...they told me, 'Son, you're special, you were born to do great things.' You know what? They were right.
— Jack

Jack is the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan and Jasmine Jolene, Ryan's mistress. An Audio Diary by Jolene, and photos found on Ryan's desk indicate that Jack was purchased by Brigid Tenenbaum on behalf of Frank Fontaine as an embryo. Jack was to be Fontaine's back up plan if he was ever forced into a bad position by Ryan during the increasing hostility leading up to Rapture's Civil War.

Jack was "born" and raised by the scientists of Fontaine Futuristics, including Dr. Yi Suchong and Brigid Tenenbaum. According to Audio Diaries by Dr. Yi Suchong, who was responsible for Jack's development, Jack weighed fifty-six pounds and had the "gross musculature of a fit nineteen-year-old by the age of one", thanks to Lot 111. Dr. Suchong also reveals in another Audio Diary that he was responsible for the mind control imprinting that Frank Fontaine requested.

Jack's similar genetic structure to Andrew Ryan meant that he would be able to use the bathyspheres that were in lockdown, be resurrected at Vita-Chambers, and the automated security of Rapture would not be as effective against him

Sometime in 1958, before Fontaine faked his own death in a shoot out with Sullivan's forces, Jack was smuggled out of Rapture in a bathysphere and sent to the surface as a sleeper agent, living out his pre-programmed life until Frank Fontaine "activated" him. Upon Fontaine's command, using the trigger phrase "Would you kindly", Jack boarded a plane in 1960 that passed over Rapture's location in the North Atlantic, then hijacked it, forcing it to crash land at the coordinates of the Lighthouse, the Main entrance to Rapture.

Battle vs. Solid Snake (by Wassboss)Edit

Snake is sneaking though a base looking around for any guards. Meanwhile jack is also moving around looking for any splicers. They both step into a circular room and turn to see one another standing there. They stand there looking at each other surprised before jack whips out his tommy gun loads up a clip fires at snake. Snake narrowly manages to dodge the bullets and pulls out his FAMAS and begins to fire back. They both run out of bullets at the same time and hurry to load out another clip. Jack so first and fires again. Luckily for snake he jumps behind cover but his FAMAS is riddled with bullets.

Jack smiling walks over to the over turned table snake is behind. Suddenly he realises that snake might have another gun. He turns back just as snake pops up and fires a shot into jack’s shoulder. Fortunately for jack it is not a very bad injury and he turns and gets ready to fire. However snake fires another two bullets which knock the machine gun out of jack’s hand. Jack whips out his Webly and dives behind cover and they start to exchange fire. This time jack runs out of bullets. He curses and angrily throws the gun at snake. Snake however it not expecting it and is hit in the head. He falls over and clutches his head.

Jack sees his chance and picks up a nearby wrench and charges over to snake. Snake sees him coming and moves his head as the wrench comes down narrowly missing snakes head. Snake pulls out his survival knife and slashes jack’s arm. Jack yelps in pain and swings the wrench. Snake is caught off guard and his hit in the stomach. He doubles over in pain and jack swings again knocking snake down. He lifts the wrench above his head ready to smash it down on snake’s skull. Snake however kicks him in the crotch. Jack drops the wrench and snake jumps up and slashes him across the face. Jack yells in pain and steps back. Suddenly he remembers the incinerate plasmid in his pocket he pulls it out and sticks it into his arm. Snake looks away obviously uncomfortable with the sight of jack injecting his self.

Jack removes the needle and his arm instantly sets ablaze. He smiles and fires a stream of fire at snake. Snake in awe is hit in the hand and he drops the knife. He then comes to his senses and turns on his heels and runs. Jack laughs and walks after him savouring the moment. Snake turns round a corner and places a C-4 on one of the pillars supporting the ceiling. He then runs to the end of the corridor and pulls out the detonator just as jack turns the corner. Jack looks at snake menacingly but snake just points at the pillar. Jack looks at the C-4, up at the ceiling, back at the C-4 and finally at snake. Snake smiles and presses the button.

Snake gose over to the rubble and sees jack’s broken body lying under bit of ceiling. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a incinerate plasmid needle. He looks at it and quickly puts it in his pocket.


Expert's OpinionEdit

Snake won not only because of his superior weapons, but also because his tactics were better than Jack’s.

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Battle vs. Subject Delta (by A midget)Edit

The battle starts with Jack Ryan harvesting a little sister, her cries awake Subject Delta, who sprints to the commotion and gives jack a powerful blow, sending him flying into a room. Jack gets back up, and draws out his buck shot, loading up the explosive buck. He blasts one into subject delta, who has picked up the little sister. Delta stumbles into an enclosed room, and injects himself with an incinerate plasmid. He fires it at jack, who expertly dodges, runs back and pulls out his Tommy gun, jamming a clip in and blasting away at Delta. Delta, holding on to the little sister performs a precise drill dash, successfully striking down Jack, who falls to the ground and backs away. A crazed splicer enters the room, drawn to the sound of chaos. He begins to shoot away at Delta, obviously being part of the Rapture Family. Jack takes this opportunity to go to one of the vendor things healing himself and buying some ammo. He then goes to a gatherers garden, collecting the hypnotise big daddy plasmid. He trundles bag into the battle, to see Delta helping a little sister harvest, and hearing the screams of dying splicers being caught by trap rivets in the background. Delta turns around, to see Jack Staring over him, trademark wrench in hand, cruelty lingering on his face. Delta calmly pulls out his spear gun, inserts a single rocket bolt, flips up the sights and fires off the ammo into the centre of Jacks chest. Jack is flung backwards, then even further as the rocket takes effect. Eventually taking Jack in to the high reaches of Siren Alley, the rocket explodes, causing Jack to use more medikits and ruining any chances of children he might have. Meanwhile Subject Delta has returned the little sister to her vent, and has revived her, sending her to freedom.

Expert's OpinionEdit


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Battle vs. Booker DeWitt (by Lasifer)Edit

No battle written.

Winner: Booker DeWitt

Expert's OpinionEdit


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