It goes without saying that when survival is threatened, struggles erupt between peoples and unfortunate wars between nations result.
— Hideki Tōjō, Japanese general during WWII

The Imperial Japanese Army was Japan's military superpower during the Second World War. They were fanatical and well-disciplined, but the Japanese war machine suffered as far as munitions and weapons were concerned. The Japanese Army steamrolled through Manchuria (a part of northwest China) and through the rest of the Chinese subcontinent before it turned its attention toward a defensive position against counter-attacking American forces. The Japanese slowly lost their hold on their islands through battles like Iwo Jima, Okinawa and the Phillippines, and the Japanese war plan degenerated into little more than stubborn resistance until the atomic bombing of their cities, forcing their surrender.

Battle vs. North Korean Army (by Samurai234)Edit

Korea: Red Red Red Red Red

Japan: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

The battle begins as a PT-76 holding 5 Koreans soldiers approach Iwo Jima. Up ahead, 5 Imperial Japanese Soldiers exit their base, ready to fight. The Koreans land, and exit their tank, and enter the jungle, patrolling for any signs of danger. up ahead, the Japanese wait for their arrival. The Japanese attack first, and fire. During the fire fight, The Japanese score the first kill when one of the Japanese soldiers manage to kill a Korean with his Type 100 sub-machine gun. Red (4-5) He tries to shoot another Korean soldier, but the soldier hides behind a tree. The Korean hurls a F1 Grenade and kills the Japanese soldier. Blue (4-4)

The Japanese retreat into the jungle with the Koreans in hot pursuit. A Japanese sniper waits in a nearby tree, then shoots his Type 97 sniper rifle, killing a Korean solider. However, a Korean sniper manages to shoot the sniper with his Mosin–Nagant sniper rifle. RedBlue (3-3)

The two of the remaining Japanese pop out and a fire fight ensures. One of the Koreans fires his Bren light machine gun and hits a Japanese solider, but he is not killed. A hidden Japanese solider armed a type 100 flame thrower manages to kill the korean with the machine gun. Red (2-3) Another Korean solider armed with a PPSh-41 quickly spots him though, and takes him out. Blue (2-2)

The second Japanese soldier runs to get better ground, but the Korean's commander armed a RPG-2 fires the grenade at the soldier's feet and kills him. Blue (2-1)

He laughs and switches to his Mauser C96. Meanwhile, The Japanese's commander spots another Korean solider. He quietly sneaks up on him and hurls a Type 97 grenade near his feet, killing him. Red (1-1) He pulls out his Nambu pistol and walks across the jungle, looking for the Korean leader. Suddenly, bullets fly at a nearby tree. He turns and sees the Korean Leader armed with his Mauser. The Japanese leader Dodges the bullets and fires back, missing. As he takes cover behind a tree, he pops out, but is surprised to see the Korean is not there. He says "where are you?" and fires a couple of bullets in the air in an attempt to lure him out. Suddenly, he hears what appear to be foot steps. He looks back and sees nothing. He turns the other way but then sees the Korean leader with his Mauser. The Korean laughs then pulls the trigger. Blue (1-0)

He Raises his Mauser in the air and yells "Korea!" in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The more advanced technology of the North Koreans carried them to victory over the Imperial Japanese of WWII.

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Battle vs. Waffen SS (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Waffen SS: GreyGreyGreyGreyGrey

Imperial Japan: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

A squad of Nazi SS have been sent to Japan to kill a squad of Japanese soldiers that have 'gone rogue.' They walk up to the front gate to there base, an airfield. A Japanese sniper spots them and fires at them with his Type 97 Sniper rifle, but misses. One Nazi pulls out his Karabiner 98k and shoots the sniper in the head. Green

The rest of the soldiers hear this and run to pick up there weapons. The Waffen SS leader kicks the gate open and the Nazi's run in. One of the Nazi's places a Bouncing Betty mine. Soon, be sides start to engage each other. One Japanese soldier throws a Type 97 Grenade and kills a the Nazi sniper. Grey

A Nazi with a Flammenwerfer runs into an empty hanger. Inside is a Japanese troop with a Type 100 Flamethrower. They soon kill each other in a fiery explosion. Grey Green This explosion blows up the hanger and several planes. Both sides run for cover. One Japanese takes cover behind the wing of a plane embedded in the air strip. He shoots a Nazi with his Type 100 SMG. Grey

One Nazi shoots the SMG soldier with his MP-18. Green Another Japanese soldier laughs at the Nazi before he shoots him point-blank with his Nambu Pistol. Grey The Nambu soldier walks to scout for more Nazi's......until he steps on the Bouncing Betty. Green

Both side's leaders soon get into a back-and-forth firefight with the're pistols. But suddenly, the Imperial leader's Nambu runs out of ammo! The Waffen SS leader laughs as he shoots his enemy in the head. Green

The Waffen SS leader raises his pistol in the air and shouts "Deutschland!" in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The better training and better weapons of the Nazi SS led them to an easy victory.

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Battles vs. Blackshirts (by Barzam)Edit

In an alternate version of World War II, Imperial Japan has joined the Allies. In the invasion of Italy, the Imperial Japanese Army is sent to support the Western Allies. In order to reach them, they will have to go through an evacuated town...

IJA: 5

BlackShirts: 5

A five-man squad of the Japanese Army enter the abandoned town of Sangue. Going through the town was the only way to reach the Western Allies in time to rendezvous for the attack on Rome. However, they did not know that they were not alone in the eerily quiet town.

The Blackshirts were scattered around the town. They were under orders to decimate the enemy that dares to cross the town to Rome. So far they have eliminated a British and an American squad by using the town to their advantage. There are blackshirts hiding in the buildings and a sniper armed with a Carcano near the entrance.

A Japanese soldier's head exploded from a shot from the sniper. The rest of the squad immediately scattered to prevent themselves from being the next prey.

IJA: 4

As a Japanese soldier ran through a narrow street, another blackshirt appeared with the Model 38 submachine gun. The Japanese soldier attempted to fire but the gun was jammed at a horrible timing. A barrage of bullets from the Model 38 was the last thing he saw...

IJA: 3

A Japanese soldier carrying the Type 99 light machine gun realized that he has to move to higher ground. He entered a building and proceeded to climb up the stairs. Meanwhile, the sniper realized that his location is compromised. The Japanese soldier can reach the highest level, the sniper had him on sight and fired his Carcano. The Japanese soldier was quick enough to cover himself from the line of sight. He got out his Type 97 Hand Grenade and threw it to the sniper's floor. The grenade detonated under the sniper and the body fell down to the ground floor. With the threat gone, the Japanese soldier reached the top of the building, starting to mantle his light machine gun to aim at the town's center identified by a fountain.

Blackshirts: 4

Another Japanese soldier was still running away from the sniper. He ran through a small passageway that 2 Blackshirts were hiding in. The leading blackshirt ordered his subordinate to prepare the Breda 30 while he fights the Japanese soldier in case he is killed. The blackshirt charged at him with his bayonet-attached Carcano but his attempt to thrust the heart was averted by the Arisaka. The Japanese soldier stabbed the blackshirt's neck with his rifle in return. Before he could run off, the other blackshirt was able to set up the light machine gun in time to kill him shortly after.

Blackshirts: 3

IJA: 2

The Japanese sergeant knew that he was safe from the sniper. He entered a house but he left the door open. The submachine gun wielding Blackshirt saw the door was opened and suspected that a Japanese was inside. He activated his grenade and threw it through the window. The Japanese sergeant saw the red Italian grenade immediately threw it back to it's sender before it could blow up in his face.

Blackshirts: 2

The Japanese sergeant moved towards the center of the town. The blackshirt machine gunner saw him walking through the alley and attempted to fire but the Breda 30 was jammed. He saw the Japanese cautiously walking away and used the opportunity to recover his fallen comrade's Carcano. He attempted to attack from behind but he was quickly shot down from the sergeant's Nambu.

Blackshirts: 1

the blackshirt sergeant hid in the building near the town center. He saw the Japanese sergeant running towards the town center. He slammed the door at the Japanese to stun him long enough to shoot him. The Japanese was stunned only for a short time and punched the Italian in the eye. The two sergeants were immediately engaged in a fist fight with neither of them able to land a blow. The fight took them to the center of the town and they attempted to wrestle each other into the fountain. The Japanese sergeant was kicked in the groin and pushed into the fountain. The Blackshirt got out his Beretta M1935 and shot him on the spot with the fountain's water changing to blood.

IJA: 1

The Japanese machine gunner witnessed his sergeant's death from the roof. He fired the light machine gun in rage.   Though the bullets were flying randomly, one was able to hit the blackshirt in the heart and push him into the water.

Blackshirts: 0

Tha Japanese machine gunner ran to the fountain to make sure the blackshirt was dead. After the confirmation that he was dead, he shouted "Tennoheika Banzai!" to the air. The warcry was heard all over the town.

WINNER: Imperial Japanese Army

Expert's OpinionEdit


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Battle vs Viet Cong (by MilenHD)Edit

IJA: White White White White White

Viet Cong: Green Green Green Green Green

A squad of five Imperial Japanese soldiers were travelling through the jungles of Vietnam, as Japan has decided to conquer it. Not far away a Viet Cong member set his mine trap and they were awaiting the Japanese, as he was ready he hid himself in the nearby bush ready to give his allies the signal to attack.

As the Japanese were coming closer, one of them tripped his leg over the POMZ-2 mine and F1 grenade combo, which a large explosion killed him and knocked one of his comrades aside.White

The Viet Cong squad appeared from the bushes and started to fire their guns at the Japanese, but the Japanese threw his Kiska grenade blasting one of the Vietnamese and after firing his Type 100 he killed another Vietnamese.Green Green

The Viet Cong started to return deeper into the jungle where the Japanese followed them, the remaining Japanese decided to split up and find them, and as the two of the Japanese were running after the Viet Cong, a Viet Cong member appeared and fired his MAT-49 at the Japanese soldier killing him at the moment, only to get burned to crisps by the other Japanese soldier's flamethrower, who was behind him seconds ago.White Green

The Japanese soldier, knew he was in danger and a Viet Cong soldier was firing his Tokarev TT-33 at him, but the Vietnamese started running away, and the Japanese was spraying his flamethrower, making jungle fire, but suddenly while he wasn't watching, he felt down into the Punji trap.White

The Vietnamese decided to find his team mate and as he was running, he got shot in the leg by the Nambu pistol of the Japanese soldier, but suddenly his pistol jammed and as the Vietnamese guerrilla stood up, pulled his machete and as the Japanese Imperialist pulled his shin gunto , both of them started dueling, but as the Vietnamese was losing the blood from his leg, the Japanese used the option and pierced the guerrilla's abdomen, killing him.Green

As he turned he was shoot in the head by the last Vietnamese soldier.White The last Japanese emerged and fired his Nambu missing, and both warriors fired at each other missing most shots and as they had to reload, the Vietnamese grabbed the fallen machete and charged at the at the Japanese, slicing his throat.White

As the Japanese Imperialist was killed, the Vietnamese raised his bloody machete and shouted in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The Viet Cong had home advantage and had better weapons. Simply the Imperial Japanese Army were beated by the USA, and the USA were defeated by the Viet Cong.

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