Huitzil is one of many robots created by Pyron, who came to Earth 65 million years ago. At the time of their creation, the Huitzil robots were given orders to destroy all life on the planet. After destroying the dinosaurs, they went deep underground. Huitzil had gone into a long sleep and had not been functioning since. Around 520 AD, they were found by the Mayans and were used for many purposes.

Later they were put into the Teotihuacán ruins and went into another long sleep. When their creator, Pyron, came back to Earth, one of the robots awakened again and prepared to complete its given orders once again. Later, due to a malfunction, Huitzil carried out new orders: to protect a young boy named Cecil. When the primary unit, who befriended Cecil, was destroyed protecting him from Jedah, its last act was the reactivation of all the Huitzil units to protect Cecil.(From Capcom Database)


Techniques Plasma Beam, Missle Launcher, Genocide Vulcan, Plasma Trip, Gear Thrust, Gear Extension, Plasma Ray, Turrican Vulcan,, Plasma Sweep, Final Guardian B, Energy Sphere, and Sark Force: Ray of Doom.
Powers/Abilites Possesses SH physical attributes. Have the ability to form their metal into varous shapes without external heat, and can perform a variety ofweapons withthis manner. Can use multiple weapons at the same time due to that ability. Have the abiity to fly.
X-Factor Has over a million years of experience. has travled across the galaxy. Built for combat. Will protect the boy at all cost. Experience in fighting SH opponents.

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