a strike from a Frisian rebel's longsword and retaliates with a slash of his katana, which is also blocked. The two duel for several seconds, until Tadakatsu finds and opening and thrusts his katana into the man's unarmored neck. Blue.

The last surviving samurai apart from Tadakatsu takes a swing a Pier with his naginata, missing him by inches. The second naginata strike knocks Pier's zweihander out of his hand. Pier draws the giant meat cleaver-like weapon he uses as a secondary weapon and chopped off the head of the naginata. He then raised the "cleaver" and brought it down on the samurai's head, splitting his skull. Darkred. Pier then retrieved his zweihander. As he turned to face Tadakatsu, he saw his last soldier fall to Tadakatsu's katana. Blue

Pier charged in a furious rage and took a wide horizontal slice with his massive seven-foot zweihander. Tadakatsu only barely blocked the blow, and tried to strike back, but couldn't get in range of Pier, thwarted by Pier's massive blade. Pier swung again. This time, the strike hit Tadakatsu's armor. It wasn't pierced, but Tadakatsu was knocked down. Pier Gerlofs Donia stood over Tadakatsu and thrust his sword down into him. Darkred Pier then raised his sword in triumph.

Winner: Pier Gerlofs Donia

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts noted Pier's superior strength and massive size, allowing him to hit harder and carry large, hard-hitting weapons, and that Pier had faced better trained opponents before (the Black Band) and come out victorious.

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