The shock troop of the darkspawn, a single berserking hurlock can often be a match for numerous opponents at once.
— Hurlock Codex Entry

The Hurlock, one of the most populous of the Darkspawn races, are the shock troopers of the Darkspawn military force. Hurlock are born of Human women captured by the Darkspawn and transformed into Broodmothers. The Hurlock are significantly largers, stronger and more intelligent than the Genlock, the basic unit of infantry of the Darkspawn. Hurlock, like the rest of their kind, spend most of their time in the Deep Roads beneath the lands of Thedas, constantly fighting their neighbors the Dwarves. When an Archdemon, an old god corrupted by the taint, is born the Hurlock and the rest of the Darkspawn rise up and invade Thedas, forcing the ancient order of the Grey Wardens to counter them and slay the Archdemon, returning them to their mindless form.

The official description of the Hurlock is: While often paired with genlocks, these darkspawn are much more of a threat. Not only do they tower above their brethren, but their strength and constitution are also much higher. While a genlock may be felled with two or three strikes, these hurlocks are a much greater force to be reckoned with, as many battle worn warriors have been battered and broken by only one. Not known for tactical prowess, hurlocks have to be told where to go. But once they're there, there's no need for instruction. These darkspawn are masters of the blade; crippling, shattering, battering, bruising, slashing, hacking, tearing, ripping, biting, stabbing, strangling are all easy feats for these monstrosities. Although by no means the most powerful, they are the most infamous darkspawn, as many survivors of a darkspawn raid will only remember the armored, bloodied corpse-like, foul creatures that killed their friends and slaughtered their children. Foul indeed, while not exactly graceful, the job is always done with these darkspawn.

Battle vs. the Ninja (I-Ninja) (by Leolab)Edit

The Ninja is walking in the Deep Roads, when he encounters a Hurlock. Immediately, he throws a shuriken at the Darkspawn. The Hurlock raises its shield, and blocks the deadly projectile.

The Ninja then takes out his Katana, and starts fighting the Hurlock in a wild frenzy, activating his Ninja Rage to give him an edge. The Hurlock staggers back under the warrior’s unrelenting assaults, eventually realizing that the Ninja attacks in predictable strikes. He uses this information to get the upper hand, and bashes the Ninja with his shield. The Ninja lands on his feet, and runs up the wall. The Hurlock starts wandering, looking for his quarry. Suddenly, a dart explodes on his sword, shattering it. Discarding the easily-replaceable weapon, the monster switches weapon sets to draw his bow. He fires several shots at the running Ninja, and finally scores a glancing hit when he leaps off of a wall and blade hovers. The Hurlock switches back to its weapon, now holding Blightblood and a shield. It deflects several thrown shurikens, the ricocheting metal hitting the Ninja. Now in mortal peril, the Ninja resorts to using another of his Rage Powers: Ninja Shuriken. The Ninja starts moving down the narrow corridor, riding on a giant, spinning Shuriken.

The Hurlock runs into one of the many crevices in the surrounding tunnel, and lashes out with Blightblood as the Ninja passes. The Shuriken disappears and the Hurlock exits, the Ninja’s head rolling on the floor.

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Battle vs. Achilles (by Leolab)Edit

Achilles is fighting in the Trojan War, and notices a semi-human warrior in the distance. He breaks off from the fighting, and charges the warrior, not recognizing his armor. The Hurlock raises his Darkspawn Longbow, and fires several arrows at Achilles. He raises his shield and catches them all, as he comes in range for his javelin. He throws it, only to see it deflected by the Hurlock’s shield. He draws his spear as the Hurlock unsheathes Blightblood.

Achilles uses his range to his advantage, rarely if ever closing in with the Hurlock. It decides to charge, closing in with Achilles. The warrior manages to score several hits on the Darkspawn, causing thick, soupy blood to gush out. The Hurlock tries to batter Achilles’ shield, and the warrior is forced to drop his spear. He strikes out with his shield to cover himself while unsheathing his sword, which knocks Blightblood out of the Darkspawn’s hands. It takes out a more generic Darkspawn Longsword, and lashes out at Achilles. All of his blows were ineffectual, and Achilles counters with his own sword, and cuts off the Hurlock’s shield arm.

Bleeding profusely but still alive, the Hurlock attempts to cut off Achilles’ head, but id battered back by his shield. Achilles uses the shield to knock the Darkspawn to the ground, and slams down on top of the fiend. He gets up, and stabs the Hurlock in the neck and head. He then strips it of armor and weapons and calls for his chariot.

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Battle vs. Gothmog (by Greenberet69)Edit


Hurlock Vanguard:DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

In the Dead Marshes near Mordor Gothmog and 3 Orcs and 1 Warg are hiding in the area from the Men of the West, Elves, and Dwarves meanwhile The Hurlock Vanguard and 2 Hurlocks and 1 Genlock and 1 Blight Wolf and in the area trying to find a place to build a underground base so the Darkspawn can attack Middle-Earth. The Genclock spots Gothmog and the Orcs and warg and takes out its Darkspawn Longbow and fires killing a orcReda orc sees The Vanguard and the Darkspawn and takes out a Bow of Mordor and fires killing the GenlockDarkredThe Hurlock and the Darkspawn roar at Gothmog and the Orcs who mounts his Warg and charges with his scmitar with the orcs close behind. A Hurlock charges at Gothmog only to have its head cut offDarkredand the Vanguard sends in the Blight Wolf and tackles Gothmog to the ground and turns around to see the Warg and both the Warg and the Blight Wolf charge at each other. Meanwhile a Hurlock charges with its Greatsword and cuts a orc in half only to be stabbed with a spear by the other OrcRedDarkred. The Vanguard charges with its Darkspawn Longsword and Shield and deflects a strike from the spear and stabs the OrcRed. Meanwhile the Blighr Wolf and Warg have wandered off and once again engage each other and after biting and scratching each other a few times the Blight Wolf scratchs the Warg's face and then the Warg dies from the Darkspawn's poison blood and wanders off back to the VanguardRed. Meanwhile Gothmog and the Hurlock Vanguard see each other and attack each other with Gothmog succeding in knocking away the Darkspawn Shield and slashes the Vanguard's left leg making the Vanguard fall down and as Gothmog tries to strike the he looks up to see the Blight Wolf and is able to put his sword up and as he is tackled kills the Blight WolfDarkred. However Gothmog gets trapped under the Blight Wolf and tries to move it but with only one arm he is having a hard time, The Darkspawn Vanguard recovers and moves over to Gothmog who looks up in horror as the Vanguard decapitats GothmogRed. The Hurlock Vanguard raises his fists in the air and roars in victory

Winner: The Hurlock Vanguard

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Hurlock Vanguard won because he had the better weapons, important X-Factors on his side, and he didn't have a bad arm.

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